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  1. Great news! Thanks for sharing.
  2. @joyce Ottawa, thank you for all the great information and updates from your cruise. We've greatly appreciated it. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  3. I agree. We have an Antarctic cruise booked for February with final payment due in November, and if vaccines are not required of all passengers we will likely cancel and re-book later with another line that requires vaccination of all passengers and crew. We booked a nice suite and were very excited about this trip, now we're having second thoughts. 😟
  4. @two2travel, thanks for the update! It's nice to hear from folks onboard the ship. We board on August 13 for our first ACL voyage.
  5. Thanks for posting! We board the Constitution for the August 13 Grand New England cruise and appreciate hearing your comments. It sounds like some progress is being made. Enjoy the remainder of your voyage.
  6. Sorry you are having a bad experience @tango223. This will be our first trip on ACL as well. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. The reports so far are seriously dampening my expectations. 😟 Hope the situation improves for you!
  7. Anxious to hear your thoughts as we have the August 13 voyage booked. Sorry it was not the cruise you hoped it would be.
  8. Look on your invoice from Atlas. You'll see the Loyalty # beside each guest name. We used ours to register and login.
  9. We will just miss you two as we join Splendor in Rome for the 24-night crossing to Miami. We really should coordinate our cruise schedules. 😉
  10. Our first cruise after the restart will be the Splendor transatlantic in November. That is quickly followed up by a Miami roundtrip in December on Explorer (formerly on Mariner), and the Panama Canal in January on Explorer. Can't wait to be back at sea! 🙂
  11. Atlas Ocean Voyages is a subsidiary of Mystic Cruises. http://www.mysticcruises.com
  12. Unfortunately we will not be on your voyage. We are sailing on the prior voyage -- August 13.
  13. Hi Sue, We'll be anxious to hear how you like cruising on ACL. We're booked on a Grand New England Cruise in August. We're having to branch out a bit to get back on the water. 🙂 Mike & Steve
  14. That's very good news!! 😀 I was dreading having to coordinate getting the test done prior to travel.
  15. So far we have lost a total of 9 Regent cruises - 183 days total. These included a Singapore to Rome voyage on Mariner and the Grand Asia Exploration on Explorer. We had intended for 2020 and 2021 to be big travel years for us. That did not happen. 😪 I'm afraid there may be a few more cancellations to come.
  16. In many cases yes, but in others you only get points for finishing in the top 3. Those are frequently team activities rather than individual activities. In any case, they are all fun and generally not very difficult.
  17. Generally the shows onboard begin at 9:30. There are occasional exceptions when local talent comes onboard or for special extra shows.
  18. Participation and/or doing well in these games will reward you with points. The points are given as laminated cards that can be redeemed for items with the Regent logo at the end of the cruise.
  19. My experience is yes. We received a refund of our deviation fees along with other payments made. I assume that is still the case.
  20. We also are on the March 4 sailing. Very excited to be trying the new line. The chartered flight is a nice way to handle transportation to Ushuaia. We'll see you there!
  21. I inquired about this issue and received the following response: The invoice's penalty guidelines stay the same but under the deferred final payment offer that these bookings are under the guest will be only under the $100PP admin penalty up to one day prior to that new final payment date. Once they reach that new date then regular penalties apply should they cancel.
  22. Thanks for sharing that bit of information. I had not heard of St Pierre and Micquelon, so I had to do a quick bit of research. I love interesting tidbits!
  23. I guess this must be another manual or semi-manual process. 😉
  24. Have any of you actually received SSS credits for Regent-cancelled cruises for which you took the FCC option? We had two cruises (April and June) that fell in this category and have not yet seen the nights posted.
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