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  1. Got it, thanks for the quick reply. I didn't think so, but knew that someone here would know WAY better than I would.
  2. We have a cruise booked for March of 2021. We are thinking of moving that to the same week, just a different ship, with the new ability to do so without penalty. My question is about deposits. So we currently have a suite booked with a non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 for the 4 of us. There are no suites we are interested in on the cruise we are looking to move to. So my question is, if we move to 2 balcony rooms can we choose a refundable fare and then that deposit becomes refundable if we decide to cancel the cruise all-together? Does this question even make sense to anyone, because I am getting a headache reading it myself! LOL
  3. We filed a chargeback for our remaining amount due. They refunded us all but $2,000 and to be honest, I got tired of waiting for it. I filed the chargeback on the 5th and am still waiting on confirmation that it was successful. They contacted RCL but are waiting to hear back from them. I also had to file a chargeback on our water park passes and cabana as that never was refunded. After waiting a month for it and seeing here that most people were getting refunds within 10 days of cancelling, I did a chargeback. That chargeback was successful.
  4. Just wanted to give an update. I got an additional $1000.00 on April 30th and nothing since. I have just gone ahead and filed a chargeback for the remaining amount I am owed. I don't have time to sit around and wait for them to piecemeal my refund back to me. I gave them 30 days. I was also supposed to get my Casino credit that I applied to this cruise back as an FCC and I am sure I will never see that again.
  5. Here is my scenario. I cancelled my cruise on 04/04/20. 11/04/19 - $1000.00 non-refundable deposit made. Have not seen my FCC for this even though I was told I would see it within 5 days. 11/14/19 - $1800.00 made interim payment towards my cruise. 12/24/19 - $999.00 Cabana and Chill Island passes purchased. 02/03/20 - $2000.00 made interim payment towards my cruise. 04/04/20 - Cancelled cruise. Total of $4799.00 should be reimbursed to card and $1000.00 of FCC should be given. 04/30/20 here are my refunds that showed up on my CC today. -1800.00 -490.00 -445.60 -64.40 Total refund $2800.00 RCCL shorted me $1999.00. I am going to call in a bit but wondering if anyone has had this happen. This is SO frustrating!
  6. Just called and they said they processed refunds for the cruise planner items and the $3800.00 refund for the cruise on 04/26. So we will see how long that takes to hit my CC. FCC - they have not processed yet. Also, for FCC - we are just getting one for our deposit of $1000.00. Do they refund taxes and port fees from that or will I get a $1000.00 FCC? I forgot to ask that.
  7. Wow - I am a little concerned that people have gotten their stuff back so quickly. I cancelled on 04/04 and have seen nothing yet. I did file a charge back for my cruise planner items, but have not heard if they have ruled in my favor or not. I got a provisional credit, however. RCCL has one more week and than I am filing a charge back for the other $3800 they owe me for my cruise that I cancelled. I have not seen or even heard about the FCC.
  8. After reading your response, I did the same thing. It has been almost 3 weeks since I canceled my cabana and I expect that amount should have been put back in my account by now. On that same note - for this cruise I paid my $1000.00 NR deposit and then on top of that I have paid an additional $3800 towards my cruise that I canceled. Our final payment was not due until next month, but we decided to cancel. Would you also dispute the $3800 or just wait until that gets credited? I don't even know what to do about my FCC that I fear will never come.
  9. Wow - I cancelled my cabana and water park pass on 04/04 and have not seen a dime yet. I also cancelled my cruise on 4/05 and have not seen the $3800 they owe me or the $1000 FCC either.
  10. Us too - we have cancelled things from a CP before and it never took more than a few days to see the credit back on my card.
  11. I am wondering for those who cancelled their drink packages and shore excursions and such, how long did it take for you to get your refund? We had a cruise booked for August 2020 that we cancelled and then also cancelled our cabana and waterpark passes for Coco Cay ($999.00). We cancelled everything on 04/04/20. I feel like it should not take this long to get refunded for these things. You cancel and it should go right back to your credit card. Have these things also been taking 30+ days to get refunds, just like cruise deposits?
  12. Thank you so much for the clarification. We are on an August 23rd Harmony sailing and I am trying to decide if we should just roll the dice and see if the cruiseline cancels and we get a full refund or if I just go ahead and cancel and apply the deposit to my March cabin. We have some time to decide I guess.
  13. Can someone help explain this to me? We are booked in star class which is a non-refundable deposit. However, I have made some payments towards the cruise as well over the past few months. If we decide to cancel, will I get everything back over and above the deposit we have paid? And can we apply the $1000 FCC towards our already booked cruise in March 2021? Thanks!
  14. I would, yes. But that is just me. The Breakaway had just to many negatives for us. Only you can decide if it is worth the price difference. What are you guys interested in doing on the cruise? Will you be doing excursions or is the ship your main destination? All these things come into play when deciding on which ship is the better choice.
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