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  1. guernseyguy

    Queen Victoria to lose The Chart Room bar

    Yes, to both.
  2. guernseyguy

    Queen Victoria to lose The Chart Room bar

    The new deck plan shows - i) additional cabins with (near) vertical stern like the Queen Elizabeth and ii) No Chart room replacement.
  3. guernseyguy


    Your son not in a kilt? I'm sure he'll look dashing either way....... But they'll both be eclipsed by you! ;-)
  4. guernseyguy

    Crossing time through the years

    The old saying among Cunard crew was that the best class of person travelled Tourist at Third prices...;-)
  5. guernseyguy

    Crossing time through the years

    Sixty years on thats not an unreasonable rationalisation - but I think it was also a function of space - Queen Mary had quite a lot of 'Second Class' (called Tourist) space - advertised as 'better than First on other liners' (and indeed it was): http://www.sterling.rmplc.co.uk/visions/dkside2.html Lets not forget, Americans made up the bulk of First ("Cabin") Class passengers - while Brits the bulk of Tourist - so its hardly surprising a British liner was well equipped for Tourist passengers.
  6. guernseyguy

    A few questions for our first Cunard cruise

    The Grill is so lovely - and you'll know your wait staff - you'd need a very good reason (e.g. running very late) to go to the buffet....
  7. guernseyguy

    Crossing time through the years

    First Class in the middle, on top. Second class towards the stern Third class forward and aft. One of the great questions of ocean liner travel was why did the 'dowdy frumpy' Queen Mary so comprehensively thrash the 'glamorous luxurious' Normandie? I reckon its because Queen Mary looked after her second class passengers better.....
  8. guernseyguy

    What's happened to Guernseyguy

    Still with us - just not been on a cruise in a while! Thank you for asking - I have not (yet) joined the great departed like Kindlychap or Now Voyager......
  9. guernseyguy

    QE2 for scrap?

    The tank tops are very badly corroded. This is the work required before she puts to sea again. Including:
  10. guernseyguy

    QE 2 a sad end

    If the rest of the article is as accurate as this: We may have little to worry about....
  11. guernseyguy

    My one complaint about QM2

    Who do you hold responsible for you not changing your table?
  12. I think a lot of the problem this morning was that people were ignoring the colour coded disembarkation numbers and simply joining the queue when they wanted - if this had been better policed and queue jumpers turned away it might have been easier - as it was, when they called my "priority" number the queue stretched from the Queen's Room, through the Lobby and back past the theatre- so we went back to Todd English - where they chucked us out at 10 - by which time the queue was ~ 20 minutes and only reached the Chart Room. Immigration itself went smoothly and quickly - then there was a 40 minute wait for a taxi.....
  13. guernseyguy

    Queen Mary 2 & the Bay of Biscay

    QE2's aluminium superstructure grew brittle with age - one of the reasons they had to slow the crossings from 5 nights to 6 - and had QM2 not come along its doubtful she could have continued the ferry. Don't know on the forward superstructure question - but since the Michelangelo tragedy happened when QE2 construction was already well underway, possibly not. I've never read of any specific changes arising from the Michelangelo tragedy - only of Payne's decision to use steel on QM2
  14. guernseyguy

    on board QV - can you advise?

    One one QM2 crossing a game old gal showed up to the "Friends of Dorothy" meeting thinking that her friends on board had organised it - she was called Dorothy! She stayed and by all reports had a whale of a time!
  15. guernseyguy

    Queen Mary 2 & the Bay of Biscay

    The Michelangelo tragedy is one of the reasons Stephen Payne cites for building QM2's superstructure from steel.....and jolly grateful I am too as we head out into gales tomorrow.....