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  1. I believe the quote was "Living past age 75 has little value and robs society".
  2. I alternate between Chase Southwest and Citibank cards. I used Chase for my cruises, one deposit of $400 was credited today. There is no balance on it , so it shows up as a credit. My 2 cruises were TA and Med, not until October so I had only paid deposit. $6000 is a massive amount of credit to use, $400 is a months cellphone and directv!
  3. Received my $400 deposit for my October 30 TA from Barcelona to Tampa today. Waiting on my $198 deposit for October 20, Venice to Barcelona. Charged back to original credit card.
  4. Fortunately we are Diamond so we were 1st group off the ship, but when I did our check in on line before we left it included our air plans, so 2 two nights before the end of the cruise they delivered our boarding passes to the cabin and we set out our luggage the night before with the airline luggage tags attached. Next time we saw our luggage it was on the carousel at MCO. We flew SWA . Pretty impressive since our flight from SEATAC thru Minn/St.Paul was cancelled , ran to get a flight to LAX to MCO, got to LAX , all kind of problems with flight delays got home about 8 hours later and the lu
  5. We used it in August on the Carnival Legend, our flight out was at 1135am. It's such a great service.
  6. Yes , just put birth certificate , then edit when passport comes in. I did this for our "Girl's " cruise next month, I also made everyone's account cash and they will give their own credit cards when checking in at the port.
  7. If your doing an Alaskan cruise out of Seattle, the City and Port Authority do that for free. I believe this is the only port that does it. It was fantastic for our cruise a few weeks ago.
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