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  1. Ha! I'm 25+years of getting up at 0430 without an alarm. I doubt that'll change for a cruise. I'll check out the jogging track.
  2. First cruise ever next week, on Serenade of the Seas. Noted that the fitness center seems to open at 6AM. Way too late for me. 😀 Any chance the doors are open or can be opened earlier (5?)
  3. OK, can I change the other guest myself or do I have to go through the booking agent?
  4. Will they force a purchase of a non-alcohol or soda package, etc., on the other guest?
  5. I thought about that. So enter the name of a nephew, etc., with a young birthday? Just a dummy booking?
  6. I'm sailing next week ex-Stockholm on Serenade of the Seas. I originally booked a cabin for 2, but my partner now is not going. The reservation still has 2 persons in the cabin. When trying to book the drink package, I have to buy for both people in the cabin. Should I book on board after my partner no-shows? Should I pay for two and search out a refund? Is there another way around this?
  7. ARN to London. If we line-up to disembark at 0800, assuming an hour to disembark, have a taxi arranged, we can be at the airport at 1000?
  8. Disembarking Serenade of the Seas in Stockholm. Posted time is 0800. Can I reasonably expect to be able to catch an 1125 flight from Stockholm?
  9. Sorry for silly questions, but if we carry our own luggage, then we do not want to put it in the hallway the night before (etc.) correct? Any experience with getting from port to the Stockholm airport specifically?
  10. Our first cruise with kids. The plan says ship docks at 8AM (serenade of seas) in Stockholm. Can I disembark and get to airport to catch 11 AM or 12 PM flight? How long after 8AM can I get off the ship?
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