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  1. I was on both the Vista and Horizon TAs and both ships have the horrible show rooms with bad sight lines. In order to snag a seat with good sight lines, it is necessary to stand in line. when not at theater early, we ended up in the seats that were moveable. what a joke, people scooting seats wherever they wanted, no room to get down aisles, and no where to put your drink. I'm glad you think they are taking a less important roll as everyone I cruise with truly enjoy going to the shows. I've done 33 Carnival cruises, never stood in line till these new show rooms appeared. I know you are a Carnival cheerleader, Jim, I am too most of the time but what they are doing to these ships is not something to cheer about! Pat
  2. This doesn't even make sense! What they are doing to the show room and comedy club is a shame! I enjoyed my cruises on the Vista and Horizon, but hated the showrooms. To have to stand in line 30-45 minutes before a show just to try to snag a decent seat is not my idea of how I want to spend my time on a cruise! Now, they are taking these smaller ships, adding more cabins and shrinking the show room and comedy club. Pat
  3. I'm with you! Love the Victory and will be on her again Oct 7-14. I feel it's our farewell cruise to her and it makes me sad as she has a marvelous crew and is a great ship. A refurbishment is nice but when they do it to add extra cabins which makes it crowded, I'm not a fan. I doubt we will cruise her as the Radiance. I will be on the Sunrise in November-my granddaughter booked it- and after reading all the reviews, I'm concerned but know the 2 of us will have a balst together as we always do. This will be her first cruise being 21 and she is excited to go to the Alchemy Bar. Pat
  4. That is awesome! If it happens again, I would address it directly with the Grandparents. Heck, they may be looking for a good excuse to not have to watch the child! I'm sure they aren't crazy about being woke up at 6:00 in the morning!! Pat
  5. But, it is broken because there are so many platinum at this point, and more becoming platinum every day, which means priority boarding, guest line, etc is no longer priority! Change is going to happen sooner or later and there will be a lot of unhappy people. Pat
  6. I have to agree with NCtribeFan, it really depends on which ship you are reviewing. I was with her on the Star and found the experience pleasant enough that we also bought the cruise next certificate. I was also on one of the MSC cruises with her. I will cruise them again as well for the right price but did not like them as well as NCL or Carnival. What it all boils down to for me is when on other lines, I miss that Carnival energy and vibe that other lines don't seem to have. Pat
  7. It literally depends on the port, whether the ship arrived late which would hold up boarding, there are many factors involved. If you have FTTF, you will board after weddings, diamond, Platinum and suites so possibly by 11:00. Rooms might not be ready by then but you can go to your room with FTTF and leave your carry-ons. Pat
  8. This is part of the problem, disregarding check in times and people showing up whenever they want. The system will work avoiding long lines if everyone shows up at appointed time. Pat
  9. For us, the best way is to wait for everyone to get off!We leave the cabin around 8, head to Lido for a leisurely breakfast and then hang out until they are making last call. We walk right off, grab our bags, breeze thru customs and out the door. Pat
  10. I'm a non red meat eater, have been for over 40 years. they always customize for me. Has never been an issue. Pat
  11. Thank you for that tip! I'm always headed the wrong direction, even after 33 times on Carnival!! Now, if I can just remember which way increases and which way decrease!!😂
  12. I don't understand why they would make the Red frog pub that big and not have the pay for food offered by other Red Frog Pubs. Pat
  13. I find this funny because do you think only people on clothing optional cruises sit on the couch naked or sleep in the bed naked?!! I think this is more common than you realize. Pat
  14. One of the things about being diamond I have enjoyed is the Diamond only invite. I agree the platinum/diamond party has become very crowded but we still go.
  15. I don't think they will be detouring to Mobile as that port is also closed this morning.
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