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  1. Hello, I guess on laundry we will find an iron board as well, right? thank you Massimo
  2. So far no chance to join the bid option (not eligable but no idea why, fully paid cruise etc), sent email (and reminders) to azamara but no answer.. so far the worst customer services I have experienced on cruise companies... by far.... It looks like they simply don't care, maybe cruise is full and they don't care.. not a good service to be frank..
  3. Hello, it looks like I'm not eligible for bidding upgrade, maybe because final payment still due? thanks Massimo
  4. Hello, wondering if Azamara wil provide free (or not) shuttle bus in any Japan cruise location , if so any experience where they will land you. thanks Massimo
  5. Thank you for the interesting blog. Wondering if you can provide some details about shuttle buses in each port offered by Azamara, where do they leave you and what time the usually start.
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