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  1. Cruising looks so awesome. But I'd be too scared to be in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight... I will just live vicariously through your thread.
  2. Looking forward to another cruise "with" you and Laura. Always enjoy your reviews although I don't post much. Safe Travels and have a great cruise!
  3. Great review! Thanks for taking the time to post. Can't wait for our turn on the Sky in December for 10 days!
  4. Enjoyed your photos and your live. Will look forward to your March adventures with MaureenCruiser! CC
  5. Thank you so much for popping back in from time to time!!! Love your stories!
  6. Great review! Thanks for sharing. We sail on the Sky in December and you are just making me more excited!
  7. Loving this review! Thanks for sharing your wit and writing skills!!
  8. No, not yet. They are not active on CC but I keep telling them they need to start!
  9. Great review, as usual! I'm a long time lurker but seldom post. Looking forward to your Allure review later this year. My brother and sister in law are booked on that one as well. Tracy
  10. Enjoyed the review (as usual!). Thank you for your time and effort. Glad that you were able to cruise again! Good luck with the rest of your rehab, Looking forward to your review of the Oasis in the spring!
  11. I'm a lurker. I thoroughly enjoyed your adventures. This is the first one of your's that I have read. I will be binging your others soon!! Great style and comments! Hope you are feeling better...that cruise crud SUCKS!!
  12. Doug and Sue, Thank you for taking the time on this and all the other live reviews. I don't post much, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your live reviews...I may not have followed them live, but have gone back and read ones I missed. You are most entertaining, and very fair. I can't imagine the time and effort it took, especially this Encore trip! Enjoy the River Cruise...and perhaps a well deserved "ceremony"! Tracy
  13. Thank you Norris and Carol for another fabulous travel journal! Have been with you all along, I just don't comment much. Already have my calendar marked in January for your Sky Princess (can't wait to "hear" your thoughts as we hope to sail her later 2020), and again in October for your Azamara journey! Love Snowy! Tracy
  14. Great, Kenny and Willie are back in my head...LOL Looks like a great day! (sorry, don't know how to delete the photo) Tracy
  15. Loved the sail away video! Of course, Kenny and Willie are stuck in my head now...lol. Have a great day on Maya Key! Tracy
  16. Hi Andrew (& Lisa), I've followed most of your live reviews and have found them to be hilarious and very entertaining. I don't post a lot but I wanted you to know you have another devoted fan! Hope you are feeling better and have a GREAT cruise! Tracy
  17. Woo Hoo!!! A reminder popped up on my calendar this morning! Yay!! Another Bimmer review to distract me from work for the next few weeks!! Looking forward to the rest... Tracy
  18. My brother and sister in law are on their honeymoon on the Jewel right now! They are the young couple staying in a suite. If you should see them (Kevin and Gillian), tell they Tracy and Tom say hello! They called me via what'sapp the other day and are having a wonderful time on the beautiful ship!! Have a great rest of the cruise!! Tracy
  19. I've lurked on many of your live reviews and loved every one of them, but have only commented once. I am here for the long haul though. Have a great trip! Look forward to reading all about the shenanigans and adventures! Tracy
  20. Thanks, Norris for another FABULOUS review!! Cuba is 90 miles off our coast, and is definitely someplace we'll be going! Am looking very seriously at doing it on Azamara, thanks to you. My calendar is marked for 09/10 as Norway is also on my radar! Tracy
  21. Happy Birthday, Norris!!! Loving your review and appreciate the time and effort you put into all of you journals!! Tracy
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