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  1. Just curious, can you tell how many days the most traveled person had? Also, did you go to the top 40 Most Traveled passengers get together? If you did about how many days did you need to be invited? We have gone several times, but never on a Trans Atlantic. Just curious. Love the suite lounge, hope they still had the brownies for you. They were the best, made me gain 4 pounds I think. Thanks again,,,,Nancy.....
  2. Thank you so much for getting photos of the gym and buffet. My tummy actually started to growl with hunger while I looked at the photos. Can't wait until the 3rd. Getting so excited. Thanks again....Nancy....
  3. Thank you so much for letting me know about the movies. Have a wonderful evening, and a fantastic cruise. Nancy...
  4. Could you let us know what movies are on the TV? I don't want to watch anything that might be on the TV in the room before we go. Thanking you in advance....Nancy...
  5. We will be getting on the Sky on the 3rd. Hope you will still be on so we can thank you in person for all this info. Could you possibly take photos of the gym and Zumba when at sea. Also, do you have a photo of outside dining at Alfredo? Thank you so much. We are so excited, just started packing, and more than ready to go. Thanks, Nancy....
  6. We are traveling on the Sky next month. I have been reading questions about coffee and someone mentioned that the ship they were on ran out of large coffee cups. This happened on one of our last cruises also, it did not matter as we had Sip and Sale, but this time we do not. I plan to take a Yeti 20 ounce cup with a lid for my coffee and just wondered if anyone knows what size the large cups they give you are. Are they 20 ounces or not? Also, do you know what size the regular cups are-how many ounces?I have purchased a coffee card and wondered if I can have my personal cup filled up with my coffee or special coffee or will they not do that. Thanks for any help.
  7. Just a quick question. On the Sky we will be on the ship from Nov 3 and doing all 3 legs to get back to Fort Lauderdale. As this is a 3 leg trip will the ship have the top 40 MT(Most Traveled) get together on all 3 legs, and if so, if you are in the top 40 for the first leg does this mean you will not be considered on the top 40 for the other legs. Or, do you find you would be included in all the legs if you are in the top 40. I don't think we will be in the top 40 this trip, last time we crossed the Atlantic you needed well over 550 days, but we are getting closer so I was just curious.
  8. We are on the 28 day transatlantic on the Sky Princess beginning Nov. 3rd. We have cruised quite a bit, but never on a cruise that is also sold in 3 bits. I think I understand that we will be getting 3 bar setups-yes we are elites, but my question is Do we need to call to get the additional set ups or is it automatic or does room service call you to find out when you want the additional set up if you do get it? Just planning to sort out how much wine we need to purchase on the second or third leg of the trip. Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone know if Princess ships have Pickle Ball equipment, like they have ping-pong equipment such as paddle and balls.We will be on the Sky and just wondering what we will need to take. Is equipment for Pickle Ball available on any of the Ships?
  10. Quick question, we just redid our flight to Europe in Oct, but we had already paid for the original fare. Our flight is Oct. 30 so it is well outside the 45 days. Our credit shows up on the Princess site. Does this get credited back to our credit card or is it used as an onboard credit. Either way if fine, just curious. Never had this happen before, but am glad folks are talking about this on cruise critic so we checked and wow, what a surprise.
  11. Actually we have had to receive a buzzer in Club Class on one occasion. Not a big deal, just went to the buffet instead. I think Club Class needs to make sure it is handled just as it is now. If they let someone bring guests soon it would be so full that it would be like dining in the regular dining room and then it would not be cost effective for the passengers or the cruise line. So much food on the cruise ship, you can eat just about anyplace and have a wonderful meal. We enjoy Club Class when we get a cabin we really want and it is included. But if our friends travel with us we all get the same category room so that we can eat in whatever area we are suppose to dine in.
  12. Not to be disagreeable but Club Class does not guarantee that you will not have to wait to be seated. It is not common, but my husband and I have actually been told to come back in 20 minutes or so in Club Class. I love Club Class, but to say you never have to wait is a disclaimer. Not often, but I have seen it several time with other folks who have to wait for a few minutes. We just choose to forget the wait and went to the buffet and had a very nice evening. Next day, when we went to lunch in Club Class they could not do enough for us. I think they really felt bad that we missed out on dinner, needless to say there is plenty of great food all over the ship to get us a meal. We are not picky, so it was fine with us......
  13. Hey Apeller, Just a quick question, we also are flying from LA to Rome in Oct. for the Sky Princess and are on Air Alitalia. We have seats but would like to upgrade if the price is right. Would you give me a ball park figure of what you had to pay. We tried to check it out online, but as Princess has not yet paid we can not get the info that way. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Nancy...
  14. I have ordered the afternoon Tea in our cabin and as we so do eat so much before dinner I just asked to have 4 scones and 4 cookies and a pot of coffee. I did get the jam and cream and this lasted me for a couple of days by putting the cream in the fridge. It was very nice to sit on the deck and enjoy this snack. Nice they would let me just get what I wanted so I did not have to toss away good food. By the way, LOVE the scones.......
  15. Just curious. My Husband and I are about to arrive at the 500 day mark for sailing on Princess and years ago Princess used to do something for folks getting to the 500 day mark and to the 750 day mark. Does anyone know if something still happens and if so what is currently done at these stages? This may be something that has not been going on for awhile just have not seen anything about it on Cruise Critic. Thank you in advance.
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