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  1. Of course it does. They have had this money since November 2019 so what's another 2 months. It is just such a mess. My agent said that she has several clients being told they are not getting their FCC's back after Royal cancelled their cruises.
  2. This is a long story so please bare with me. In November of 2019, I booked two cruises. One for August of 2020 and one for March of 2021. Each had $1000 non-refundable deposits because they were suites. We cancelled our August 2020 cruise in March of last year due to COVD, but before Royal officially cancelled it. We had paid $3500.00 additional towards this cruise so we were to get $3500.00 back and a $1,000.00 FCC. Well, in June of last year I filed a chargeback for the $3500.00 because it had not been refunded yet. I got my $3500.00 back and my $1000 FCC was issued.
  3. I am still waiting on $1000 worth of FCC's from my March 2021 cruise that they cancelled in January. . Royal is saying they are not going to reissue my FCC because they refunded me in cash back in June of last year. If that is the case, then how on earth did I apply this FCC to my March cruise that was just cancelled in January? I applied this credit in December and they had supposedly refunded me back in June of last year. I have argued, my agent has argued and they said they have to send it to accounting to look at and get it sorted out before they will reissue it. That was 2 wee
  4. But if the adults are vaccinated, what does it matter if the kids (or anyone else for that matter) transmit it or not? Otherwise, what is the point of getting yourself vaccinated? There is never going to be a time where every single human in the entire world is going to be vaccinated. So if you are scared of someone transmitting the virus to you even though you have been vaccinated, you might as well never leave your house.
  5. Do you have school age kids? You seem to have a very strange desire for kids to be vaccinated and also, you seem to have zero clue as to why teachers are not returning to school. Let me tell you, it is NOTHING to do with feeling unsafe.
  6. Right? They have had my $1000 since November of 2019, which is when I originally paid my deposit. I just want my dang money back at this point as no cruises are going to happen anytime soon. But the fact that they are flat out telling my agent that they are not going to reissue me my FCC until accounting can look into it (which you know is going to take FOREVER) is absolute nonsense.
  7. I am in the same boat, but with an FCC. 1. Our first cruise was for August of 2020 that we cancelled. Took the FCC for the non-refundable deposit and was supposed to get a refund for the rest that we had paid. 2. The refund never came so I did a chargeback for it. Got the refund minus the $1000 that went to the FCC. 3. Then we wanted to apply the FCC to our March 2021 cruise and they had messed it up and gave me two FCC's, my kids each got one and my husband got none. So that took them forever to fix but finally got it fixed. 4. Then they cancell
  8. My agent said this today "NO email yet. I also just checked the RCCL TA site where they list all clients with FCC vouchers and do not yet see anything under your name." I will have her call.
  9. We got our refund, but have yet to see our $1000.00 FCC.
  10. Yep totally expect it. Kind of like the pinnacle who sat in the suite lounge giving my kids dirty looks while SHE sat there and clipped her nails and let them fall onto the carpet. 🙄
  11. Wow - talk about narrow minded. I see you in are in Dallas and I am happy if the kids in your state have rejoined society, but kids in MN have definitely not. 1. Our kids in my area the public schools systems are in complete disarray. They went from distance learning from March of last year to about November of 2020, then they let kids come back 2 days a week. That lasted about 3 weeks before they sent everyone back home for distance learning until this month. Now they are letting SOME kids come back to school full-time while others have to continue distance learning. Some district
  12. I have gotten 2 refunds for my March 13th cruise, I am short $1000 still. How long do you wait for the rest of it to come through before you have to call and find out where the rest is?
  13. Oh I agree. I think it is going to be a long time before cruising starts. I was just stating that they should not be able to require something like a vaccine after someone books a cruise. There are many who will not or cannot get it and they should get their money back.
  14. If Royal does move to requiring a vaccine, then I want my $1000.00 that is tied up in an FCC (non refundable suite deposit) back as cash. We do not plan on getting the vaccine anytime soon, at least not until I see the effects of the ones they are handing out right now.
  15. My thoughts exactly. How do they know how long it protects you when they have not even been studying it for that long? To much "just trust what I say" going on for my liking. And if it is going to be a yearly shot, then they are basically saying it is another flu shot. We all know the flu is not full-proof and many, many people get the flu after getting the shot.
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