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  1. Thank you Fishywood, it's a start for sure! πŸ‘
  2. We are booked on a SB Alaska cruise on the Island in July. A kind poster gave us the menus (in order) for the NB Alaska, thank you Eileen G! My question is how the order of the menus might change because the port days, etc. will fall differently on a SB/NB itinerary. Just wondering because I would like to book some Specialty Restaurant reservations and what is being served in the MDR would probably affect which days we book. Thank you for any input. ☺️
  3. Hello! Thank you Eileen G for posting the menus! We are booked on the Island SB in July. Does anyone know the order of the menus on a SB cruise? We are looking to book Specialty Dining, so I was hoping to pick our night/nights according to the MDR menu. Thank you!
  4. I believe that the balcony is larger in an Ocean Suite than in a Junior Suite. Enjoy!
  5. My PVP, whom we have had for years and I really like him, booked us in a Harbor Suite under the galley on the new Panorama. I had misgivings about it, and finally changed our booking to another cabin. While he was away from the office, he referred his clients to another PVP., whom I called, and this one told me he NEVER books his people under the galley. I am sleeping better now knowing I don't have to worry about whether there will be noise or not. :)
  6. You mentioned that some family were in the Family Harbor Suites. Since those suites are under the galley, did they have any problems with the noise in the middle of the night? Thank you and look forward to the remainder of your review. :)
  7. Dec. 11th, 2019 is the Inaugural cruise of the Panorama. Dec. 14th, 2019 is the first 7-day cruise. Many people, including us, are doing a B2B of these two cruises. I am hoping Carnival uses this ship for a RT Hawaii and the 14-day RT Alaska cruise from Long Beach. It's very exciting that the West Coast finally gets a new ship!!
  8. The Art At Your Table looks strange, and not very appetizing. I can't believe they got rid of the Cheesecake, it was my favorite thing at the Steakhouse :(
  9. We both always bring a flashlight. You would not believe how dark the inside of a ship is until the power goes out. I love the idea of the cup in the safe for keys and loose change, and the tip of leaving the cabinet slightly ajar for the frig. :)
  10. I am bumping this thread up because I'm really hoping that someone might reply that has sailed on the Vista or Horizon and found that being under the galley wasn't so bad for them. Haha, is that possible....please? :confused:
  11. Please let me know how it goes for you. It sounds like we might have to change cabins, which makes me sad. I'm not sure why they can't soundproof it better under the Galley since no doubt they are aware of the problems with the noise. Thanks to everyone who responded. :eek:
  12. Hello! I have booked a Family Harbor Suite on the Panorama for the inaugural B2B in Dec. 2019. The suite number is 2398, which is under the galley area. I have time to hope for something else to open up, but this was the last suite available as of now. Without scaring me too much...how bad is the noise that we can expect? Thank you for your input. :)
  13. We purchased the Couple's Spa Pass for our week on the Splendor in October. This is the first time we have done this, and hoping to really enjoy it. How will they know we purchased the pass? I figured it might be by our room card or just giving our room number? Also, I assume that we can visit the spa together or at different times, I hope. Thanks for any input. :)
  14. My husband rarely leaves home without his. He always puts it in his checked luggage, but one time he forgot and they wouldn't let him board with it. Fortunately, we had driven to the port, so he was able to run it back to the car. When it is in checked bags, no problem, knock on wood. Have fun on your cruise.
  15. Thank you for your responses. HaHa, yes, I agree....maybe "nervous" was the wrong word to use. I have never had a bad meal at the Steakhouse! I'm sorry to see the Cheesecake go, it was my favorite...but no doubt I'll manage to find something....:p
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