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  1. We are also from Minnesota and while we haven't sailed RCL out of the upper east, we have done NCL breakaway in March. For us, it is something we will not do again. The first 2 days of the cruise were really cold (jeans and sweatshirt) and the seas were rough. We all got seasick one night. We have never gotten seasick on any other cruise. Someone else might have a differing option, for us, it did not work and we won't do it again.
  2. Kind of annoying since I don't know the different between the cost they are asking and the actual price if I just did it on my own. I guess we just bid if we want to don't expect anything since those rooms are not even open.
  3. I got a royal up offer today for 3 different rooms. 2 of the 3 rooms are not even showing as available when I look it up to see the price difference between what we are already paying and what the royal up offer is. Is this normal? Why would they give us the opportunity to upgrade to rooms that are not available? The three rooms are: Star Loft Suite - Star Class Aqua Theater 2 bedroom - Star Class 1 bedroom aqua theater room - Sky class We are currently booked in a crown loft suite - sky class.
  4. We liked Oasis, but liked the shows on Harmony better. It is just my husband and I this time on Allure, so we don't need all the bells and whistles that Harmony has. I have heard the most positive about Allure and it seems that everyone loves it.
  5. That would be ideal and I looked into that. Unfortunately they are all sold out already.
  6. Bummer - thanks for the clarification. I cannot spend $550+ for just 2 of us so we will have to figure something else out.
  7. I am so happy to see this review. We are headed on her in October and I cannot wait! We have sailed Oasis and Harmony so I am anxious to try Allure!
  8. Does anyone know if there are beach bungalows on Barefoot beach? I have rented a cabana before, but wanted to do a bungalow this time since it is only 2 of us.
  9. Ahhh I am sorry, my mistake. I have only done Oasis class ships.
  10. Unless I am missing something, the Grand Suite should come with a surf and stream package for every person in the room. At least that is my experience, but on Oasis class.
  11. I think we are on port side. If I am looking at the deck plan, our room is on the left. Is that correct? That is really unfortunate that the doors are left propped open.
  12. You can choose to live in fear or not. Our kids are 15 and 9 and were these ages on the cruise. If your a working parent, you have to be able to leave your kids at daycare and even at school where they are with people you don’t really know all day. At some point parents have to have faith that your kids are going to be OK.
  13. I am not really sure as it was our first time with a genie. It was definitely above and beyond and we made sure to tip him very well at the end of the cruise.
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