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  1. Same here... I'm scheduled to be on the cruise after yours.
  2. Beautifully and rationally stated... I agree with most everything you said.
  3. These are the e-mails I used to eventually successfully pursue my refund. Good luck lvieira@ncl.com GuestRelations@ncl.com kbyrd@ncl.com
  4. It took amost 5 months for me to get the last part of my refund (another long story) after initially being told 10-14 days back in April. I bothered customer service once a month (sometimes receiving no reply, then asking again until I got an update) and was told each time in writing via e-mail that they could see in my records that it was in the system waiting to be processed. I'm hopeful for you that it will eventually go through. FIngers crossed and don't believe any time frame they tell you.... just be persistent.
  5. My husband and I are booked and paid-in-full for the same cruise and are waiting, watching and wondering what will happen as the silence (aside from lots of unsubstantiated opinions) has been deafening. Looking forward to getting reliable info. We also have friends booked on an early Nov. Panama Canal cruise on NCL who are waiting and stressing about what's going to happen to their cruise.
  6. I am relieved to hear this as I have read contradictory information about how "regular" FCC works. I was just issued FCC from the Arabian Odyssey on the Spirit that ended on March 2nd and others on that same cruise have been told by an NCL rep onboard AND also separately by their PCCs that they need to use the credit on a sailing that occurs within 1 year of receiving the credit. This makes no sense to me in light of what your experience was... and expecially hearing how they're handling the their new cancellation policy. The conflicting information is all very confusing and disheartening.
  7. I will be on the Spirit right after her major refurb in Feb. They never had a Moderno and my La Trattoria reservations have been cancelled. I'm guessing La Trattoria might be eliminated during the big refurb??? I also read that they're adding Onda. by Scarpetta. Am wondering how they're going to handle the substitution on Spirit cruises but guess I'll have to wait and see. Any thoughts? From NCL's web site: "6. Benefit is available on sailings 5 days or longer, and entitles each guest to one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert of choice. Entrée items up to $35 are covered. For items over this amount, an upcharge will be added to your onboard account. No restaurant substitutions. Names vary by ship. Restaurants not available on all ships. On Norwegian Bliss, Moderno is replaced by Los Lobos or Q. On Norwegian Joy, Moderno is replaced by Food Republic or Q. In Food Republic, the benefit entitles each guest to a total food value of $35 per guest. On Norwegian Encore, Moderno or La Cucina is replaced by Los Lobos or Q."
  8. That's what I'd like to know... is it really happening... and, if so, when?
  9. As this would be a cancel and rebook scenario, I assume you would be getting the full range of "Free at Sea" perks that come with booking a suite and not just the one(s) you got with the initial inside booking? That should factor into any decision as you would have the additional tipping expenses associated wiht some of those perks.
  10. The Getaway left Bermuda yesterday and is on her way to the Bahamas. Hope you can get through!
  11. Totally agree with all the above. We prefer NCL to Princess in general, hands down... BUT Princess does Alaska better in a land/sea combo. We did a 14 day (I think... might have been 16 days?) northbound out of Vancouver (as Bird suggested above). We did this with Princess and went as far as Prudhoe Bay on the Dalton Highway. It was an unforgettable trip and Princess did a truly great job. A few years later, we went back on NCL (7 day cruise/incredible price) that started in Vancouver and ended in Seattle that pretty much only did the Inside Passage. It paled in comparison to our cruise/land combo trip with Princess. Not NCL's fault... the itinerary was just lacking compared to the previous trip. If you can swing it with your budget and timing, a cruise/land combo will give you a much better experience seeing Alaska than a 7 day inside passage cruise IMHO. We felt like the 7 day only scratched the surface of Alaska. That said, if we hadn't seen so much on our first trip (the land/cruise combo with Princess), we might not have realized how much we were missing on the inside passage cruise and might have been OK. 😉 Different strokes.
  12. Thank you very much for all the details... I'll be in one of these rooms on the Getaway in 2021 and wanted to know what to expect. Did they ask that you not use the door while the ship was sailing?
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