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  1. I decided I am going to be optimistic that after this pandemic has ended cruise lines will change their minds and allow people with chronic conditions to cruise. Otherwise they will be losing not only customers but all the money that goes with those customers. Cruise lines are businesses where income matters.
  2. What bothers me more is that RCCL and Celebrity policy was denying boarding for any person with any chronic illness, e.g. heart, lung, liver or kidney disease or immunodeficiency status due to HIV/AIDS or diabetes or cancer. Do they even care if it is controlled by medication? Or in remission?
  3. We just received an email from our TA stating that the rule requiring a letter of fitness will continue as a preventative measure. So far two cruises are requiring this letter, RCCL and Norwegian. It not only applies those 70 and above but to the following persons: "Boarding will be denied to any person with a severe, chronic medical condition, including those specified by the CDC. Guests of all ages will be screened prior to boarding, regarding underlying health issues that may prevent them from sailing, i.e. chronic heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, or canc
  4. Good move Princess! We have 4 future cruises booked with Princess and have no plans to cancel them.
  5. Biker19 so where can I find it on the website. I logged in and went into my reservation but couldn't see it. Does it open at a later time? We are 11 months out and airfare is available by the airlines, so we have been checking prices and want to know what Air2Sea will offer us. Edit: I just went back to the website and looked and still can't find Air2Sea. Is it available only at check-in? Isn't that pretty late to get airfare? Edit#2: Just googled Air2Sea and got a link to the RCCL website for transportation. Will see if that works. Thank you.
  6. We are new to Royal Caribbean too and cruised 40 times on other cruise lines. Does RCCL provide airfare? I couldn't find it on the website. We have done Celebrity cruises and they have offered airfare. If they do offer airfare, what is it called so I can find it on the RCCL website?
  7. We received the Princess magazine, Destination Collection yesterday. When looking at the deck plans for the ships I noticed that for the Enchanted Princess Vines has been replaced with the Salty Dog. I know on other ships the Salty Dog was on the pool deck. I am disappointed that Princess has removed a bar from the Plaza area. And I will really miss the wine selections we often prefer those wines to the ones in the dining room. Couldn't they have removed the Gelato and Collections shop instead? Neither of those item venues are used much on the cruises I have taken, so they cannot be pro
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