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  1. We booked a return flight from YYZ to FLL for the end of Jan/20 when flights on Flights by Celebrity first opened up. On Mar 10, the non-refundable fare was $580 CAD cheaper than the exact same flights on Air Canada’s website. We were pleasantly surprised!
  2. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to pass along an experience we had on our Adventure of the Seas repositioning cruise from Quebec City to Ft. Lauderdale from Oct 8 - 21. We’ve all read about how the water from the bathroon faucet is potable and safe to drink. Here’s what I found. We were in cabin 7378 - near the aft, on the starboard side. We had very poor water pressure out of our sink faucet. While I was waiting for the sink to fill one night, I decided to take off the aerator. It came off easily, but was packed with, well, crud. I washed it out in the sink as best I could. While it was off, I decided to see how good the pressure really was. I opened both handles and watched as mostly brown water came rushing out. I let the water run for a while, until it was clear, then reinstalled the aerator. No, I didn’t call Maintenance and report it beause I had already called them 3 times. Once to unplug our shower drain, the day we boarded. Once to replace the broken hose on the hand held shower and once to fix our loose toilet seat. We had brought on bottled water, so we started using that to brush our teeth. I don’t think we’ll be drinking water from the cabin bathroom faucet on a cruise ship anymore.
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