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  1. Exactly. And, so many people don't seem to realize this can be as debilitating as the virus. Here in the US, alcholoism, drug abuse, and suicides have raised 30%. I'm sure the stress the crew is feeling from no income is worse than the fear of a virus. Pat
  2. Do you have a Carnival PVP? If so, they should be able to help you with this. Keep pushing all the way to a supervisor as I truly believe they will honor it. Pat
  3. Maryann, are you on the Legend TA 2021? I have many booked for 2021, thinking my January bookings may not make it. It's a wait and see game at this point. Pat
  4. This isn't what I am saying at all. People who know they have compromised immune systems and health conditions would probably not want to cruise. This is a nasty virus but we will learn how to live with it and cope with it. Pat
  5. Also, another thing people don't realize is how much the cruise industry being shut down has hurt the farmers etc in port cities. The list goes on and on of how many people's livelyhood has been affected by the shut down of cruising. I'm in the camp of people that believe it can be accomplished with the correct safety protocol in place. I also believe this virus isn't going away and we need to learn how to live with it. Those that are high risk need to shelter in place and we need to take care adequately of those people. Pat
  6. Exactly my thoughts, Joan, since we have the same cruises booked!
  7. Unfortunately, my October 2020 is still in my cruise manager and it was cancelled months ago. Pat
  8. If you are talking about the Sunrise, that's all she was doing out of Lauderdale. We have 3 cruises booked on her out of Lauderdale but guess we are going out of Miami now. Does anyone know what the iteneraries on the Sensation were? Pat
  9. We are booked on the Sunrise in January for 3 cruises-B2B2B. I am also booked on the Horizon just before the Sunrise cruises were to start on the 18th with Horizon returning to port of Miami on the 17th. If they change my dates on the Sunrise ,leaving before the 18th unless it is the 17th, we have a problem! My poor TA will have to work her magic again!!!
  10. I had a B2B booked on the Breeze in January with many friends for my 70th birthday. So, my question is do I get totally bumped or will I get offered the option to keep my cabin and cruise our of Port Canaveral instead? I don't care which port it is, I picked these 2 cruises for the ship and booked Spa balcony for the therapy pool on the Breeze. Losing faith in Carnival and this is from a Diamond cruiser. Pat
  11. since you have till July 29th to make final payment, I would wait and see as by then you will know whether Carnival will be back to sailing by August. Pat
  12. We have also stayed in 7299 and had no issue with noise from the elevators. Love the room! Pat
  13. No, Carnival will not use card to make final payment. Cruise would automatically cancel and you would lose deposit. I would keep calling and only talk to supervisors. Pat
  14. Once you reach 50 cruises, you can use it on any cruise you choose but have a window to use it in. So, if you have an expensive cruise coming up, use it on that one as you will get a lot more OBC.
  15. I feel the same way. I have a cruise picked out for the middle of July but I'm waiting to book as well. Pat
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