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  1. We still have not received our money from the 3/19/2020 cruise in South America which Princess cancelled half way thought and we had to find our own way home from Argentina. So, ours is even longer......
  2. Our cruise was cancelled half way through the cruise in South America on March 19th, and we still have not received our refund for the additional half of the cruise we missed and paid for or the flight home from Argentina which Princess told us to book. Well, just waiting I guess, but we have been offered the chance to book other cruises in 2021 by the agent at Princess, not sure how that is suppose to happen. i explained to her that we need our money back before we book anything else.
  3. Still waiting for our refund from March 19 cruise Princess stopped in the middle of South America. Will wait to book anything till we get the money returned.
  4. We are still waiting for money from March 19th, -Over $5000- but alas the Princess Travel Person sent us an email this morning asking us to book a trip for 2021. Really????
  5. Great question, we have the same situation, not as long as you have waited, but not showing up yet.
  6. maybe by then we will have the money back we are owed from March 19th???
  7. We were on the Coral, where we only got half the cruise, and ended up leaving in Argentina on the 20th of March, and we are also still waiting for refunds and FCC.
  8. Hey Earthworm Jim, I wonder if the cruise ships have an outbreak and cruiser have as much trouble getting home as we did when this happened do you think that the cruise companies will be able to stay in business? I know this only affected a few of us, but I guess that with so much publicity about what went on that lots of folks know how difficult it was, and I guess I am not sure that many folks would choose to go through this again. Maybe I will be wrong and you will be right that bargains will return, just curious what folks think. This is a good discussion, nice to see what folks are thinking about the future.
  9. Did anyone see the report on the first River Cruise ship to sail this week in Germany? Very interesting how they handled this sailing. Not one we would take, will see how the regular cruise lines are able to pull this off. We have sailed over 80 cruises, have normally used the Any Time Dining with asking for a table for 2 or 4 but alas the tables for 2 are so close together you are no more than inches apart. If they need to move the table to 6 feet apart, not sure how this will ever work. Guess we will all wait and see.
  10. I think I met your wife at the bar on the day we left the ship in Argentina. No, we have not received anything yet either. We were booked on the complete 32 day cruise, but we got off in Argentina on the 19th. Still waiting, hopefully our group has not been overlooked with all that is going on.
  11. What if the buffet became the normal place to eat, with only 5 or 6 choices and they are served by staff. Use disposable menus, salt and pepper and sugar in packages, and drinks served and silverware served with your meal. Even go as far as to have assigned timing for folks to show up and eat so not everyone would get there at 6pm.Much like the dining rooms are now, but without some of the pomp. Then the now dining rooms could be changed into Fee dining with service like in Chop Grill or Sabatinis or Curtis Stones dining room. That way you could limit the amount of diners at any time in the Fee dining and have lots of room and space for folks the buffet. I know that this would not be popular with a lot of folks, but some may find this a way to keep the prices down still have a great cruise.
  12. And to add to the comment about tours, how will Princess make sure that folks who plan private tours will not bring some illness back to the ship when returning from an eight or twelve hour excursion. Will Princess only allow tours that they sponsor to be allowed. Or just getting off the ship and having lunch at a restaurant in a given city, who knows what folks will bring back on board. So many things to consider, we may just need to have a vaccine or cure before a lot of folks want to travel. Stay safe everyone.
  13. Wow, if Princess is still trying to return crew members to their home countries it would appear that Cruising will not take place for a very long time. We have a cruise planned for November and it is beginning to seem like it will be a big stretch for any cursing this year. Just my thoughts, I may be wrong, but seems like it is taking Princess a long time to be able to get the ships cleared of all passengers and crew.
  14. Just curious, how many cruises will have to have been completed before you would be willing to get on a ship. We all have so much FCC that we will be using to pay for our next cruise that I bet Princess will make very little profit for many months, but would you take a cruise on the first ship to sail.
  15. Last Cruise was on the Coral from March 5th until we were able to get off in Buenos Aires. Was suppose to be going to Fort Lauderdale and finishing up on April 6th. Was great until March 10th, then we knew we had some big issues.
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