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  1. 1 minute ago, Ombud said:

    That happened 12/17/19 when Princess was reworking their itinerary.  (that's the date of my Goodwill OBC)


    My angst is that it is taking so long. I'm not a very patient person but I think I've been made 'whole'

    Funny I was still booked and never got any OBC. I am also not very patient. Fortunately for us, even though a pretty good amount of money at stake, we can wait for it. I just hate when things are just hanging and no resolve.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Ombud said:

    I think I've been dealt with fairly but it's taking forever. 4 cancelled cruises:


    > Enchanted Transatlantic Rome to Florida this November was changed to Rome to Singapore so I was cancelled. 15 OBC credit & rebooked to Majestic 


    > Majestic cancelled after paid with gift cards and transferred to Sky this September.  (now a mini suite) I owed because of price difference


    > Grand March 22nd cancelled & got all my cash + enough FCC to pay off Sky + 202.13 refundable OBC on that voyage


    >Grand 29th cancelled. Got enough FCC to pay off Enchanted Transatlantic next April + 2082 FCC in my 'bank'


    > my Princess Planner says princess still owes me another 537 FCC + 434 cash + 50 OBC so I have enough to take everyone on an Alaska cruise next summer


    I think why I got so upset was because it took so long


    Once the dust settles, do you also think you were dealt with fairly?

    I don't see anywhere that the Enchanted now going to Singapore instead of Ft. Lauderdale. People on the roll call are not saying this. We cancelled that cruise a couple of months ago but are booked on January on the Enchanted. Still have that booking.Princess still has Rome to Ft. lauderdale showing on the itinerary.

    And to answer about being treated fairly. Looks like you are but we aren't. had to cancel a cruise that would have sailed April 21st. No money back. We cancelled ours March 5th and were in penalty phase. Got the small amount back and then applied to insurance. Would have been happy doing the insurance. Then Insurance canceled us because they said Princess would be reimbursing us the cost of insurance. So we got nothing further back . Even our future Cruise deposit has not been returned. Fair, I don't think so.

  3. I was on the Greenland cruise last year 2019. Loved the cruise. As someone mentioned, there was some kind of Cruise Crud on board. It hit me the last two days of the cruise although our friends got it much sooner. So sick. I didn't leave the cabin. Then I had to get on an airplane. Fortunately we flew home Business class and wasn't squeezed in infecting  others. My husband never got it.That cruise was incredible even with the sickness on board.I would do it again in a heartbeat. Sailing from and back to NY beautiful. 

  4. Thanks for posting the photos.We were on that cruise with you.

    Our first cruise was on the Fair Sea in 1978.

    We sailed on the original love boat The pacific Princess in 1985. It was the first cruise for Princess out of San Diego. it was a special cruise and we were able to book it because we knew someone that was on the committee to help bring Princess to San Diego as a Home port.(didn't last past the first season I believe)On board was the Padres Baseball team and that added to the craziness and fun.

    In those days we were allowed guests on board.Our tiny outside cabin with a port hole was filled with friends and family visiting before sailing.The room stewards were British older gentlemen. All the dining room staff were Italian. 

    Our cabin had what looked like two tiny sofas but they were beds at night.

    Although it was a very fun cruise our dining room experience was awful.Our waiter was a very rude person and we could smell liquor on his breathe. The last morning of the cruise he was flinging our plates on the table.Someone asked for milk for coffee and he picked up a used glass from another table and put it on ours. We were young and didn't know wencould complain. It took 15 years before we cruised on another Princes ship although we cruised often.  And so glad we came back to Princess.

  5. 51 minutes ago, FoghornLeghorn said:

    Thanks Sue! I haven't gotten anything. So I guess that probably means I'm not getting off today or tonight. But I can still hope

    On the HAL board when they were disembarking passengers, some on charters went to SF and some went to Atlanta on a charter.

    Princess probably is waiting for plane information. Our friends got their letter with instructions this morning and then very quickly were called to go down. 

    You will be going home.

    We cruised with you and your friends on the Caribbean Princess transatlantic and then on the Queen Mary 2 to NY.


  6. 6 minutes ago, FoghornLeghorn said:

    Well, thankfully I got on this board and read that people are disembarking and getting on airplanes. Very happy for them!


    However, I'm a little unhappy that for those of us on the starboard side that cannot see the dock area that we had no idea this was going on. We have just been patiently waiting for an announcement from the captain or the passenger service desk and we've not heard anything since last night


    It would have been nice to get some kind of announcement to give us some kind of update and hope that we were getting off

    Our friends got the notice they were leaving in a letter this morning.And they were called to disembark pretty quickly afterwards.They had gotten flight information yesterday for a scheduled flight this evening. Pretty quick those plans changed for them.They are still waiting on the plane, hasn't taken off yet.As I mentioned before it is a charter flight.

  7. My friends left the Coral this morning and had a health check, and told me they are now on the chartered flight and will head for San Francisco.They live in No Ca.She said plane hasn't taken off waiting for two more buses. Flight going to SF then on to LAX.Safe journey to all of you that left today and those that will soon. 

  8. Go on the port of Miami webcam. The ship is docked. You will see a closeup of the front side of the ship. Friend on board left her cabin while I was on messenger and I could see her go out. Of course it could have been anyone but I knew which cabin and could see someone go out on balcony. I was speaking with her when she did it.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Steelers36 said:

    Not sure that Pacific Princess is completed shortened voyage.  Last I read Perth was a target end port.

    It is now in Freemantle. Most will be flying home from there. 75 passengers are staying on to LA and are the ones that can't fly on long flights for physical reasons. Holland America's ship The Amsterdam,  pulled in next to them. Also on a World cruise.

    They will be transferring passengers from that ship to the Pacific. These are also passengers that can't fly on long flights.

    I have been reading the HAL board and that is where I found this information.

  10. I had a claim with Aon after I cancelled my cruise. I had received 50% back on my credit card when I cancelled and put claim in for the balance.

    Aon sent me an email this week canceling my claim. They said since Princess canceled my cruise (after I cancelled), Princess will be refunding my Insurance money to us so Aon is out of it. Meanwhile except for the initial refund, I have received nothing back from Princess. I would imagine it will be a while before all will be sorted out. In fact my Future Cruise Deposits are still showing as applied to my cancelled cruise.

  11. Just got a phone call from a friend (passenger)on the ship. She was waiting in a lounge to get off. Their flight hasn't been cancelled. Then they were told to go to passengers services to get their luggage back.Hadn't been off loaded yet.  She said Argentine passengers were called to get off.She thinks they did. No other announcements. So they are back in their cabin waiting for more information and missing their flight.She said she will email me when she knows more.

  12. Update for people that did the Aon Insurance claim.

    When we cancelled on march 5th, was told to apply to AON for the balance of the 50%, I did that on April 6th.

    Just got an email from AON. They cancelled our claim. Said Princess will be refunding insurance for people that had their cruise canceled. We fell into that category as our cruise was to be April 21st.Nothing yet from Princess showing on my accounts to this effect.

    I did fill out the form on line for Princess to give us the balance as cash so will probably take a while for all of this to sort out.

    I advise making copies of all emails from the Insurance company, Princess etc. 

    So if anyone else did the claim with Aon, you will probably here from them eventually too.

  13. I noticed that my Future Cruise Deposit is still showing as applied to a cruise that I cancelled March 5th.I did receive my 50% back on my credit card. a couple of days after canceling. As per what Princess instructions was at that time was apply through AON for the balance. I did that.Waiting on that and was told could take at least 30 days. Not holding my breathe, whenever it happens , fine with me.

    Usually when canceling the FCD goes back in our account as active and adds to the others we have, but ours hasn't. When I was trying to figure out the credit I got, I was short $200.00 and now I figured it was because the FCD was never credited back.

    Again, not worrying, just thought it automatically happens.

  14. Got a message from friends on board that Peru and Brazil also shutting boarders as well as Argentina. My friend said they are waiting for the Captain to make an announcement at noon. the ship will be stopping at Montevideo for supplies  as planned.

    Looks like as per message above, he did make the announcement. Hope if ship can disembark people, there will be flights to U.S. available somehow.

  15. 1 hour ago, remydiva said:

    On Friday , We cancelled our april 19 cruise . Also had AON CFAR insurance.. did it online...  but hoped it would also show up as refund to CC Vs FCC . when you talked to AON Agent did they say definitively it was a FCC? 

    .. still waiting for Princess refund but understand the backlog.


    You are in the 50% penalty phase. It took a couple of days and I got a refund on my credit card. It was for 1/2 the fare and I think maybe port taxes.No explanation just a dollar figure. I was thinking maybe Princess will do the other 50% automatically. In reading the letter for people with no Ins. , apparently they just get it. For people with Ins. said to apply to Aon. I asked the AON rep if we would get it automatically but she didn't know and to be safe she said apply for it on line. She also said it could take at least a month before we get it. Cancel for any reason is a FCC.

    If you do it medical, cash refund.

  16. So are you getting money back or future cruise credit. We cancelled an April cruise this week and was in 50% penalty cancellation.

    Two days after cancelling, my 50% was back on my credit card. The balance, I opened a claim with AON(Princess Ins.) yesterday and will get it as a credit toward future cruise.Dollar amount for the Future Cruise Deposit is lumped in to the cost of the cruise that I paid and isn't returned as a separate amount. My deposit was not a non refundable.

    Aon rep. said it could take at least a month before the future cruise credit will be processed and in my account.

    I could have canceled for Medical and gotten 100% back. It actually was a medical reason. However, since we will be cruising in the future and hopefully my husband's medical reason will not be an issue, easier for us to do Cancel For Any reason.Nothing needed except copy of Princess reservation form.

    It is impossible to get through to AON during the week. On Sunday, a couple of minutes. If you have no questions, the claim is easy and is done on line. Took me  a couple of minutes.

  17. 1 hour ago, John99 said:

    Good Question eagle & hawk.


    I hope I can give you a good answer.


    You must file a claim with AON insurance before Princess will act.


    Princess Insurance:  Elite 


    The claim covered:  Cruise fare, EZ air, port taxes, government taxes, transfers, etc.


    Sale date was 2/29/2020




    Total USD: $4074.06


    Penalty: $2607.26 – 64%


    Credit Card: $1466.80 – 36%


    For the life of me I do not know how the penalty was calculated.




    Future cruise credit:


    Wife -- $1207.71 (certificate)


    Me -- $1207.71 (certificate)


    Credit card -- $1466.80


    Insurance -- $191.84 (not refunded)


    Total USD: $4074.06


    Note: The future credit is combinable with any fare and/or discount on your next cruise.


    The credit is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-negotiable for cash.


    It may not be used as a deposit.


    Can you tell me if the credit card figures when you cancelled came right away or after when the claim was filed and done. I had to cancel today  at 50% penalty and thought the port taxes and the other 50% left would be on my credit card right away.  It isn't right now.We are going to file our claim in the morning so was hoping I would know how much to ask for in the claim.Mine is a family matter not Corona Virus.


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