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  1. I'm glad the procedure went well, but sorry it was so uncomfortable. One time I had an MRI where I had to be placed in a really super awful position. And you know, you have to stay really still for those -- and they take a long time. I literally recited The Lord's Prayer to myself over and over again until it was over. It really helped. Perfect combination of distraction and support. Just FWIW...
  2. Thank you @dfishDebbie! Chris goes deep-sea fishing a lot and it's great to find interesting things to do with the fish. Good ones for the files. Thanks! 😊
  3. I can! I download foreign recipes all the time.
  4. Deb, whenever you get around to it, do please post the vinegar fish recipe. That sounds so intriguing. Probably not up everyone's alley, but this girl loves pickled herring and stuff like that, and yours sounds like a great one.
  5. This is our M.O. as well. I seem to be hearing here that these wine professionals are not assigned to the MDR anymore. During our recent specialty restaurant meals, the stewards/sommeliers were excellent. There were wines that were not available, and they suggested wonderful replacements that we enjoyed very much. And our glasses were kept full. Too full for the likes of me. Wonderful wine service in PG and Tamarind and Canaletto on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  6. That sounds like a good plan. Both Sel de Mer and Tamarind are really good. In Alaska, I had the duck two times at Tamarind and DH had the filet two times. That's how much we like them. Sel de Mer is my personal favorite. You'll have a wonderful time. If it were just me, I'd probably alternate the specialty restaurants with casual Lido dinners, but DH absolutely will not have a dinner at the buffet. We just all have our preferences and ways about us. It's so nice how many choices we have, really.
  7. Given the new constraints, I'd fly down there, do extended stay at Bora Bora or Moorea or both, hop on a round trip cruise out of Pepeete to see some islands, and then fly home. Everything is a hassle now, right? 🤷‍♀️ I truly can't imagine what the cruise lines were thinking when they doubled down on such huge ships. Talk about short-sighted....
  8. The quarrel I have with the MDR menus -- and this was the case pre-pandemic as well -- is that the menus have moved toward uncomplicated things that I can cook myself -- kind of "home cooking" types of dishes. I do think the meals are nicely plated and presented, of good quality, and they taste good, but on a cruise, I like to get out of my range of capability. I figure they should have enough kitchen help to compose more complex dishes that I would find tough to put together myself at home. We ate in specialty restaurants every single night in Alaska. That was a first for us and not something we will do again. Just too much rich food. For upcoming California Coast, we added the Club Orange to kind of plus the experience, but still stay in reality diet wise. Seems like gone are the days of just appearing at the MDR and expecting something wonderful. A little more thought has to go into things. I guess as long as one accepts that, their cruise will be a good one. And I think this applies to all of the mainstream cruise lines. We bounce around and they've all been the same. (And second that about main stage entertainment. They really need to bring back the shows.)
  9. There are actually five, plus the everyday lasagne. There is a "Port to Table" choice listed at top -- a starter and a main. I know we could carve out a good meal from the choices provided, but not shy about ordering both a soup and a salad or some such.
  10. Well, now I'm picturing in my mind a nice shore excursion luncheon at the Glen Tavern. 😊
  11. Wonderful tribute to Santa Paula, @OlsSalt. I intend to share it with my MIL, who lives there and attended Little Red School House. I was reared in Redlands and with DH's ties to SP, I admittedly take my citrus groves for granted. You're right...there is much there to enjoy for people from other areas. My FIL always referred to the area as "God's Country." I can't quarrel with that.
  12. It's really shocking about the derailment of this iconic line. @rafinmdRoy, I seem to recall you mentioning in the past that you have taken this journey across the country to join a cruise. Many prayers for those impacted by this accident.
  13. Have there been any reports back yet of how the COVID testing is being handled on the B2Bs? For instance, if one were to be fickle and decide to tack on a fabulous UK itinerary onto an already booked Norway cruise, would they test at the changeover point, since those joining the second cruise "fresh" would have had to have been tested within two days? And then for those who booked the whole enchilada together, would those folks be tested at the changeover point and possibly have to quarantine or disembark, perhaps receive credit for the unused cruise portion? I haven't seen this discussed. Perhaps it has been and I missed it.
  14. Good morning. Very early morning here in San Diego. This has been one of those "Golden Girls Rerun Nights." 🤪 But good collection of days -- all interesting. Somewhere around here I have a photo of being kissed by Shamu at Sea World when I was about 20 years old. They obviously don't do that stunt anymore. Mark Twain is a big favorite. Any quote from him is most welcome. I never order turkey things, so will have to go with Roy's flatiron steak today. That sounds quite nice. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Thank you to all those who contribute each day here to the Daily. Prayers and hugs. 😊 🍂 🍁
  15. We attended the wine tasting on same sailing and recognized three wine stewards from prior cruises. We chatted briefly with one of our favorites.
  16. Mine shows same for Koningsdam California Coast. Funny that "Available Daily" at dinner are lasagne, French onion soup, and Caesar salad. Different.
  17. That looks so good! It's been fun seeing the photos today of the Pisco (General San Martin) port stop. We were there, but we had embarked in San Diego and I was just wiped out at that point of the cruise, so I never left the ship, and DH took off alone and just joined a boat that was headed over to the Ballestas Islands. He took a few photos, so I have some idea what I missed, but it's fun seeing more of the area.
  18. Another thing about the "Best Price" with the nonrefundable deposit is that you must buy insurance at the time of booking. With the other fare tiers, the insurance can be added in up until final payment is due. We are insuring our trips more thoroughly than before pandemic, and I forgot about this bit and messed up and wasn't able to add the insurance we wanted. The Advantage Fare that @kazumentioned works best for us in most cases. Too bad it's not offered online. Gotta make a call for it.
  19. I hope you are happy with this. I would be thrilled. Sitka is awesome, but you were just there. Quality substitution, imho. Many years ago we did an excursion on inflatable boats to look at eagle breeding ground. So much fun. And really like the Gold Rush vibe there. Lucky you!
  20. Well, I made a big blunder in my prior post. I couldn't figure out why ours was a different amount. Duh....I looked back at the original booking and there was already $75 there, so they added to that. Now it makes sense to me. Yes....$100 pp for our 14-day cruise. A lot can happen between now and 2023, though.
  21. @Sharon in AZ, that really is especially good news about Jakob's improvement. I know we all cringe when we hear of kids with Covid. It's especially hard to take bad news about children.
  22. We had an experience with false positives, so it it something to be aware of. Our son-in-law and DGD both had cold symptoms. They bought an at-home test kit -- a two-pack. Both tested positive. The entire family then went for PCR tests at various locations and ALL tested negative. A little more research told us that it was probably a bad batch of tests initially, and also that while false positives do occur, there are virtually no false negatives with the home tests. So a negative is quite reliable. Just sharing this fwiw. Flu season is coming up and there will be lots of testing going on.
  23. Sending prayers your way @smitty34877. Statistics are on your side, but such a worry anyway. Our DGD's school is doing as Ann said, not informing parents and just carrying on. I know the science can be construed to support this, but it keeps one on pins and needles. And many home Covid tests, for each and every sniffle. Prayers for a very quick recovery for DGS and that the family as a whole is over this quickly.
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