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  1. Hmmm...we'll that doesn't speak well if the company isn't well known. I saw it at tripinsurance.com Aka United States Fire Insurance Company. It has an A rating here: https://www.insuremytrip.com/travel-insurance-faqs/am-best-ratings/
  2. Hmmm...we'll that doesn't speak well if the company isn't well known. I saw it at tripinsurance.com
  3. Has anyone used this trip insurance company?
  4. Hmmm...this is all in the same realm I was thinking. Thank you all for your answers. I need to keep reading all this fine print!
  5. Can the other person still go, occupying the cabin alone? What about the cost (assuming trip insurance was purchased?). I mean, will that one person still be able to sail ONLY if the other person forfeits their payment? thanks!
  6. Question: I just book a cruise for a year from now and made a deposit. How can I buy trip insurance for my total expenses when I can't even buy airfare or hotel yet, so I don't know what my total costs are? Can I just make a "best guess" of future expenses? thanks!
  7. John &LaLa - YES! Definitely what I want to avoid.
  8. I haven't had experience with RCI but have been on another cruise with so much banging that it was annoying. I use earplugs now but will be traveling with a light sleeper. thanks all....I will be sure I'm not near one of the blank areas on the ship cabin layout.
  9. Is there a way to tell where these storage closets are?
  10. I'm trying to plan a trip and can't find a deck plan that includes locations of these staff rooms - I know how frustrating it can be to be awakened at 3am to discover the staff doing loads of bedding across from your room. Is there any site that shows this detail?? All I can find is an occasional break, shown as a white space, between cabins but there can't possibly be THAT many laundry rooms per deck. thanks!
  11. I have done the mush dog sled tour in Skagway but have booked a tour there already. Doesn't Juneau have the same kind of tour?
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