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  1. Thanks... I saw that too. Was wondering if anyone had additional and/or more recent info to share about "LAY" as that was one of the only posts I could find about it.
  2. Many of us have seen "NAR" but this one is new to me... does anyone know what it means?
  3. Sorry... I see now that you posted both prices... a-duh! Great that you were able to a make it happen.
  4. I'm not going as far as you're going on the web site (and also pricing a different cruise), but yes, I'm going directly through the correct link. It will not show you the % off; just list a "member" price. In order to confirm your amount, you need to also do a mock booking without using the link and then compare them. These prices are all before taxes and port fees, etc. Current web site price for my cruise for 2 without discount: $8078 "Member" price after linking with the 5% + 15% discount button: $6523 The member price is exactly correct if you take the 15% off first and then apply the 5% to the new amount. PS And for further edification, the "member" price I got for 2 last Dec with the 5% + 5% they were running at that time was: $5485 Just goes to show how much the pricing has bounced around this year.
  5. My sailing IS currently showing as an option for the 5% + 15% promotion. Did a mock booking twice (with and without being signed in with Voyager number) and the numbers showed currectly for new bookings with and without discount. Happy savings to all.
  6. So I just contacted my TA and she called them and they said "no go" on the new promo for me... I'm sailing (hopefully) in 51 days, had booked last December when the prices were as low as they would ever be for my sailing (I've tracked it) and had gotten 5% + 5% with extra OBC and double points (the offer at that time). I also used FCC from a previously cancelled cruise, booked a better cabin and still have extra leftover from that as additional OBC for the cruise. So I'm OK with them not giving me their current additional 10% off my very, very good initial price (it would have amounted to roughly $135 savings pp). When I double-checked my original booking just now, my original discounted price was actually $520 cheaper pp than the current price using the 5% + 15% discount (a lot more than I thought at quick glance). Am not willing to spend the time on the phone fighting wiht them and also possibly risk them messing up my reservation (as they have with so many others). So, I'm going to call it a day and wish happy savings to all! It's a great deal for those who can take advantage of it. Thanks as always to the CC group keeping us all aware of good dsicounts like this one.
  7. Very nice... will keep that in mind for the future!
  8. Will they make lower price adjustments aftrer final payment? I'm more familar with NCL's policies where they'll throw you a little OBC but not lower the price once you're beyond final payment.
  9. Thanks for pointing this out... a great reminder to all of us to check. I signed in and went through the correct link and compared the 5% + 15% price to the current non-discounted full price of my cruise and it showed up correctly... but in my case, the reduced price was still about $300 pp higher than when I originally booked the crusie (a long time ago). MSC has jacked up the prices considerably on some of their offerings this year.
  10. Despite the OP's distess and dilemma... a refreshing change of topic from the complaining about cancellations, COVID and not being able to cruise as often as we'd like.
  11. All very good points... it all depends on the personalities and maturity levels of the parties involved. Please keep us posted as to what you decide and hope you're able to enjoy the rest of your cruise.
  12. If it's at all possible to get away from him into your own separate room, that might be best to help clear your head and give you some space and perspective. I'm personally a big fan of "pulling the bandaid off fast" and clearing the air so you can get started on healing. Keeping it to yourself for 2 days sounds toxic, but different strokes for different folks. Being honest and bringing it into the sunlight sounds like the best recipe for having a good last couple of days and moving on... at least it would for me. Best of luck with however you choose to handle it... an awful situation to be in. PS And hopefully you can change your seat on the flight home.
  13. I wish... it was amazing experience the three times we did it. Great evenings!
  14. Did you have your meeting yet? Did anything change with those irresponsible smokers as a result?
  15. Yes... 19028 is the same size as 19025 but on the other side of the ship. Thanks again for sharing the image of that specific room type. I think you are the first to do so.
  16. Thanks for the photo... I'm in 19028 in Nov and was very curious as to how the wider cabins differed from the narrower ones. Much appreciated!
  17. It's definitely not clear. We just dealt with this 5 days ago with CVS and did not upload or text photos of our insurance cards and were able to make the appointments with no problem. My husband just had to give them his card at CVS at the time of the test so they could get the information on the spot... and as I had already had a test with them a few months ago, they never even asked me for mine as they already had it in their system. Hope this info helps.
  18. When life hands you lemons, make shots of lemonade. I'll have to look into that the next time I'm there. Hope you have just as much fun the second time around! 😀
  19. That sounds like a hoot! What port was that in?
  20. Thank you so much for this post!
  21. This is probably why I was able to get my second FCC as I had applied the first one already and my account was empty. Neither of the cancellation letters I received mentioned this crappy little trick and it's a really lousy move on NCL's part. "Special rules"? Really? I shouldn't be surprised...
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