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  1. It is up to the Maitre"D. On the Royal Oct 26 and Nov 9th, he said he wasn't changing the dining times and they were the old times. Late was 7:45 not 7:15. Worked for us.
  2. Wonder why Almarosa had a different cabin than the balcony cabin where she fell. Her cabin was on Marina deck and was an inside cabin on starboard side. The cabin where she fell was a balcony cabin on Lido deck port side. Both of these cabins were sealed after the death.News articles mentioned she had the inside cabin . This is a mystery too.So who's cabin was the balcony cabin, was it the husband's. We were on the ship and rumors were flying but no mention if the couple had different cabins only that there were two cabins involved.Such a tragedy for the family.
  3. Just got off the Royal Princess. Dining times were the old times (just did 2 cruises). MaitreD said he wasn't changing times. So before anyone starts changing their times, maybe they should wait till they are on the ship. Our late fixed dining was at 7:45PM.Or ask people that are just coming off a cruise about their ship. (wait a week or two to see if anything changes.)
  4. Forgot to mention the Tuscan wine dinner had some very exotic foods. Octopus being one. One taste and passed it to a friend. Rest of meal very good. The Wine makers dinner had the best fillet I had ever tasted. Much better than the Crown Grill.
  5. Also on for the Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale and the caribbean following. Food was really good. I had requested salt free and they were very creative in some of the preparations. Went out of their way to please. My husband had the regular food and I did taste his. There were items on menu that was just for the caribbean so wouldn't be on menu if not in those ports. We did go to the Wine makers dinner($40.00 each in a special section of dining room) and also a special Tuscan Wine dinner($60.00, held in Sabatinis). For wine lovers the $60.00 dinner had some wines that were over $200 a bottle). Me, could see they tasted good but don't know if I would be able to denote which was the best ones. Only ate in the buffet some breakfasts , so can't comment on lunch and dinner there. Alfredos had the varied menu with other items besides Pizza and I really enjoyed our meals there . So looking forward to the Royal coming to the West Coast.
  6. Captain made announcement just now. We are sailing on time. Local authorities have removed the body. How gross that someone actually posted a photo of the lifeboat. This is very sad situation.
  7. Enjoy your cruise. I am sure you will be happy with that location. As I mentioned in a previous post, lucky you didn't get one of those huge lifeboats in front of your window. The Ruby Princess is a lovely ship. Have fun.
  8. Looks like you got exactly what you paid for. Obstructed view outside cabin.And lucky you don't have the large lifeboat in front of your window. Had you booked a guarantee in another category , then you would have gotten better. There is never a guarantee you will wind up with an upgrade.
  9. Just got into one of mine so all okay now. I kept getting error codes and getting bounced out.
  10. Not quite alive. Try to find your Roll call. Not quite there yet.
  11. Thanks for the great review. I was wondering about the Bliss since NCL will be doing some of their Bliss cruises from LA. Will also stick to Princess. I always appreciate a review posted on Princess about someone's experience other than a Princess cruise.
  12. A friend traveling with us had a handicapped cabin and requires it. She uses a scooter. One day at sailaway she rode her scooter in to our balcony cabin. The narrow scooter she has fit through the standard door but totally blocked the hallway to the bathroom and exit. In an emergency and we would have had to exit, there was no way to easily move that heavy thing out of the way. I understand your desire to not take a handicapped cabin away from someone that needs it and that is nice of you. However, having a scooter and leaving it in a hallway as some do, also a danger to others. Bringing inside the cabin, could be a danger to you and trap you inside in an emergency. So best thing is take the handicapped cabin if it is available. So many people are thoughtless and someone get those HA cabins when they don't need them. I get really upset seeing people without assistance of any kind walk out of them. I think of all those people who can't travel because what they need not available.
  13. P539 is an outside cabin. The ones with the side bunks in wall are inside cabins. Based on Essie's Mom photo and first hand experience, think the Poster is fine. However, in the future , change travel agents. Yours is not very knowledgeable. Don't know where some of the posters here thought the cabin was an inside cabin. I double checked on Princess website and it is a Outside cabin.
  14. Geoherb Thanks for taking us along on your journey (and answering questions for us). We board the Royal Princess in a Month so really enjoyed your posts.:D
  15. On Hal leaving from San Diego, they usual sail their decrepid really old ships (Zaandam, Veendam etc). These are smaller old ships. Their theatre is the really old cabaret style seating. Did a Hawaii cruise and there were so many scooters that they needed traffic control but didn't have it. In evening the Buffet closes early. No where on ship can you even get a cookie . Room service only place to get food.And the ship looked like a ghost ship at 10:00pm. Now in all fairness, we have never sailed on their newer ships (Konigsdam etc). Have sailed on the above mentioned as well as Oosterdam, Westerdam class of ship. Entertainment was not as good on HAL for production shows but they did have good individual entertainers that were superb. We are 3 star on HAL and have over 60 cruises with Princess. Princess isn't perfect but we always have a good time. And even though we prefer Princess and have mentioned the negatives on HAL, we did enjoy ourselves and met some great people traveling with us on HAL.
  16. Question: Are there still mailboxes outside cabin doors? On the ships that are now introducing the Medalian, they have been removed. We board the Royal next month and usually decorate around the mailbox. Won't bring with me if no mailbox. Anyone know?
  17. We also did that first Alaska Itinerary in April this year. It was wonderful having those extra sea days, not having to fly, and just getting into my car after the cruise and drive home. Booked it again for April 2019. Have been to Alaska many times in July and August. What I loved going early was ship less crowded(less families kids still in school).And there was still snow on the mountains. We took an excursion into the Yukon and and enjoyed seeing all the snow still there. Any cruise to Alaska, no matter when is a wonderful experience. Never get bored with the incredible scenery ,
  18. Looks like Princess has gone to soft cover books.I have seen box loads being delivered to the library on a couple of ships. On one ship almost no books available although there was big boxes of them waiting to be opened. Whole cruise, never put the books out for us.People take the books home and leaves no books for us. On one ship, the only books were the ones people leave(their own books) after reading.We bring our own and share with friends, then leave on ship.Also bring my kindle.
  19. We have met so many people cruising. We do transatlantics and run into many people we have cruised with in the past. Most of our cruising buddies we met through our cruise critic roll calls. We have made really close friendships. Visiting people all over the country. A lot of our cruises are planned with our cruise buddies and it is a very rare occasion that we cruise by ourselves. It is also so nice seeing people on land and not having to wait for a cruise to visit. Over the years, thanks to Cruise Critic, our cruising experience is so much enhanced because of our Cruise Critic family. We try to get cabins all in a row so we can open our balconies and visit.
  20. To Pete SrPilo, Hi Pete, you have a really good memory. Yes, the four of us sat talking to you after the gift exchange and I was lucky one to get the Charger shirt. That was a really nice cruise. Regards, Gloria (and Lou)
  21. We were on a cruise with a helicopter evacuation. We were notified night before that it will be happening in the morning at a specific time. We got dressed early and left our cabin. Room stewards and other employees were also knocking on the doors telling people to leave. They gave us a large time frame to leave in case people didn't. I was shocked to see how many people came down to Piazza about an hour late, (many in bathrobes).Someone's life was at stake and these selfish people didn't seem to care. We heard all these grumbling idiots complaining about being disturbed. It was 9:00am not the middle of the night.
  22. Was on the Regal last year and Royal was in too. Royal got pier two and we got 21
  23. Voljeep I will answer that. First of all some people are just good at trivia they don't need to cheat from previous weeks. it seems like you have insinuated a couple of times already that they win because of previous weeks. Friends were recently on for two weeks and said no trivia's were repeated.And they, who always play trivia and win, said it was extremely hard trivia on this ship. Now my friends are incredible at trivia and said in the two weeks, they only won once. So if Pia has already won a few times, it is because she and her trivia partners are smart.
  24. When we hit our milestone, it also included tour of the bridge. Got the invitation from the Captain.
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