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  1. since you have till July 29th to make final payment, I would wait and see as by then you will know whether Carnival will be back to sailing by August. Pat
  2. We have also stayed in 7299 and had no issue with noise from the elevators. Love the room! Pat
  3. No, Carnival will not use card to make final payment. Cruise would automatically cancel and you would lose deposit. I would keep calling and only talk to supervisors. Pat
  4. Once you reach 50 cruises, you can use it on any cruise you choose but have a window to use it in. So, if you have an expensive cruise coming up, use it on that one as you will get a lot more OBC.
  5. I feel the same way. I have a cruise picked out for the middle of July but I'm waiting to book as well. Pat
  6. If this helps, I had a FCC applied to an april 9th cruise on Sunshine out of Charleston. When cancelled, I got FCC back as a FCC and refund for rest and also $300 OBC for next cruise I book. Waiting for the dust to settle before I decide what to do with it. Pat
  7. I will be on her in April. I knew my 21 year old granddaughter and I were cruisng during Easter week so I booked us a Spa Balcony to avoid the mass of children I knew would be cruising. We will be spending most of our time at the Serenity during the day. Pat
  8. Unfortunately, They have done this to the sunrise, Horizon, and Vista and soon the Victory which will soon be called the Radiance. I also dislike what they have done to these public areas. Pat
  9. Aren't you a ray of Sunshine! Every ship has it's issues, some more than others, but many people love the Sunshine. Pat
  10. It is made by a company called wellness and is called immune support. We are able to get it at WalMart as well as on Amazon.
  11. We always book a balcony. That is a must. Because we are Diamond, we don't need FTTF, Don't need photos, habe way too many already, Do very few excursions and always from locals if we do one and they are usually hald of what Carnival charges. Pat
  12. I politely disagree. I never buy pictures anymore, we don't book Carnival excursions, we know how to maximize our experience without spending a lot of money from booking cabins to booking our own excursions. Pat
  13. I am also going on my 36th Carnival cruise in a week and you will never hear me complain about Carnival. Well, I have to take that back because I have stated I don't like the new show room design in the newer ships. I also enjoy reading Jimbo's reviews because he is always so upbeat. Pat
  14. Deb, FYI, the TA we are using for both the last med and Trans-Atlantic is offering $200 OBC for each cruise. I usually use my PVP but when it is a more expensive cruise, I go with my TA as she gives generous OBC. Pat
  15. We have had the pleasure of cruising with her too! she is awesome. Pat
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