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  1. I'm happy to report a great deal from Choice Air I scored an hour ago: DFW to Dublin; Amsterdam to DFW - $2300 per person for Delta First on the domestic flights and Delta One on the international legs for our June 2018 British Isles cruise. More than we usually pay, but it's for dh's birthday cruise.
  2. Mary, As our upcoming HAL (Oosterdam) cruise covers five of your ports, I found your blog particularly helpful - and enjoyable. Your photos gave me a real feel for the different places. Thank you for posting this. Marion
  3. Hi Turtles, Very happy I found your wonderful review before our November cruise. We've done 2 partials and they whet our appetite for a full transit. Several of your ports will be on our HAL cruise and I had found only limited info on them before your review.. You have confirmed for me that we will do ship's tours for Leon and Antigua, and we will skip Puerto Chiapas. We will check out Gio Tours.Your photos gave me a real sense of what to expect. Your photography is stunning. I couldn't take my eyes away from Mazatlán at dawn. I'm going to post your link on my roll call, because I think it will help my fellow cruisers too. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Marion
  4. In all fairness, I must admit that the word I used to address our nighttime visitor was not "fool."
  5. Good questions, candbgirl. Unfortunately, my TA didn't get much in the way of answers from HAL and we won't be onboard to find out for ourselves. I accept that I could be wrong and it will turn out that there was little or no disruption for us not being part of the O contingent. Marion
  6. Now that I've wiped up the coffee I spilled all over the screen, here's mine (not on Celebrity though). We were in an adjoining cabin, but not travelling with the people next to us. 2 AM and dh is sound asleep. I hear a key rattling in the door, and being a light sleeper, I'm on full alert. Second rattling of key. Third rattling of key is the charm. Now I hear, "Honey, I'm back" and the voice is coming from the cabin's hallway. I scream "You're in the wrong cabin." I slap dh to wake him up and he pipes up. Now the stranger is screaming, "What the (blank) are you doing in bed with my wife, you (blank)?" Mr.Visitor proceeds to grab the hallway curtain and becomes entangled in it. This is our first night on this ship and we have yet to hit the right light switch, so this is playing out in the dark. Before we do, our friendly neighbor advises us that he will "beat the blank out of my husband." Somehow he realizes his error, untangles himself and scoots out. The hint might have been when I screamed out, "Unless you're married to (my name), you're in the wrong cabin, fool." We found out from the Hotel Manager that the ship had just come out of dry dock and our key cards were coded erroneously to allow us and our neighbors to have access to each other's cabin. This happened about 8 years ago. We recently ran into the same Hotel Manager and as soon as we introduced ourselves, she remembered the incident and said it was a first for her in her twenty year career.
  7. Sail's post struck home. We were blindsided by our booking being one of the special cruises. It would have been a big deal if we had booked airfare or insurance, but luckily had not. As Sail posted, we felt that HAL was not being open when our TA tried to get specifics about what venues would be affected. When HAL started talking about tickets being issued for crowd control, it was all vague and we felt it didn't bode well for us. In cancelling our cruise, we thought back to when a large group took over our short repo: Crow's Nest out of limits, our anniversary dinner at the Pinnacle cancelled last minute.... It may turn out that we would not have been impacted much, but we weren't willing to chance it. Luckily, there are many cruise lines from which to choose and we will see how we like the cruise line we chose which is new to us. Marion
  8. Thanks to Cruise Critic, I learned that my November 29th Koningsdam cruise was one of the four special sailings. This was a landmark birthday celebration. It was disappointing that HAL wouldn't let us change to an earlier sailing without paying several hundred dollars more. Luckily we were well before final payment, with a fully refundable deposit. Yesterday, we cancelled this cruise and booked with another cruise line. Having been on short repo cruises where special interest groups took over public venues, we weren't willing to gamble on an eleven-day sailing. Had HAL told us beforehand that our cruise was on the list, we would not have booked it. Marion
  9. Love your sense of humor, 3rdGenCunard. As my dh would say, I need all the transforming I can get. My concern is not with the activities, but whether or not they will restrict my getting into the Crow's Nest and other public venues. We will not be making any hasty decisions, but there was an Azamara cruise that we were considering and now that the rates have dropped, we might substitute that. Luckily, we have a fully refundable deposit and have no money spent on airfare or trip insurance. Marion
  10. "Oprah Magazine Adventure of Your Life Sailing" (November 29, 2017) Our TA has confirmed that our cruise is one of four special sailings. It will focus on O Magazine-inspired activities,authors, artists and the Super Soul 100 (people whom Oprah finds inspirational.) There will be numerous special activities throughout the ship, per HAL. According to the editor of O, "This will be a transformation cruise. You will be a very different person than when you came on." Each person will have to make the personal decision as to whether or not you want to be part of this special interest sailing. My only experience with special interest sailings was when we lived in San Diego and took many repos to/from Vancouver. Before I learned how to find special interest sailings on Cruise Critic, we had several less than ideal cruises.
  11. I am very thankful I found this thread. USA Today is now reporting that one of the Oprah cruises is an 11 day Koningsdam Caribbean cruise in November. We have just put down a deposit on the 11/29 Koningsdam sailing from Fort Lauderdale. I'm not intending to get into an Oprah yay or nay debate - just don't want to be on a special event cruise. Plan to speak to my travel agent later today and see what this involves. Will report back.
  12. To answer Krazy Kruisers - there was a wall-mounted soap dish and glass on each side. DH and I each stashed our toothbrush and toothpaste in our individual glass. I used the one drawer in the middle for make-up and cosmetics, and dh stored shaving stuff on the bottom, leaving plenty of room for other items. You're welcome, OP. We did not have any noise issues. We were 3 cabins from the midship elevator - very convenient - but being that close was not a problem. Marion
  13. Disembarked 10 days ago - cabin 8062. Immediately noticed medicine cabinets gone, replaced by decorative tile. No cabinets behind mirror, but there is a new nice-sized drawer in the middle and you still have the shelf on the bottom for storage. Having been in the signature suites several times before on the O, we loved the new look after refurbishment. Hope you enjoy your time on her as much as we did. Enjoy! Marion
  14. Marion B

    Rome Cabs

    In reading Mr. Click and mydremvacation's posts, I want to expand on my wonderful experience: We're jet-lagged, cranky and hungry when we arrive to bedlam at FCO. We're dragging luggage and carry-ons. There are dozens of drivers waiting to greet their passengers. Our is in front with a sign bearing our name. He has a luggage dolly and relieves us of every piece. We enter a late model, comfortable and clean car. Our driver asks if the temperature is to our liking. What about the radio? Is it our preferred type of music? Too loud or too soft? He offers us some chocolates. We sit back and relax. We're given a commentary on the passing sites, as well as helpful information for out stay. When we arrive at our hotel, it is pouring. Our driver urges us to remain in the car. He runs into the hotel and returns with a huge umbrella, escorting me and then my husband into the lobby. Rome Cabs? It doesn't get any better than this. Marion
  15. Marion B

    Rome Cabs

    In my previous post, I meant to say "Rome Cabs" and typed "Rome In Limo" instead. Too much jet lag and too little sleep. Sorry! Marion
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