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  1. We are looking at booking D410 on the Sky which is an extended angled balcony, is anyone familiar with the cabin that can explain what the balcony is like? Thanks
  2. We have booked Cabin E438 on the Regal and wondering about noise from below, has anyone stayed in this cabin or one nearby? Thanks
  3. Hi, there are a few of us. We have booked a private excursion so am feeling anxious about this.
  4. Thank you for posting again. We have thought of you often and wondered how you were doing. May all your wonderful memories together offer you some comfort!
  5. We are on the Emerald in October, our scheduled arrival in Santorini is 7 am. Can anyone tell me what time they might start to hand out tender tickets? Thanks
  6. Our scheduled arrival in Santorini is 7:00 am. Does anyone know what time they generally start giving out tender tickets, 1 hour before scheduled arrival?
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