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  1. That would be the normal for other cruise lines. I certainly understand, and agree with, bag screening returning from port. I’m just not comfortable with the staff going through my “undies,” etc. and waiting for luggage to be searched before arriving in our cabin.
  2. Having been on many cruises (not on HAL), it is hard to believe that HAL takes the time searching through 1300+ pieces of checked luggage to find a few ounces of “smuggled” booze. That certainly would cost more in labor hours than it would save in some unsold drinks and might prevent passengers from sailing on HAL again.
  3. I have emailed HAL with no response. I can’t find a Ship Services phone number. It’s kind of frustrating.
  4. We are traveling on the Veendam soon and have not been able to get responses from HAL. 1. Does the Soda Fountain Beverage card include tonic, juice, or n/a beer? 2. Can we carry onboard juice or tonic? 3. Have often asked, but not answered - can we carry on n/a beer?. Thank you for any info !!
  5. HAL does seem to be very inconsistent. I am getting many different answers. Kind of amused by their “corkage” fee - so many wines are now screw tops 😁😁
  6. All of this info has been interesting and helpful. We have cruised many times but this is our first on HAL. I have always taken a small container of gin to have a cocktail in the cabin. It has never been confiscated nor reported by the cabin steward. We have always paid for cocktails at the bars and dinner. My husband can no longer drink alcohol and has a n/a beer that he likes. My main question was if he is allowed to take some onboard. I do wonder why we can take a bottle wine and not “alcohol.” Does HAL not think that wine is alcoholic?? I have asked HAL about the n/a beer and wine, but they have not responded.
  7. My major question was actually if non-alcolic beer/wine would be included in the permitted NA you may bring on board in your carryon. Two of our group cannot drink alcohol.
  8. We are traveling on the Veendam in September. HAL indicates we may bring non-alcohol beverages on board in our carryons. Does anyone know if this includes N/A beer and wine? Also, does HAL really examine checked luggage for alcohol? We have often taken a bit of alcohol in our luggage for a drink in the cabin. We also contribute to ship’s bars 😁😁
  9. We are traveling on the Veendam in September. Does anyone know if they have non-alcoholic beer/wine onboard for dinner or at bars? If so, what brands? Thank you very much for any info.
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