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  1. Just posted about this in my thread above to you. Glad you got the good price!
  2. @cruisemom42 Your cruise is currently on 50% off one week sale. Hurry to book at that rate. 😄
  3. Something about a computer motherboard that controlled a propeller? They had to fly one in from Norway. Yes! L'Anse aux Meadows was amazing! I loved my time in St Anthony. We had our "come from away" moments with the locals. I've been in an inside in 6 and and an outside on 5 in Fram. I enjoyed them both. Doesn't matter! The ship is so small you're never far from outside. You'll love the cruise. Make sure you attend all the lectures. This is where you learn so much about where you are visiting. I recommend the kayaking as well.
  4. Hi there! Loved my trip. My itinerary was much different, one week in Greenland and what was supposed to be another week in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our trip was cut short at our first stop in Newfoundland at Saint Anthony. Fram developed a problem and could not continue so we were in St Anthony for four days before they flew us to St John's Newfoundland to where the cruise was ultimately supposed to end. The fact that happened does not detract from a fantastic cruise. I have traveled 4 times solo on Hurtigruten and travel solo on most vacations. There are lots of other solo travelers and i made friends easily with other travelers, solo or not. Your itinerary is light on Greenland but you will fall in love. I'm planning to return next year on Nansen to do the whole 16 day Greenland rt fin Iceland. I love Fram. The crew are amazing and I'm proud to call many friends after my 2 voyages on her.
  5. What else can they do? Be socially responsible in light of a pandemic and cancel the remaining Caribbean season on Seadream 1. THAT'S what they can do. Ports are closing by the day. States of emergency in my state and the surrounding states. We are being told to stay home and avoid gatherings more than 10 people. This is serious folks. It's not business as usual. Mom and I are scheduled to sail April 11 on SD1. I'll be damned if I'm officially cancelling but I won't be there. I'm waiting for them to cancel and offer us options. I'll be out money either way. I've been loyal to Seadream for 5 years, sometimes sailing twice in one year. But this situation is a real tipping point and is what determines who deserves my loyalty. So far Seadream is failing and I'm sad to see that.
  6. All the major lines plus many smaller lines are cancelling cruises. I'm waiting for Seadream to do the same.
  7. Who: Me, 57 yo solo female traveler with lots of cruise experience, 4th time on Hurtigruten When: December 29, 2019 to January 20, 2020 Where: MS Fram beginning in Buenos Aires before flying to Ushuaia. Sailed to Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and Antarctica Hi gang! I'm in a unique position having sailed MS Midnatsol to Antartica only in November 2018 and now sailing a smaller ship, MS Fram, on the Ultimate Expedition. I've been able to compare the two experiences. I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed BOTH cruises. Yes, on Fram we did two landings per day when weather allowed but I still feel I did not feel like I missed out on Midnatsol having done one landing per day. I wouldn't hesitate to go on a bigger ship again. That being said, after Antarctica the year prior, I knew I wanted to go to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island. And Fram is the only ship in Hurtigruten's fleet that sails to both. I sailed Fram to Greenland in September 2019 and fell in love with her. I was so happy to be able to sail her only a few months later. In a word this Ultimate Voyage was EPIC! We had perfect weather the entire cruise for our landings. We only missed a couple landings, one due to swell at South Georgia and one in Antarctica due to ice conditions. Our return on the Drake was a little Drake Shake but not so bad. I started in BA, with a night at the Emperador Hotel being included in our package. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous and it was nice beginning to meet fellow travelers. Very early flight to Ushuaia, we had a couple hours free time before we had to meet up with the bus to be driven 5 minutes onto the pier and the entrance to the ship. Checkin was quickly done and I went around basically hugging and laughing everyone from the crew and expedition team who had also been working onboard during my Greenland voyage in September. My best surprise was I had been upgraded from an inside cabin gty to a Deck 5 premium room with a large window, sitting area, bigger bathroom. I had a robe and slippers too!!! I was in heaven! I know that Fram will be refurbished in April when she finishes this Antarctic season but I so love her charming decor and am so glad I got to experience it. Ports of Call The Falkland Islands Day 1: Morning: Grave Cove Afternoon: West Point Island Day 2: Morning: Saunders Island Afternoon: Carcass Island DAy 3: Stanley all day The Falkland Islands exceeded my expectations. I did not expect such warm, 50-55 F, sunny weather and long gorgeous sandy beaches filled with penguins! The hospitality shown at Carcass Island and West Point Island is legendary, with tables laden with cakes and cookies and tea/coffee served. I saw so many species of birds, weaners (baby elephant seals), Gentoo, King and Magellanic penguins. Just amazing nature! Days 4 and 5 at sea as we made our way to South Georgia Island. At one point, hear Shag Rocks we were surrounded by hundreds of humpback whales. The expedition team and even the Captain said this was truly special. We practically stopped and just experienced the sites, sounds and smells of this magnificent creatures. South Georgia Island Days 6 through 9 We visited Salisbury Plain, Fortuna Bay. Stromness Harbor. St Andrew's Bay, Grytviken, Moltke Harbor and Drygalski Fjord. Two landings cancelled due to swell. I was most looking forward to visiting South Georgia Island. And it did not disappoint! I'd been watching videos and documenarties about this magical place for the last couple years. Both Salisbury Plain and St Andrew's Bay had literally thousands of penguins carpeting the landscape. And the beaches had so many fur seals and a few female or weaner (baby) elephant seals. It was just breathtaking and I absolutely loved it. Really mind blowing nature. Two more days at sea on the way to Antarctica. Antarctica 5 days total including Elephant Island (no landing just observing), Brown Bluff, Paulet Island, Deception Island )Telefon Bay), Cuverville Island, Neko Harbor, Almirante Brown. Port Lockroy, the Lemaire Channel, ice cruising in Hidden Bay Having been to Antarctica in November of last year I saw it under lots of snow. I was curious to compare it to now, their summer without as much snow. The only repeat destinations were Cuverville Island and Almirante Brown station. I did go to Deception Island last year but to Whaler's Bay so it was a different landing site this year. I really loved seeing penguin chicks this trip! I saw chicks on the Falklands and South Georgia as well. They were bigger. On Cuverville island some of the chicks were still quite tiny and adorable. Antarctica is always so beautiful and I was so lucky to see her twice in my lifetime. The People For me the people on a trip really make or break a voyage. I was spectacularly lucky and we had a wonderful group of guests, 190 something. A small group of us began hanging out and called ourselves The Colony. 😄 We're all still in touch and it made for so many laughs. The crew and expedition team I adore so much. They work so hard and are such interesting and nice people. I have made friends for life both on this voyage and all my other Hurtigruten voyages. I'm not sure what else to say here except no matter WHAT ship you sail, big or small, you will have an amazing adventure of a lifetime! Any questions I'd be happy to answer!
  8. Yes! I did Last november. The ship is very warm to the point where many of us wore T shirts around the ship. For the gym you can wear what you would wear at home to the gym. Have an amazing time!
  9. On Nordnorge outside with porthole, on Midnatsol in inside and on Fram inside, I was able to put my suitcase and backpack underneath the bed.
  10. Ah, yes I see your predicament. Well, the Windstar sounds like a great option for you!
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