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  1. I have cruised Alaska 22 times and basically have done most routes, once in awhile they do change ports or glaciers. Seeing it will be your first trip to Alaska it will all be worth seeing. Glacier Bay and Marjorie Glacier is one of the best to see, however over the years it has changed and is not as impressive as it once was, it is still beautiful it is also very limited to ships to get permits to see it. The Dawes Glacier is still very impressive and worth going to especially for a first trip. The great thing about cruising Alaska is that it is always changing due to the glaciers. It never looks the same twice. You will see wildlife as long as you keep your eyes open. You will see spectacular views each view will change due to snow melt or rain depending on when you go. You will go to some rain forest areas regardless of when you go. The weather can vary in temperature many times a day each day. San Francisco is not my favorite place to cruise Alaska out of due to the fact you do not get as far north as I prefer but it is still a worth while cruise. What you will find cruising Alaska for the first time is that you will probably want to go back for more. Not everyone does but most do want to go back.
  2. I have cruised many times on many lines and even worked as crew on some ships. I stay in touch with quite a few people I met as passengers and quite a few I met that were crew. I have not been fortunate to cruise with any of them again but would love to. I believe I would have run into a few of the same crew members if I always stayed with the same cruise line but I do cruise on different lines to see what they are like or because they may have a route I prefer at the time. There are some passengers I have cruised with that we have met up with on land if we are in the same area as them.
  3. Royal Caribbean has you make reservations for shows due to the size of their ships. Never heard of Princess doing this.
  4. I asked this question with Princess awhile back because I am booked on B2B2B. Princess told me I can get a different medallion for each cruise if I wish otherwise I can just go to the guest services desk and have them reprogram the medallion and keep the same one. It would be my choice.
  5. I had no interest in taking a cruise but my wife and some friends had other ideas. They wanted to go on a total eclipse cruise and they needed help carrying all their telescopes and cameras so I went reluctantly. It was in Hawaii on the SS Independence which already had a lot of years on her, however the second I saw the ship I fell in love with her and I was hooked. We did cruise on her again before she stopped but we have been on many different ships on many cruise lines since then and I even worked on cruise ships for a couple years.
  6. I have cruised on many lines many times but I keep coming back to Princess because I feel the most comfortable on their ships. I like how they look and I have always had great service on Princess ships. I will be returning to Princess for B2B2B in Oct on the Regal.
  7. My first Princess cruise was on the Sun Princess to Alaska the year it came out. My favorite Princess ship was the Tahitian Princess. I guess since that one is gone now the Coral is my favorite. I will see if the Regal changes that this year.
  8. I have cruised Princess many times and I am booked on the Regal for next year. I also cruise on many other lines and one thing you will find on all the lines, such as Princess, HAL, Carnival, NCL, RCCL and Celebrity is that they are all cutting back on staff and they are all focusing their best service on the extra pay restaurants. I cruise frequently and I also take long cruises the majority of the time and service for the included areas has dropped on all the lines. For me I don't expect a lot of extra service because I cruise to just relax and meet people. I also understand what service use to be because I have cruised for many years and I also worked on cruise ships for several years. I say there is nothing wrong with trying other cruise lines just do not expect that service will improve because it is on a different cruise line. There is great staff on all cruise lines and bad staff on all cruise lines. One thing I have learned especially because I worked on cruise ships is if you treat the staff with respect and be nice to them the majority will do everything they can to make sure you have a great cruise. If you do not treat the staff well they will not treat you as well and every crew member will know who you are real fast. I know Princess is the line I like as the best for me because I do cruise other lines but I always come back to Princess.I just pick the line that serves me best when I want to cruise to a specific location.
  9. PEB

    Ncl gem

    I want to thank all of you for the responses you have provided. It is helpful.
  10. Yesterday we booked the Gem for a B2B Canada New England cruise for Oct 2019. I have cruised on many cruise lines but it has been about 16 years since I was a passenger on NCL. I did work on NCL Pride of Aloha and Pride of America over 10 years ago. Seeing we booked the Gem I went to Yourtube to check out some video's and for the most part was pleased with the exception of 1 video. This video was from a January 2018 cruise and showed water leaking in a hallway from the lights and water seeping into a room. It was in a storm at the time. I guess my question is what kind of shape do you consider the Gem to be in? Another question would be what may be your favorite place on the Gem? Thank you for any responses you may have.
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