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  1. 10 hours ago, brisalta said:


    I was on the Grand September 2019 and she had been refurbished earlier in the year and was in great shape.

    Glad to hear that. When the Grand had the big refurbish (took off skywalkers, re did Atrium. etc) we were on the first sailing.

    Since then we have been on it four times but the last time was two years ago and looked a bit tired. Glad that she looks good after the 2019 refurbish. When all this is over we will have to sail on her again. Thanks for telling me, hope she stays in the fleet.

  2. 38 minutes ago, lstone19 said:


    I'd assume if they reduce the fleet, the biggest opportunity will be in the Grand-class ships. Grand as the oldest would make it a target. From reading some of the other notes, some people think it will just be the oldest ships but I'm hoping Princess has more sense than that and knows that long-term, there are markets that will require smaller ships even though they might be older. They need to keep something Panamax or smaller to go through the old Panama Canal locks - I personally would put Coral Princess at the top of the list of smaller ships to retain.


    I can't see Sun Princess and Sea Princess being retained unless there's something about the Australian market that makes it worth doing so. If I had to pick four Grand-class ships to drop, it would be Grand, Caribbean, Diamond, and Sapphire (plus Star Princess whose exit is already planned). Grand and Caribbean because they're the oldest and Diamond and Sapphire because they're the only ships in the Grand or bigger part of the fleet not built at Fincantieri which means they probably have less in common with the rest of the fleet.

    The Diamond and the Sapphire were redone for the Asian market. They are really nice ships with Promenade deck that goes completely around. Just because they weren't built in Fincantieri, doesn't make them less desirable. In fact they are very similar deck plans to other Princess ships  . When Sapphire was on the West coast, was our favorite ship. Those were built in Japan.The Grand was redone several years ago but must agree it is showing age. The Caribbean Princess was redone a couple of years ago and looks modern.The new carpets and furnishings in common areas gave the ship a more modern look. Can't go by age of ship to think it must go. You have to have been on board and experience the ships.


  3. 16 minutes ago, tere247 said:

    So, you have to remember and ask about it.  I get so excited once I get on our cruise, that I only remember once I get off.  I was hoping there would have been a notice somewhere that I may have missed.

    It is very popular  so no notices are put out. Just ask your Head Waiter right away so you won't forget. They may do this dinner multiple nights of the cruise. Our last cruise was a transatlantic so a sea day evening. I really like this dinner much more than the Chefs Table dinner. At only $40.00 ,good value.Was able to enjoy each course. However at the main course, really couldn't finish it. Still, had room for the yummy dessert.

  4. 1 hour ago, tere247 said:

    I guess the “and” is a way to up posting numbers.
    There are some of us that are booked on this ship that find this information interesting. 

    We were originally booked for the transatlantic 25 day cruise and cancelled before Princess. We are booked in January on the Enchanted and really hope we can go.We booked 14 day on the Crown and then a day after that cruise scheduled for one week on Enchanted. Wonder what will happen with the next ship planned Discovery. We are also already booked on that one. Don't know where it is in the building process .

  5. 2 hours ago, tere247 said:

    We’ve wanted to try the Wine Makers Dinner for quite a while but never knew if it was offered.  How did you find out when it was offered?  

    Only offered on Royal Class ships. Royal, Regal, sky etc.

    It is held in a special room  area of dining room, We asked our Head Waiter to arrange it for our group. there was 8 of us. I think the room may hold up to 12 people.There is wine pairing with each course. Food was good. 

  6. 1 hour ago, lanzie99 said:

    If we used a FCD for a canceled cruise and that deposit expires in July 2020, why wont I get that back? Impossible to use it since they are not sailing. I used it on an April cruise that didn't sail and yet I have not got the deposit back. What is the incentive to ever book one of those on a future cruise??? (if we ever go again) how do you social distance in a buffet line (ha ha)

    You will get it back,. After I got my money back on my credit card for my cancelled cruise, the Future Cruise deposit didn't show back in my account on Princess. However, two weeks after I received my refund for cruise, it was a credit on my credit card , two transactions  of $100 each.You would think it all happens same time but for some reason it doesn't. Who knows why.

    As far as buffet goes, doubt it will be self service.

  7. With Princess' two choice pricing, don't know how they will do their freebees. Princess has adopted what a lot of cruise lines have been doing for some time. Nothing offered at one price, and pretty much everything offered at a higher price.I never liked that on other cruise lines and liked that Princess didn't do that. To me it is almost deceptive pricing. I know it really isn't because we can figure out the worth of the extras in that pricing and figure it out ourselves. I much prefer the sales and catching them when we see it.

    I miss cruising, it became a way of life for us. Most important was the  lifetime friendships we made.

    I enjoyed reading Cruise Critic and the Live postings from our fellow cruisers. Sad that all our posts are regarding getting money refunded. Probably won't be cruising till there is a vaccine so hope that happens soon.I don't want to be on a quarantined Cruise ship and floating around at sea with no ports allowing us to land.

  8. 5 hours ago, Roger88 said:

    It will all depend on how and under what circumstances your refund has been processed. If you cancelled  the cruise before the official announcement, I doubt you will get back your money. If it has happend later or on the same day when the cruise was cancelled or it has been cancelled by the company itself then you might have some problems proving that the cancellation has been justify. Sometimes they just offer FFC credits or gift cards but never real money 

    Totally wrong information Roger. We cancelled on March 5th, before Princess cancelled our cruise. We have gotten every penny back that we spent for the cruise including our Future Cruise deposits.Took 87 days but all returned to us.Why in the world would you post that doubtful people will get their money back. There is enough stress right now for those that are still waiting, please don't add doubt to their stress.


  9. 40 minutes ago, WF2747 said:

    Did put the booking number in the online form requesting only a full refund and as like you did not recognize it.  I believe this is because both you and I cancelled before Princess cancelled the cruise.  

    We had cancelled before Princess did. Our booking number worked when we put it in.

    We did that the day it was announced we would be compensated and to pick which way option one or two.(took 2)

    It was also before the actual date the ship would have sailed (April 21). Early June we  got most refunded,  bonus FCC,and our future cruise deposit a week later.

  10. After my refund came for my April 21st cancelled  cruise  on June 1st, I saw we were short $200. figured it was our FCD since the refunded total was for  amount of our final payment.

    This morning I checked our credit card and saw two entries of $100 each.Original cancelled date was March 5th.

    If my math is right 95 days.  Not complaining just greatful.

  11. 2 hours ago, lanzie99 said:

    SO>>>> Today we got refunded to our credit card everything EXCEPT the deposit. Now, am I happy I got at least this, Yes, but WHY would they withhold the deposit when they didn't sail. We were on the Royal leaving April 24 out of LA. All my money has been refunded to card but the $200 deposit. It seems in all fairness, since they canceled and didn't sail we should not be punished or penalized. I wouldn't even care if they put that in a FCC for us. Hopefully, someday we will feel like cruising again. After all this mess and waiting 90 days, not 30 or 60 and trying to stay on top of this with our travel agent. Again, it's just not right.

    Ours was also short the $200 deposit. It was a FCD. Normally it goes back in personalizer or if expiring(ours was expiring), back on credit card.We are not alone, many have same complaint. I think whoever processed our refunds just  looked at the final payment made by use and that is all the refunded.

  12. It took Princess 87 days for my refund to show up this week. I also thought this would never come.

    Maybe it is by cruise dates. Mine was April 21st cruise. Also some people that were to cruise early May are posting they received their money this week. I won't tell anyone to be patient because that is very hard to do. Friend of mine on the same cruise disputed on her credit card a couple of weeks ago. Still not resolved and no money back to them other than the hold.

    In my case, better I didn't dispute. I have the credit and can use it.

    Princess didn't return my FCD . I will wait on this , not the big picture for us.Will call Princess later on.We got most of our money back and also FCC (option2).

    I have been reading the HAL cruise critic board and people are just as upset as we are regarding money owed them.

    I hope Princess makes it right for everyone and we can all look forward to a healthy future and fun cruising again.

  13. 42 minutes ago, caribill said:


    I have a slightly differently memory of that.


    On embarkation day, the ship was supposed to leave at the usual late afternoon time of 4 PM, but because stormy weather had prevented a number of plane flights from arriving on time, the ship waited for those passengers and the last passenger boarded by around 10 PM.


    By at that time, winds were too high for safely going down the ship channel, so it was projected the ship would leave around 3 AM.


    But by then there was a big rain storm in the area. And when the rainstorm ended, the ship channel was closed due to fog.


    The fog listed and the ship left about 2 PM (the day after embarkation) for the 2.5 day sail to Fort Lauderdale to pick up the remaining TA passengers.


    On the way to Florida the ship was moving as fast as 28 knots due to being in a very favorable current. Despite leaving Houston about 22 hours late, by sailing at full speed in the Gulf of Mexico with the benefits of the current, it reached Port Everglades around 2 PM, only seven hours late.


    As we exited the ship at Port Everglades for some last minute shopping, we passed through the terminal seeing all the waiting passengers, looking very, very unhappy at their wait.


    The ship left Fort Lauderdale about 10 PM for the TA voyage.



    That is what I said but neglected to tell a big story as you did. Storms (prevented people from boarding on time), winds etc.

    All I was trying to say was we were on the last cruise from Houston. The storms and being late etc wasn't the point.

  14. Princess has come through .I posted that we got FCC goodwill on Monday now credit card has also got credit today.

    We canceled on March 5th. 50% penalty and got 50% on our credit card.Cruise was for April 21st

    Mid March selected option 2

    Monday June 1st got FCC goodwill in  our personalizer

    Today June 3rd the credit appeared on my credit card for the balance of what we paid back in January for the cruise.It was dated May 27th even though it only appeared today.

    Adding everything together, the only thing missing is our FCD's dollar amounts. They would have  expired so should have come back as a credit on credit card. Will handle that with Princess at a later date as this may resolve itself.

    Very happy since the bulk of our money is now ours again.We didn't do a dispute with our credit card company. Called Princess only once to make sure they had our information.

  15. I got my Good Will future cruise credits today. Had in my account and also my husbands.have two years to use it.

    We cancelled before Princess on March 5th for a April 21 cruise.Immediately got 50% back on credit card.

    Took option 2. So now that we got our 25% Future cruise good will  credit , hope the balance of my 50% refund hits our credit card soon.

    At least I now see some movement on Princess part.


  16. It is frustrating when I cancelled early March, sent my preference for cash back first day it was offered, and have nothing back. People on my cruise date have already received some form of compensation. I haven't done what many of you have done and dispute  charge credit card. I for one decided to wait for Princess(70 cruises with Princess) to do the right thing. For some of you, appears like Princess has come through. And I am glad you have your money back. I am greatful that my owed cash for the cruise is not a life need. What drives me nuts is checking every day for FCC on Princess personalizer and my credit card for refunds.

    I guess I can forget about it, stop checking,and just wait. Yes, I have called Princess and got no where. Way past the 6o days.

  17. So how will over 1,000 crew members get to the ship from overseas? Do you think the entertainers will be flying and getting on a cruise ship. Getting these people home has proved to be an almost impossible task. The Royal is still floating around trying to allow crew to get home.My thought. Doesn't matter if we sail close from home. It may be our homes but not the crews.I, along with many of you have wishful thinking about being allowed to cruise. I miss cruising, seeing my cruise buddies, the excitement,

    food, even trivia.

  18. We are suppose to be on the Royal two weeks in this October. haven't cancelled but will at final payment. The ship is now floating around the Philippines, waiting to offload employees. Realistically, the cruise line has to reassemble staff on the ship (fly them?) in order for all of us to sail. I don't see cruising happen this year.

  19. I felt better getting the email today(two emails one for me and one hubby). Not that I think the money will be on the way soon but having something in writing that they are aware we are waiting for our refund. Guess they are hoping for takers for the Future cruise credits. Nothing needs to be done if we are waiting for cash refund.

    We cancelled on March 5th and sent in the form for option 2 first day it was offered. I think it was March 12th.

  20. 20 minutes ago, remydiva said:

    Our case near identical . Got 50% back right away, filed AON claim, that was processed and closed saying Princess was handling it. Also chose Option 2.

    I won’t file a CC claim as I have faith that Princess will eventually get to my refund. Yes, it’s over $4000 but given the unprecedented world we live in and that businesses are trying to ‘work ‘ in, I’m okay being patient. 
    I’ve been cruising  with them for ?35 years and 20+ cruises and hope to again ‘next year’.




    Thank you for your response. I am planning on waiting as well.It will be 60 days soon. We are also very long time Princess cruisers  and I feel bad for them but Carnival Corp has much deeper pockets than any of us. Fortunately for us, we are not strapped for cash in these awful times but it is still our money.  There are posters here not as fortunate. Hope we can see some cash being returned soon so our faith in our favorite cruise line is restored.

  21. Anyone file a dispute with their Credit Card Company that had some of their money refunded earlier. When we cancelled a cruise March 5th(for an April 21 cruise) we were in the 50% penalty and got some of it refunded to credit card (a little less than half of what we paid) right away. Then on the 6th of March it was announced that all of us would get 100% back.I did file with insurance for the rest but as most know Insurance was all cancelled because Princess told the insurance company that they would also be reimbursing the insurance to all of us.

    So my question is has anyone gotten money back when they cancelled and disputed a partial amount with their Credit card company. Don't know if I will dispute but wondering how that can work. Don't want to dispute the whole charge since I am not entitled to all of it.We took Option 2 and haven't heard from Princess except for the email confirmation.

    I have not called Princess to see where they are with refunds since reading here see it is a waste of time.

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