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  1. That's what I'd like to know... is it really happening... and, if so, when?
  2. As this would be a cancel and rebook scenario, I assume you would be getting the full range of "Free at Sea" perks that come with booking a suite and not just the one(s) you got with the initial inside booking? That should factor into any decision as you would have the additional tipping expenses associated wiht some of those perks.
  3. The Getaway left Bermuda yesterday and is on her way to the Bahamas. Hope you can get through!
  4. Me too... Diet Pepsi! 😉
  5. Totally agree with all the above. We prefer NCL to Princess in general, hands down... BUT Princess does Alaska better in a land/sea combo. We did a 14 day (I think... might have been 16 days?) northbound out of Vancouver (as Bird suggested above). We did this with Princess and went as far as Prudhoe Bay on the Dalton Highway. It was an unforgettable trip and Princess did a truly great job. A few years later, we went back on NCL (7 day cruise/incredible price) that started in Vancouver and ended in Seattle that pretty much only did the Inside Passage. It paled in comparison to our cruise/land combo trip with Princess. Not NCL's fault... the itinerary was just lacking compared to the previous trip. If you can swing it with your budget and timing, a cruise/land combo will give you a much better experience seeing Alaska than a 7 day inside passage cruise IMHO. We felt like the 7 day only scratched the surface of Alaska. That said, if we hadn't seen so much on our first trip (the land/cruise combo with Princess), we might not have realized how much we were missing on the inside passage cruise and might have been OK. 😉 Different strokes.
  6. Thank you very much for all the details... I'll be in one of these rooms on the Getaway in 2021 and wanted to know what to expect. Did they ask that you not use the door while the ship was sailing?
  7. I had seen that mentioned in an older thread and think you might be correct... also from what I've read, all the deck furniture seems to be placed in the front balcony area which would support this idea.
  8. Thanks very mcuh... all the info about those doors appreciated. And it's good that the beds in those rooms are as far away from those noise leaking walls as possible.
  9. Thanks very much for your input... I'm not sure the doors were locked. They were just reported as hard to open. There's currently no other way to get to the side balcony except through that door between the sections on the balcony... there's no access from the bedroom. Since the doors are so easily grabbed by the wind, I can see keeping them closed while sailing for safety. I had also heard about the noise leakage through that wall. Some mentioned it being a major issue while others said it wasn't a problem at all for them. I guess hope for quiet neighbors! 😊 Thanks again!
  10. Does anyone have any experience with these doors out on the decks of these suites? I've read conflicting reports regarding whether the door between the front and side sections of the balcony can be opened or not. Staff helped one person open it but then said that they could not leave it open for safety reasons (they were under sail so I assume the side balcony was windy). Others have written that it can be very hard to open at all. Thanks in advance.
  11. We do the same and tip extra on top of the DSC at the end of the cruise depending on the level of service we received by the butler, etc. We tip a dollar or two with bar orders and also tip (discreetly) at meals (in the YC and elsewhere, except buffets) as we don't always get served by the same people and want to make sure each person serving us receives something over the cruise so we don't miss anyone. It definitely has made a difference in our experience and this way the servers are tipped commensurate with what they've actually done for us and we don't have to try to keep track of who did what and when. We picked up this way of tipping a little extra to servers after talking to a couple in the Haven on NCL a number of years ago and adopted it immediately with no regrets. Having tried different ways of tipping over the years (before, during, after and various combinations), we've found this way of doing things gives us the most confidence that we've taken care of the people who have taken care of us.
  12. We've used JiffyJeff twice now with no problem and will use them again in 2020. This was for transfers between the port and FLL.
  13. Exactly... a lot of people make assumptions based on pre-concieved notions and prejudices with little or no specific information about the individuals (or groups of people) they're judging. Generalizing about "Haven" people or the people in "steerage" does no one any good. I've seen the best behavior and poorest behavior in ALL areas of the ship... and it had nothing to do with what was in people's bank accounts. Rudeness and demanding entitlement can show up any where onboard and it's always disturbing.
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