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  1. 2 hours ago, Reader0108598 said:

    Just please remember there are other reasons for coughing ,I cough sometimes with my COPD. I always cover my mouth and leave the area it is rude not to! Usually go to use a rescue inhalor but if the cough did not stop I would not return!



    I realize that. I use an inhaler as well. What I was talking about are sick people that don't stay in the cabin and spread the germs. We are scheduled to go on a cruise in late April. My husband says if we go as planned, he doesn't want to even step foot in the the theater.On the last two cruises , I got sick the very last couple of days. I stayed in my cabin, didn't go to dinner either.

  2. 22 minutes ago, NSWP said:

    I would have thought LA to Hawaii would be pretty safe, I would not cancel, but each to their own.

    The cities"may be safe" but the passengers and crew come from all over the world. When passengers start getting sick, wish they would stay in their cabins instead of sharing with all of us in the theatre at night. Coughing that goes on and not covering their mouths . That is the risks we take on any cruise anywhere.

    And I take that risk a few times a year because I love cruising.

  3. If we have already made final payment and want to cancel using cancel for any reason can we call Princess direct or does our travel agent have to do this?

    We are at the 50% penalty but do have Platinum Insurance. I am thinking that 50% of the fare (and all the port taxes are refunded) may be better for us than a future cruise credit and going through the insurance. My husband actually has a health issue now but it may be considered pre existing so would not be covered under medical.

    Last year we had to cancel for any reason and even though we told insurance up front that is how we were going, they kept asking for all kinds of info. Ours was for a flood in our house and we had major damage and repairs took 6 months.Finally they said we weren't covered for refund but would get Cancel for any reason credit through Princess. That is what I asked for to begin with so strange I had to go through hoops to get it.


  4. Same thing happened to me in January. I had cabin on bumpout obstructed. Not really an obstruction and large balcony.

    They changed me to a cabin on Aloha deck very forward tiny balcony. I called Princess said I wanted my cabin back.

    Person said she couldn't change it but put an email to the department. She said she couldn't even call that department only email. They take no calls. Got my cabin back. No email or call but it appeared back in my personalizer the next morning.

  5. Song of Norway (Royal Caribbean). That was the ship that was cut in half and cabins added   in 1978 because of the larger demand for cruising.Originally built in Helsinki in 1970   

    Royal Viking Star?caribbean sailings

    Bermuda Star-     Bermuda Star line   Cruised San Diego to Mexico

    Queen of Bermuda - Bermuda Star line- sailed out of New Orleans to Caribbean






  6. Just got an upsell offer a few minutes ago. My current is a nice location Caribe deck  balcony on the Coral . Princess asking $699.00 per person to upsell to a mini suite. Total would be 1398.00 on a 19 day cruise. I just checked and it is a bit cheaper than current price offered but I am passing. I would love the mini suite and have had them in the past on this ship but don't think it is worth it.Now if this was a true upgrade, would be dancing the happy dance.

  7. Being Elite with free minutes, if cruise is more than a week long, I will go with the unlimited plan. Have done both.

    28 days on the Sky Princess, was a pleasure not having to worry about signing in or off. For elites it was $112.00 and worth it.

    Recently on the Royal Princess 7 day cruise, was torn on which way to go but decided to just use my free minutes. I had to remember to pause my minutes everytime. Not a big deal but wouldn't have liked that on a longer cruise. My phone works

    in all the ports for internet  so nice I used it in ports in Mexico.


  8. On the Jan 18th-25th cruise there was a section for movies that said Recently added  and daily they were added. We saw

    Jo Jo Rabbit(incredibly well done movie)

    The Aftermath  (also really good)

    there were others but these are the ones we watched and remembered.Both of these were about WW2

  9. Deck 16 Lido, Horizon bistro area of Horizon Ct. There is a coffee bar in the buffet area.Only specialty coffees not fresh brewed coffee. I usually got my Americano there. Also on deck 7 outside of the Princess Live, I noticed in the morning you can get specialty coffee there as well.

  10. LaMer on the Sky was out in the open and all the noise from the Piazza comes into it. We were lucky for our table for 8 in the rear of LaMer and the noise wasn't too bad. Food started out good(soup, appetizers etc). For my main course I ordered

    Fish and chips. I was shocked that my fish was fish sticks, 5 little pieces. Looked like frozen Gortons out of a box. I ate two of them only. I wouldn't spend the money there again. Go to Crown Grill or Sabatinis. Worse restaurant on board a Princess ship. No ombiance at all.

  11. We always enter on the left side of theatre. Can always find a seat.  If you sit on the sides make sure it is closer to the middle aisle. The very side seats on Royal Class (Royal, Regal, etc) you are looking at a wall and only see partial stage.

    The seats at the bottom (deck 6, before they tier up) you may get more heads blocking. As the theatre tiers up at the next sections, you can see much better . Our favorite, first tier up. The middle section the best but we often sit on the sides close to the aisles. We usually go to the late show. Much less crowded than early show and even arriving 15 minutes before , usually not a problem. Production shows are more crowded than individual performers and for those we do go at least 1/2 hr before performance starts.The early shows are more crowded and probably have to arrive earlier.

  12. 1 hour ago, Bdnclc said:

    Does anyone have pictures of a mini suite on Island they can share?  I am wanting to see what the main area of the cabin and the shower looks like.  


    Upgrade fairy came and like to know if should take a mini suite

    The shower is in the large bathtub. It is a deep tub so  you have to be able to step into it. I had no problem but if someone has mobility issues, won't be good for them.

  13. 19 minutes ago, BarbinMich said:

    Nor do the Royal/Regal.  What they have is a wall of bookshelves in the computer "lab", as I recall.  Not much to choose from as noted above although I did find an interesting mystery set in SF (my favorite city) back in the late 1800s (I think).  The protaganist was a female sleuth <g>.

    Royal Regal have their own library (minus books) deck 7 aft, not in computer room which is on deck 5.

  14. On the Sky transatlantic my Medallian worked at a distance then it stopped and had to be held up to the device on the wall.

    Passenger services said the magnet was failing and replaced the Medallian. Also 3 times someone came and replaced a battery in our door. We had no problem but they said their computer showed it failing so it was replaced.

  15. I thought that each time we would be on a Medallian class ship would have to reload my Medallian app on my phone. Just got off the Royal and noticed the App. had my next Medallian cruise already on it. It is not the next cruise we are on (not Medallian)

    but picked up the cruise that is. Nice, I thought I was going to have to remove the appl. from my phone.


  16. Also just off the Royal. In place of the books were many shelves full of games and puzzles.(and the 5 non english books)

    Problem with Princess library books are people taking them and keeping. Very selfish  .

    I always bring my Kindle loaded with books but do like to discover new authors via the Princess library. Sad this is going away.

    I also heard that when there is Noro on board, all the books in library are destroyed. Don't know if this  actually happens(told by a Princess employee) . On the 28 day Sky Princess they had a book cart but only did it once in the 28 days. Then they did a book share . Passengers met at time listed in the Patter and shared their already read books with others. It actually worked out well.

  17. 29 minutes ago, JennyB1977 said:

    @san diego sue I did have my medallion. They looked at it and scanned it a few times before boarding. They also still needed to see my passport. I also had my boarding pass pulled up on my phone but no one asked to see it. The van let us off at the curb, we walked into the building and you get directed to the right or left and then handed a piece of paper with a boarding number/group on it. You then wander through the maze up to a podium (not a counter) where they scan the medallion and then in my case I was all set so I was directed to the chairs to wait.

    Thank you for the information. Glad we don't have the check in process, just scanned. We were on the first Medallian cruise

    last year on the Royal but I didn't have mine in advance and didn't pay attention to what those who had one did. Most didn't for what I could see.People receiving their medallians got their photo taken for it as they boarded (same as with a cruise card in the past) What surprised me was when I asked why they didn't take mine, they said already had it. It was a photo taken the last time we were on the Royal six months previously. so it was saved. Didn't know they do that. The photo currently showing when I board a Princess cruise is a photo much older than that one, taken on the Caribbean Princess three years ago. I guess we can change our photos but not worth the trouble.

  18. Did you have the Medallian before you cruised? You mentioned you downloaded app prior.

    My additional question is if you already had the medallian, did you still have to check in at the desks?

    Or did you just go through security and wait to board. You said you were group 6.In Europe we just went to security and then boarded. Wondering how it is done in San Pedro? We board on Saturday.

  19. On 1/12/2020 at 9:59 PM, rentlady said:

    Just curious after reading these post, am I suppose to order our medallions? Sailing in 6 weeks and have received nothing from our travel agent.

    Your ship may not be a Medallian class ship. What ship are you sailing on?Your Personalizer will let you know if it is. 

    Only a few ships have it right now. Royal, Regal, Sky, Caribbean Princess for sure.Maybe a couple of others.

  20. 1 hour ago, LMADAMS91 said:

    I saw a post on the Sky FB page that said they were only doing Rock Opera now; that something happened and the two lead singers for Skies had to leave the ship. Replacements were coming but it would be ~ 4 weeks before they would be ready. Can anyone confirm this? Just curious.....definitely won't make a difference in our enjoyment of our upcoming cruise.


    Doesn't make sense since Rock Opera needs the singers unless they would use recorded singing. We saw both shows on our 28 day cruise in November.

  21. Does your medallian have both cruise dates on it? Since your first cruise is correct, whatever the problem can be fixed once on board.If your B2B are linked, your first medallian may cover both.

    When ordering the medallians, you have to say it is for both of you.

    I wouldn't worry about this.

  22. 3 hours ago, kruzns4me said:

    BWAHAHAHAH - so I am one of those crazy people that makes my family stay on deck while I go to the cabins and disinfects everything (soft and hard surfaces)  because I KNOW they do not clean those rooms like they should!!!!!  We were on Carnival a few years back and there was a VERY sick girl that was made to sit amongst the passengers for disembarkation - she was getting sick all over everything - poor girl - but needless to say - half my family came down with it............I have been VERY vigilant since - and needless to say - so have those family members.  We carry hand sanitizer everywhere!  Carnival Panorama has these very cool handwashing stations in the marketplace that I think everyship should have!

    On the Royal (Regal, Sky), have handwashing stations at entrances to the Horizon Ct. And so does the Caribbean Princess.

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