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  1. Agree. I can't tell you how many times I have called the main CCL number and have gotten info that wasn't correct. Ended up calling again, or researching online to get the correct answer. However -- when it comes to the new sailing/covid rules they should actually have a fact sheet in front of them so they can give the correct info - not tell someone "no one will know if you break the rule!"
  2. So glad to hear you already re-booked your cruise. November will be here before you know it. You have had a great attitude throughout your "adventure" and I hope you have the best cruise of your life. You deserve it.
  3. We usually give 5 euro to the porters for 2 bags or 3 bags.
  4. So sorry to hear the outcome, but thank you for being honest every step of the way. I can only hope others will be as forthcoming as you, and answer the questionnaire truthfully, though I fear some will not.
  5. We have cruised during bad tropical storms, and once when a hurricane was in our route. The captain will make every attempt to go around the bad weather. For the hurricane our western route was changed to an eastern route. When cruising there are some things totally out of anyone's control - weather is one of them. The captain will take every precaution to keep everyone safe. However, the seas may be a bit rougher than usual, even while skirting the bad weather. Just don't have your heart set on visiting any special port - things can change, causing you to miss a port for many reasons - weather, mechanical issues, medical evacuation, etc.
  6. It also does not cover pre-existing conditions, which is a deal-breaker for my family. We (always) purchase trip insurance that does - but even the one we get must be purchased within 15 days of booking the cruise. Research, research, and research some more to find best coverage for your needs.
  7. Glad Carnival is tightening up rules again. I am hoping by my January cruise covid will be beaten down a bit. Will get my Pfizer booster as soon as it is offered to me - hopefully November if not sooner.(8 months from my 2nd covid vaccine). CDC's new recommendation that even vaccinated people with underlying med conditions should avoid cruising puts a damper on my getting on a ship in the near future.
  8. We have cruised many, many times, and always purchase travel insurance- but never through the cruise line. We purchase Travelguard. We have used it 2x in the past, and the cost we have laid out for the insurance all these years was "paid back" the first time we needed to use it while cruising. My "healthy" dd was off-loaded in Belize and hospitalized for 3 days. I stayed with her, and all of the hospital, airline tickets back to the U.S., food and hotel costs were paid back by the insurance, including trip interruption. Our bills were way over $10,000. Many people do not believe in purchasing it, but we would never travel without it - especially now with covid.
  9. You might be debarking before you get called!
  10. Most of the time I do not know who the CD is until I step on a ship. I usually have no interactions with them unless I literally bump into them - then just say "hi" and tell them how well the crew is treating us. Figure it can't hurt to compliment the workers. However, I did like when Butch B. was CD on a few of my cruises. He left being a CD for bigger and better.
  11. Many airlines will waive change fees if bad weather is expected somewhere - I know Jetblue does it all the time. Check with your airline and see. For peace of mind It may just be worth flying in earlier, even with the added expense of hotel/food.
  12. We never dress up anymore for elegant night, or even steakhouse. DD and I wear a pair of capris/nice shirt/sandals, and dh wears nice jeans/polo shirt or button up short-sleeved shirt. Otherwise, shorts/ top/sneakers are our dress code. Nothing ratty, though - all nice.
  13. Frugal, except for being balcony snobs. We do buy a case of water for the cabin, and bottomless bubbles before we sail. We do not buy any pictures, do not do specialty dining, do not drink except for soda. (hence bottomless bubbles). No internet time- we like disconnecting while on a cruise. No excursions in ports unless they are a new port for us- haven't had a new one in a while. No spa treatments. I think our last cruise had a final sail and sign bill of just around $100. Our next cruise (January) should be interesting because we have an $800 obc to be used - may let dd "go crazy" in the gift shop - lol!
  14. I was just going to write the same thing. Wonder if any kind of survey is sent out to passengers to see if there were any cases after debark. Then again, I am sure the cruise lines don't want that info out there. At that point they would probably say "that case of covid could have been picked up anywhere - not on OUR line."
  15. Here on Long Island our infection level is rising at a scary rate. We are back up to 2.25%, and there is a tremendous push to get the 12-17 year olds vaccinated with pop-up sites at schools around the island trying to get them "done" before school begins. Personally, we have never stopped wearing masks at malls, grocery stores, bank, etc. Now with the CDC recommending masks indoors where infection rate is high, I would not doubt our local government may put some kind of mandate back in, which will definitely cause an uproar.
  16. This info is correct. We loved cruising out FLL, as the port was 3 miles away from our vacation condo. Was heartbroken when Carnival pulled out, but as BlerkOne said - Princess does sail from there. Hopefully Carnival will return in the future. Don't like cruising out of Miami as much as FLL.
  17. You are in "wait and see" mode now. Really nothing you can do except reschedule (hopefully without any penalty, as no "official" announcements have been made yet.) or hope you are one of the lucky ones that get an exemption, if that rule is still in place when you sail.
  18. Totally understand your feelings. Many all-inclusive resorts use wristbands to differentiate guests. On NCL you get a wristband if you purchase their Vibe area. Disney has magic bands resort guests wear. On Carnival guests under 12 get muster bands they wear during the cruise and must keep on at all times. I would never expect any CCL passenger to play "traffic cop" to another guest. But I would make sure that guest wasn't breathing down my neck if I saw them flaunting the rules.
  19. Correct. The only way to enforce this while on the ship is to have some sort of wristband -lets say green for those vaccinated, red for those not. Having a visual identifier will piss some off - but at least we would know who is following the rules, and who is not. Having it on the sail and sign cards will work when getting off at a port as they will be flagged, but not while on the ship.
  20. Correct. But this is the same as anywhere that "requests" the unvaccinated wear masks to protect others. People will do what people will do - you just hope they will do the right thing.
  21. I surely won't starve. Almost all of my favorites are still there.
  22. I agree with this. If you used enhanced id, you probably should have stuck with that when you got to the port. If you brought your passports with you, you probably should have used them initially to checkin online. Even though the names are the same, different info on both documents probably confused not only the computer, but the humans involved. It was nice of you posting this, though, so others would sticks to whatever doc they used to checkin online when checking in at embark.
  23. We loved the Magic when we sailed on her right before covid shut everything down. In fact, we were scheduled to go back on her a month later, but... Love that class of ship. We never had a bad experience on a CCL ship yet - 27 CCL cruises in. We mostly relax on cruises, as we have been to most of the ports multiple times. Love the piano bar and comedy shows. We kinda skip the stage (Broadway type) shows now as we have seen them, but if I were a new Carnival cruiser I would go see them. It's funny, but the one "not great" cruise was the first and only time on Royal. Food was practically inedible in the dr. and buffet. Shows were good, though, and I loved the free-style soda machines. Carnival does not have those.
  24. Make sure you print out the response you get to bring on the cruise with you "just in case" they don't have that info when you check in at the casino. We had that problem once, and luckily had the printout to show what we booked under.
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