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  1. I guess I am happy that the CDC is taking the health of the American public at heart. Don't put the cruise companies in a situation where folks are bugging them to sail and then have outbreaks. If this keeps happening how long will it be before no cruise ships will be on the Ocean at all. I would rather wait a year or two but do it correctly and without folks all pushing for some trips that will cause folks to get sick or even worse die.
  2. Just curious, How many folks think that this one ship will end most of the sailing for 2021. I think it really will impact how we all choose to vacation for at least the next year and maybe even 2022 unless we can really get everyone on board to understand how deadly this can be and long term concerns of this virus if you do not die from it. We will be visiting our back yard and deck , just the 2 of us, for the holidays and maybe zoom with family, but not worth risking our lives to be part of a chance to sail as a volunteer even if the trip were free. Yes, we even have snow right now, but sti
  3. I am not surprised that this would happen. This virus is so much worse than we have been told and so many folks are not taking it serious. Just wait and see what will happen after the holidays. With over 1200 folks dying yesterday, hospitals filling up, doctors and nurses stressed to the ends, and still waiting for a vaccine, this almost had to happen. Can you imagine what would happen if this was a ship with 2000+- folks and they all had to be quarantined in a small place like Barbados, wow, what a mess. Oh well, looks like 2022 might be better, lets hope.
  4. I think the most we are concerned about are the elevators on cruise ships. We were on the Sky and what a mess every day was with elevators. We only used the elevators when we had to, embarkation and debarkation as we do carry on, but we saw such messes when folks trying to put in 20 folks at a time after a show or dinner. Can't even think how that will change, so many folks need the elevators and it will take hours to socially distance and get everyone where they need to get to with wheel chairs, canes, and walkers. Can not figure how they will disembark which so many folks carrying their own
  5. Wow, 2020 has so many changes, just waiting for the frogs and locus to appear. Yes, I was so surprised yesterday when I saw the changes. Not sure it is for the better from my point of view, but at least I am happy about some things right now.
  6. It appears that any vaccine may only be 50% effective. If only 45% of US folks take the vaccine then that will not protect most of us. We are thinking that MAYBE 2022 we will be able to finally enjoy a vacation, but until then we are just headed to the ocean with a rental in a cottage on the beach for a 3 day rental and feel like we are having a cruise vacation.
  7. Wow, you are so lucky. It took us 5 and 1/2 months to get our money back. So glad they are doing the refunds much faster now.
  8. I guess my question is "Can a cruise even go from San Francisco if the cruise can only go for 7 days?" Since you have to go to a port in another country is it even possible to make it to another country, other than Canada which I doubt will allow the Princess cruises to put thousands of folks ashore from the US, and return within 7 days. I have not studied the possibility, but just curious as I know some of you have kept up with all the routes and how long trips take. Thanks.....
  9. It would be interesting to see how many folks who were on the ships that either were quarantined or like us on the Coral got the message that the cruise was going to be stopped would now be willing to sail in Jan or Feb if given the option. I know after all we went through to get home, to know that 3 folks died on the ship and knowing how long it took us to be able to sleep at night after finally getting home that we will not be sailing any time soon. I know a lot of folks say they will sail, and I wish you great sailing and happy times, but I think that a lot of folks who have experienced wha
  10. We also are calling 2021 a gap year in cruising. Taking 3 day trips to Residence Inns where we can cook and eat in room with decks and fireplaces and watch the ocean in a safe environment and not have to worry about weaving a mask or having someone put 15 folks in an elevator. To all of you who are taking cruises in 2021 I wish you great sailing and hope you will have good trips without any problems.
  11. Just cancelled our March 4th Australia Cruise. This country does not seem to be doing what we should to control this virus and so we are thinking it will be a long time before things get back to somewhat normal. Not all the way to normal but close enough to make us want to go out and about and risk our lives for a vacation. Have lots of projects to do and so we will be staying close to home. Wishing all you Cruiser good sailing and hope you have safe and healthy trips in 2021 if the ships sail.
  12. Just curious, when are your two cruises? I am thinking that Princess will not sail for many months, but who knows at this point....
  13. Does anyone know what will happen to FCC if the cruise ships do not sail by the time our FCC expires. Just wondering.....
  14. I think it is so cool that you really think that you will be cruising on Dec. 19th, but alas we had to wait for 5 and a half month to get our money back on the cruise that did not happen in March, so we will be cancelling our March 3rd 2021 cruise before the final payment. I wish I had your conviction, but must admit that with the state of the world and the US I just can not believe that any cruises will be happening any time soon. But, good luck when you sail on Dec. 19th, that is our 51th wedding anniversary and we would love to be going on a trip, but no, will celebrate very close to home.
  15. If you live in California thank goodness our Governor is going to get our own State approval for the vaccine before having us all take this. At least if Dr. Fauci and the Governors task force tells us it will be safe and effective to take the vaccine we will take the vaccine, but if not then we will wait until we see how many folks get sick and still get Covid 19. Still think it will be the end or at least toward the end of next year before we can all get the shot and still be wearing masks for a year or two. That is only my opinion, no data, just from what I hear and read.
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