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  1. It's plumbing tape the Teflon tape you use on fitting threads?
  2. This is a hot dog. English bun grilled in butter, weiner, mustard, chili (aka sauce) and cole slaw. Onions optional.
  3. You can request it online on the Princess website. It's kind of hidden. It's under dietary requirements or something like that
  4. I assume you mean login with booking number? If so I tried that and still get the same error.
  5. I just updated to the new version (Android 11) and still can't book dining for the same time at the same table for every day for my B2B2B2B in Sep 2022. I can still book individual days.
  6. My philosophy had always been " I'll probably never see this people again so I might as well be a glutton."
  7. https://www.princess.com/html/global/disclaimers/crew-incentive/ https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/pre_cruise/bring.jsp
  8. We have the Sep 22 Majestic Transpacific and then 3 Aussie/NZ cruises booked. I don't have high hopes we actually get to go.
  9. No doubt there are more activities on Princess.
  10. Just wondering what you disliked about HAL and Celebrity. We'll cruise any of the three based on itinerary, timing and price. While there are differences they don't matter much to us and find them more alike that different.
  11. I have something similar to these. Cable Matters 2-Pack 4 Outlet Power Splitter Cord (Power Cord Splitter) 1.5 Feet https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K3ADZ76/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_WGD8TPVF8TYD3BQ0J8R9
  12. I have the exact same problem however my cruises aren't until Sept 2022.
  13. But are you allowed to bring a strip without a surge protector? I believe you used to be.
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