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  1. I don't think premier cruisers have access to cabin as soon as they board. They are priority for boarding, but not cabin access. Pat
  2. If you can't fly in the day before, best advice was A. try to get an eariler flight and B. book a nonstop. Coming from West coast to East coast is a long haul and a lot can happen. the ones telling you they always fly in day of aren't making that long treck!
  3. That I had just met my new addiction! 33 cruises later and still love it just as much as I did the first time. Pat
  4. Love the singing and dancing in the dining room! Part of the Carnival experience for us. Pat
  5. We just did chef's table on the Magic-our 4th time- and they will substitute if you tell them ahead of time. I don't eat red meat or pork, my husband is gluten free and we have always had an amazing experience. this last one has been my favorite! Pat
  6. We pick both but many times don't have them do the morning service as we stay in room late and really don't need it. Pat
  7. I have sailed the Legend a couple of times and was on NCL Star last April for a TA. They are comparable in size. I love the Legend and all of the Spirit class ships. I think you will be happy with your choice. Pat
  8. I had no problem buying a bottle or 2 for our room even though they were pricey. I drew the line when they decided to add 18% gratuity plus a $7.95 delivery fee. Pat
  9. Thank you for clarifying, I was referring to special needs muster. Pat
  10. Exactly!! I love everything about the evening meal and we don't want to be rushed. We consider 2 hours to be the appropiate time for dinner. Pat
  11. I agree with everything you are saying. We look at dinner each evening as an event and we don't want to be rushed. We have many friends we cruise with and we use the dinner hour to socialize, drink wine, catch up on each others day, and savor the experience. We always select late dining as the staff does not feel the need to rush us as they don't have to get ready for the next seating. Pat
  12. We use an almond/coconut milk creamer in our coffee which comes in a carton. I'm hoping I will be allowed to bring it in my carry on with our wine. Pat
  13. We never get a flu shot and never get the flu but, we take herbal supplements that boost the immune system and make sure we continue taking them while cruising. Pat
  14. I'm really surprised by this as we are veteran cruisers and took a short 4 day cruise on Victory in October. We were blown away by how good the food in the dining room was and how awesome the staff on this ship were. I also think it has a lot to do with what you order and your wait staff. We tend to order seafood and fish at most meals and always find them to be excellent. Give another ship a try and hopefully the food will be better for you next time. Pat
  15. We were on Victory in October and were blown away! this was our 30th Carnival cruise so not easy to impress us. Food was great, staff amazing. Victory has been named 3rd best ship for food and second for staff and it showed. Would sail her over and over! Sad she is being made into Radiance. Pat
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