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  1. Hi, we are leaving on the Summit on Sunday and we are not sure if we should bring a stroller for our dd who just turned 5. She normally doesn't use a stroller much, but this is our first trip to Bermuda so I don't know how much walking the dockyard entails. We plan on walking around the dockyard next Friday to stay close to the ship for Bermuda Day and also do Harbor Nights on Wednesday as the 2 activities that we might need a stoller for. Any input would be helpful.
  2. I looked at the new deck plan and the room we were in is now a 2 person room. I think the TA I was speaking with was giving me the run around. I will be calling again tomorrow to figure something out. I will not be using this TA agency again. Thanks to those who replied.
  3. I'm the daughter of the OP. I spent 2 hours on the phone with a TA, yesterday trying to sort this out without any real results. The room we were in was a 3 person room and with the Summit revolution those rooms got classified as 4 person rooms. Celebrity states they sent out an email about the change on February 14th, but neither my sister or I received one. The TA was supposed to change our room to the 8th deck but when checking later it never got changed. There is only one C3 room left not on the 9th deck with a 3 person occupancy and we need 2. The TA we spoke with said bc Celebrity can switch the room due to occupancy and that they "notified us" that they were not willing to provide us with any compensation. I am not willing to sit on th phone for another 2 hours today to sort it out and waste more of my weekend. The plan is to call tomorrow and speak with the TA that booked us and call Celebrity themselves if I can't work something better out. Part of the problem is that we both need 3 person occupancy rooms and they are few to be had on the ship. Anyone who has had this issue who reads this, please let me know what they did to compensate you. TIA!
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