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  1. Checked mine, very cautiously, all good heading to Rome and return from Ft. Lauderdale. glad we got our flights when we did because does appear when I did a mock quote, prices are up a bit.I do mock booking not in my personalizer so no chance of screw up.
  2. It was a calm cruise, no rowdy college kids. When young adults are traveling with parents, not like going to a resort full of only college age kids.I wouldn't worry about a March cruise. As I mentioned previously we cruised last year in March and it was pleasant.
  3. We were on the Royal last year March 23. Spring break is so scattered on dates. We have three grandkids in Universities and each one had a different week off. Public school districts had different weeks and some as late as Mid April. So all at once didn't happen on March 23. There were lots of families but the kids didn't impact our cruise or enjoyment and didn't notice anything different then any other cruise.
  4. Just have them cancel and since it appears before final payment, unless it is a cruise with non refundable deposit, they should get it back no problem.
  5. If you had Princess Ins., you could have done Cancel for any reason instead of the medical. So easy if you cruise often and can use the credit (instead of cash). Really little documentation is needed. In fact no ones cares why you cancel although in my case I mentioned it.
  6. My travel agent notified Princess first. Immediately same day I got a credit on my credit card for port taxes and other charges except the actual cruise cost.They gave her the phone number for Ins(Princess Ins).I had to call the Insurance myself and open the claim. In my case it wasn't medical but a house flood. Insurance emailed me and asked for some things.I told them I was applying for Cancel for any reason which means a credit towards another cruise . After about two weeks Ins. notified that Ins. was notifying Princess . Next day it was in my account as a credit toward future cruise. I had several booked so told my travel agent to arrange which cruise I wanted the credit applied. If I didn't do that, the first cruise I would have booked would have had it applied. In my case I had back to back longer cruises that got cancelled so I was greatful I had the insurance. This is very recent information, happened about 10 months ago.
  7. Our friends were number 2 most traveled on the Sky Princess Europe and Transatlantic cruise. Although nothing was given to them at the Circle Party, they got their presents in advance. Bottle of Champagne and instead of the cheap box, now given is a cheap looking tote bag with a photo of destination on it. Canvas bag didn't even have a zipper on it. Years ago people got a really beautiful destination Crystal. I was lucky to get one on an Alaska cruise . So pretty.
  8. On the Sky, they did a book exchange at an appointed place and time. So no need to leave books in the cabin, just bring to book exchange. They did this quite often on sea days. They even did it the last sea day on the ship. So your books will definitely be appreciated by others.
  9. No library. We were on the Sky from Nov 3rd till Dec 1st. They had a book cart with brand new books on it. In the Patter and time and place was listed . Only offered one day at beginning of our cruise. Transatlantic started on Nov 17 and it wasn't offered then. They had several book exchanges in the Patter . People brought their already read books , put them on a table and we took what we wanted. Only passengers were there for this. Worked very well . Didn't really miss the library.I would suggest if you aren't bringing a Kindle or a device with books loaded, bring your own books and exchange with friends.
  10. Thanks for your review. Enjoyed reading the good and bad.have a wonderful Holiday season. And you and Brad a great looking couple.
  11. Oh my goodness, such mean responses. If anyone has done a back to back in that terminal in San Pedro (the one with the tent, not the usual one) will know that it is complete mess. Not just for handicapped people but for average passenger with no disability. Roz you are on one of my cruises in the spring. See you and Horton then.
  12. Service dogs are given a box with grass to do their stuff in. Roz was saying Princess doesn't allow it on the balcony but several decks away in an area. She has to get the dog there. She mentioned on other cruise lines the special box is right there on balcony.That is the only accommodation she was referring to. And Princess Luver, when was the last time you needed help yourself from Princess and have a handicap? You are answering for the masses. I hope you aren't ever in Roz' position.Someone you don't even know, please don't label her entitled. She is a very nice lady, handicapped, widow , traveling with a service dog, taking care of herself and Horton. And we have met them in person.
  13. I was able to get in, take care of anything I needed to on my booked cruises. Just no pricing on saved cruises or doing a search for a new one.
  14. The problem in San Pedro is when two ships are in port. The usual terminal for one ship, is not the problem. Not much walking. Go through, flash your passports, either go out and enjoy a few hours off the ship earlier, or walk around with the group and sit in area for in transits and wait. If ship is ready to board, then they just board you. Mass confusion in the other terminal. Not only long lines to go through customs (or whatever they call it), no one seems to know where you have to go. Those people guiding you, need to be guided themselves. That terminal looks like a partial tent .A couple of years ago we were also mixed in with people leaving, arriving etc. When finally we were told where to go, everyone seemed to be boarding the ship at once in a mass mess. Roz, you need to write a letter to Princess. Your situation is bad but the whole setup is awful for everyone. Since we have cruised with you in the past and met your service dog, I feel for you.
  15. So still no prices when I go on website. Anyone getting pricing. Getting on Princess.com now easy on any of my browsers. I cleared history and cookies. a bit of a pain typing out total website instead of it automatically coming up.
  16. I am sure Princess tracks our spending, where , and how much.That may not be a new thing.
  17. Do you think that there is someone sitting at computers tracking all of us? What a waste of personnel that would be.May be great for parents to track their kids on board using the program with their cell phones. Funny thing happened on our last cruise. Three times we had people change our lock batteries on cabin door. We didn't see anything wrong getting into cabin but each time they said their computer said our battery on cabin door was failing. And one time my medallian failed to open door and was replaced.Key cards use to fail a lot too.
  18. I have been on three Medallian ships so far (Royal, Caribbean Princess, and Sky).Each cruise had a different process for boarding with and without Medallians. On the Royal didn't have Medallian. In line checkin got it. I was concerned about my photo not being on. When we were scanned getting on the ship, the person didn't take our photo but was taking others. I asked and he said already on there and showed us. Mine was a photo taken the year before on the Royal(I guess somehow they save them). Then on Caribbean Princess this summer , same thing, the photo was three years old taken on that ship. On the Sky, my photo was already on, and it was the old Caribbean Princess photo. For the first time, I downloaded the Medallian appl a few days ago for a Royal Princess cruise coming up. Didn't scan a new photo but could have,the same old Caribbean photo was already on. I kept it. The process to board for people with Medallians was totally different on the Sky Princess in Europe. If you had Medallian, you didn't go to any check in desks, just boarded (after security). I don't use our phones once on board.So no ordering drinks etc. The Medallian works just like a key card and to charge items on board. Why are people wanting a key card instead?I can understand if you have any implants.Is it a privacy issue?
  19. San Pedro. If we already have our Medallian, do we just go through security and then wait in the Elite Lounge. How do we get our boarding number card? That is given at check in so do we need one?If someone knows, please clarify. Thanks
  20. In Los Angeles, the parking right there. Just walk off the ship into the parking lot. Plenty of parking available. If it is a short cruise, 7 days, best to park at pier.It is really nice to have your car there when you disembark. It is very easy to get in and out of the pier area. If a longer cruise, stay overnight before cruise at one of the local San Pedro hotels and park there for length of cruise.It is currently $19.00 a day to park in LA at the pier.
  21. On board now. It is a beautiful ship.I have the unlimited internet and it is fabulous. Only one day where the internet wasn't working. I am very disappointed in the lack of production shows,. We are on for 28 days. Only show performed was Rock Opera (In theatre) and the muppet show in Vista lounge. There is suppose to be another show that is also new but hasn't been done yet. We were on the Caribbean Princess in August and they had 5 shows in the 16 days we were on board with fabulous special affects. If Princess is still trying to get the kinks out of these new shows, they should at least tell us. The nightly entertainment with single performers have been good but we do love production shows and this ship is a disappointment. No library on board (as you all know by now) but they did have a library book cart the first week we were on (week of Nov 3)and was fortunate to snag several books.Good thing I did because it wasn't offered again. I have been trading books with friends as we finish each one.There was a book exchange offered that was just passengers trading books for 1/2 hour. With all these sea days, a library was really missed.Someone said you can go to passenger services and ask for books. When a friend did that, there were 4 books offered. There is music on board we enjoy, food is wonderful, and we are traveling with great friends.I am just pointing out the things that are lacking.The itinerary has been great. The tours both private and through Princess were good and we have memories to cherish. Thank you Colo cruiser for all the great photos you posted.I still haven't walked around and done that yet.
  22. In the fixed dining room Ciello(deck 6 aft)we definetly had the baked Alaska last week(the Nov 3rd cruise). And the parade with it. Loving the ship. Colo Cruiser, have you been at the M&G ? First week we only just sat around with no introductions.This week we passed the Mic. around and introduced ourselves. With all the postings you do, kind of surprised you weren't there.Did I just not hear you?
  23. We had to cancel a few days before a cruise. We did have insurance. The day we canceled. Princess credited our credit card with the port taxes and fees.Then we set up our claim for the cruise fare with Insurance Co.
  24. I thought it odd too. Created ,more trouble than it was worth for passenger services. As I previously mentioned had tickets for Princess transportation and it mentioned all three airports on ticket not the one I was going to. When I went to passenger services I asked them if I didn't tell them, how would they know which airport bus to put passengers on and for them to have a proper passenger count when they order buses. person didn't even know what I meant so I just made sure they put us on the earliest bus to Newark. I didn't have EZ air.
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