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  1. I have on occasion taken donated books if I am in the middle of reading them. I more than make up for it because I bring and leave a fair amount on board. I have never taken any books that are owned by Princess, that is stealing.That is probably the reason that Princess' libraries on board are so bare. Princess can't keep buying books for people to take home with them.
  2. Your video was such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. We enjoyed watching you and Judy dance on several cruises. Thank you for coming back and sharing with all of us. Love and prayers your way. Gloria and Lew
  3. Who is the Circle Hostess? Who is the Future Cruise person? From the above posts sounds like the same person but that usually isn't the case. We will be on board in a little over two weeks from now. Buying Future Cruise Credits, I usually order them on line when on board rather than go speak to the person. Someone posted above that didn't work either. Is the person just inefficient?
  4. Don't think it was mentioned but The Grand has Alfredos Restaurant. It is free and serves personal size pizzas. It is I believe on deck 6 mid ship. We have been on the Grand many times and always enjoyed it. We have done the 10 day Alaska on this ship a few times and loved it. Nice having the few extra days on board.Enjoy your cruise. Your wife will be hooked on cruising.
  5. That happened to us, and we had EZ air change to that flight.We got a refund on our credit card. I screwed up and cancelled my first flight n my personalizer instead of doing a change. So my travel agent had to call. If I had my travel agent make the change to begin with, I would have just gotten a refund for the difference. Because I screwed up and cancelled it, got the full refund on my credit card and had to pay for the new airfare . this was after final payment but before the 45 days that EZ air pays for the ticketing.So if you have paid for your cruise, ask your travel agent to handle it for you with Princess, and don't do what I did.
  6. Did it two years ago with our entire family for Mexico cruise. So much fun. Lots of kids on board and my teen grandkids loved it, making new friends and activities for them. Friends had their entire family with young grandkids. Also those little ones really had fun.Came out the same time as Hanukah and that was celebrated as well. Even if you travel with adults only,such a wonderful festive atmosphere on board.Christmas day there is Santa giving out gifts to all the kids. We also were on board for Christmas and New years a few years ago traveling in South America. Fabulous, with many nationalities on board.
  7. I have used the Insurance recently. Had to cancel two cruises back to back a week before the cruise. It was due to a house flood not medical . Since we always cruise Princess and have many booked, the cancel for any reason the easiest way to go.Just gets credited towards a future cruise. Still had to submit it to Insurance but then they notified Princess and the credits were in my account in a few days.If it were medical , probably would have done the same.For medical , you need much more documentation as well as proof your medical insurance isn't covering the issue. Day we officially canceled, Princess credited our credit card for port and other taxes. The balance minus the cost of the insurance was what the insurance handled.Now, if someone wants a cash refund, going this way doesn't work.
  8. I have luggage tags( with a pocket) that say if lost, itinerary is enclosed (says it in several languages). And my itinerary is all listed. So if hotels prior to cruise, day by day where we will be , ship name, ports etc.I only use these for international travel. Once I get to final destination and claim my bags, then I put the Princess tags on them. Maybe this isn't the right thing to do and I should put the Princess tags on too but with all the tags (ID tags with our names and addresses) including the most important ones from the airlines, I hesitate having too many tags.On direct flights I worry less than ones where we have to change planes.
  9. Last time I used it was in November. We were flying home from Ft. Lauderdale on Jet blue. I also paid for luggage in advance with the class ticket I purchased (It included the checked bags in fee). last night of cruise I noticed on my bill that Princess not only charged me the $25.00 fee for EZcheck but also a baggage fee. Went to front desk with my paperwork(they already had a copy when I turned in the EZcheck form- showing no additional charge for baggage due. The person helping me went in their back room then came back out and confirmed that they were removing the baggage fee which was done right away.Don't know if they just looked at paperwork or called airline but it took quite a few minutes. So caution, if no fee is happening for luggage, make sure you check your bill to be sure. Don't wait for morning, do it night before.
  10. We were doing a back to back (Panama Canal), so 15 days each cruise(on board for 30 days). Had the photo package for the first cruise.Traveling with 4 friends, we took lots of group photos and it was fun. As long as we were in the photos with our friends, all were included in our package. We shared our photos with them too so all of us benefited. Right before we started the second cruise, asked in Photo department how much if we decided to continue with the next cruise. It was $50.00 so we did it . Had some other friends joining us on board and thought it would be a nice present for them to join us on the photo taking.The best thing was unexpected. There were friends that also were on board that we hadn't seen in many years and we did photos with them too.They were a family that we did our very first cruise with in 1978. We came home with close to 100 photos. Now that is the problem, what to do with all of them. We had some very cute photos leaving the ship in ports with our friends. Also besides the formal night photos, there were photos that were more casual with props set up.
  11. I even had trouble getting super shuttle from JFK. Was told they only went into Manhattan and not Brooklyn. Took a cab instead to hotel (a day before the cruise). Day of cruise saw plenty of Super shuttles dropping off people. Maybe they came from Manhattan. After that take car service instead. We are cruising out of Brooklyn in August. We are coming in evening before and staying at airport hotel. Will arrange for a car service to pick us up. last couple of times used Dial7 and they were really nice . They will quote a price over the phone or via internet.
  12. Really depends on where the ship is coming from that can cause a delay. If the ship just did a transatlantic and has been gone for several months, may be a delay in customs and immigration. Also should there be many non U.S. citizens, can cause a bottle neck in immigration. A few years ago we were on a transatlantic that ended in NY(Brooklyn terminal). There were only 10% U.S. citizens on board. Was suppose to disembark at 9:30, got off the ship at almost noon. It was so jammed at immigration, they stopped disembarkation for an 1 1/2 hrs.Don't know if this ever happens in Florida but will find out in November when we are on the Sky Princess transatlantic.
  13. Geo Herb , If you have a smart phone, should work in Alaska. We have TMobile and we were not charged any roaming charges. I hardly used any minutes on my cruise last year, In all the Alaskan ports, used my phone.Great when I posted photos and checked email.
  14. Looks like your cabin is one of the new ones added in the remodel. Bathroom looks like the one on the Royal. You really scored on your cabin upgrade. Enjoy your journey.Looking forward to following along.
  15. Have been on the Island both before and after the remodel. I didn't miss the Universe lounge at all. Only time previous went in there was for the On the Bayou show. What I did miss was not having International Cafe (ship never had it). Still, we did enjoy the ship and the viewing decks on forward decks 10 and 11.Great for Alaska.
  16. The only time we had to change cabins was a total disaster. We were told the new room steward would get our cabin ready as soon as previous people left so the move could happen nice and early. Problem was they didn't leave and at 9:30 were still sleeping. We didn't get our belongings into our new cabin till almost 10:30am. Also didn't have keys to the new cabin once our stuff was put inside. We actually had to pick up our room key at check in. I think this was a total screwup on Princess' part.Happened in LA. about 4 years ago.
  17. Thank you for your response. My husband will be happy.
  18. Sorry if this has been asked. I did a search and couldn't find answer. After the last drydock, did the ship get the larger TV's (like on Royal class) and on demand movies? My husband always brings his own device with preloaded movies. Would rather not take it if there are movies like the Royal and Regal has in cabins. Anyone recently on the ship that knows for sure. We are cruising in August and am looking forward to being on Caribbean Princess again. Have sailed on the ship4 times but before the last two drydocks.
  19. We have been on cruises as much as 35 days. Never have we taken more than one suitcase each and a very small carryon each. The hard to pack cruises are when we have cold weather as well as warm. Just learned to pack and layering the key.Evenings never a problem, we repeat often and accessorize.We do send laundry out (we are Elite) but wouldn't hesitate using the passenger laundry if necessary. On cruises less than two weeks we take 24 inch suitcases. More days, a 26 inch. Don't know where anyone would store a huge amount of suitcases.
  20. First meal we have after a Princess cruise is head to our favorite Mexican Restaurant. I will say though, I did like the Fajitas on the Royal Princess buffet.
  21. I think the problem may be an Emerald Princess problem. We were on the Emerald first two weeks of January this year. hardly able to get on at all. Most days it was totally down. This was Hawaii cruise. Even when we were in port (and still on the ship, I couldn't get on or took forever to connect.Used up our 250 minutes each quickly.
  22. I wasn't complaining on CC. A question was asked and I told my experience. We cruise at least 4 times a year. My above problem happened on the same ship both times, 6 months apart.. We travel with a large group of friends and didn't want to make a fuss in front of them.Usually we have really good experiences with our salt free. I always tip the Head Waiter a nice amount at the end of the cruise for his extra help.Of course the waiters are also rewarded for going out of the way helping.When the food is not good prepared salt free, I know for the next time not to order again. So even if hit and miss, no need to complain.
  23. I usually get the low salt diet. Sometimes it is good, sometimes awful. Head Waiter brings the menu for the next evening dinner the night before during dinner. You select the menu for the next night. I had always felt that the person should be able to give advice on what dishes can actually be made well but they just leave menu and come back for the order. There are some main courses that really can't be made salt free. One night I ordered fish. Menu said it was breaded. I asked if I can have it that way salt free and was told yes. When I actually got it, no breading and tasted horrible. Then head waiter said couldn't be made breaded. So why did I even ask and get wrong answer . I asked a friend in different dining room who also had salt free and she said her fish was breaded. Sometimes on ships, they bend over backwards to give me delicious tasting salt free(even special sauces on the side that added flavor). Last cruise recently I ordered salt free but Head waiter dropped the ball and never brought the menus. I just ordered on my own with everyone else. Could have said something to our wait staff but decided not to make an issue. I asked for no sauce on certain meals, steamed Veggies instead of what comes etc. I did fine on the cruise and enjoyed my food.Still would have preferred the salt free prep. If you need Salt free , please order it. Better to stay healthy than have medical issues. Food can be flavored with pepper or other things without salt.Over the years, I am learning what can be prepared okay without salt and sometimes I am wrong but so what, if it means your health.
  24. We were table mates on the Crown Princess when Ilene met Carl, another one of our table mates. Fun to see the romance develop, a true Love Boat connection..
  25. When we received the medalian on Royal Princess in March 23rd cruise, I think there was a note attached with a warning. I removed it since it didn't apply to us but had to due with pacemakers.Sorry, I really didn't pay attention to what it actually said. On that cruise we had to use both the medalian and cruise card for everything we did (exit and enter ship, pay for items etc)
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