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  1. I think tolerance and understanding is going to be needed by all in the beginning. I'm sure the crew is working hard. You are fortunate to have Cookie as the cruise director. Besides being an awesome cruise director, he is a great entertainer as well and has a good heart. Pat
  2. I have 10 booked right now and getting ready to book 2 more right now. I'm all the way into 2023. Have FCC to burn!
  3. Hate to burst your bubble, but Platinum and Diamond will get 48 hour access to online check in before it is opened up to the rest of the ship.
  4. Please understand I am not against the vaccine or for it. But, you do realize even with the vaccine, you can still catch covid , so anyone could be that passenger in your scenario. Get a vaccine and you still need to wear a mask, social distance, and carrier. Pat
  5. Right now, there are very few islands in the Carribean that require a person to be vaccinated to visit. Only a negative Covid test.
  6. If ports require vaccines and you aren't vaccinated, you just don't get off the ship. I'm ok with there. Pat
  7. We have been on 3 TA cruises with Carnival and do not remember there being a lot of sales pitch at all. I have never felt overwhelmed with pushy sales people on Carnival. Pat
  8. We are booked for both of these TA spending 2 weeks in Europe in between cruises. Does anyone here have experience with the 2 bedroom Family villa in the Haven? Specifically how comfortable is the pull out sofa in second bedroom?
  9. Even if vaccinated, you can still get Covid so testing would still be required.
  10. The reason we keep booking is because we have FCC with OBC from 7 cruises on the books right now. Would do me no good to ask for a refund as I paid for all of them with gift cards. Booked all the way into 2023 at this point.
  11. I am in the Myrtle Beach area. Most stores and restaurants require a mask. Was at a restaurant in Conway last might, which is 10 miles from Myrtle and no one except the staff, wore a mask. We wore ours in and out of restaurant but were the only ones!!
  12. I believe what she was saying is because 2020 got cancelled, there is a group of us that booked 2021 same time frame to replace our cancelled cruises so it was a replacement for us. Pat
  13. Exactly. And, so many people don't seem to realize this can be as debilitating as the virus. Here in the US, alcholoism, drug abuse, and suicides have raised 30%. I'm sure the stress the crew is feeling from no income is worse than the fear of a virus. Pat
  14. Do you have a Carnival PVP? If so, they should be able to help you with this. Keep pushing all the way to a supervisor as I truly believe they will honor it. Pat
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