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  1. Thanks so much for ALL of the responses!! I haven't had time to read each one yet, but I will definitely make time to do so! Just wanted to let you know the OP is still alive; I've been in Spain for the past 11 days and haven't had an internet connection. Again, thanks for all of the responses! I look forward to reading them tomorrow!

  2. Thank you so much to everyone for writing! I was shocked to see so many responses, but it sounds like this ship was well-deserving of the praise! My dad will be very happy to see the photos and read the stories. He still stays in close contact with one of his friends from the ship. Thanks again!



  3. I'm looking for some Song of Norway photos to share with my dad. This was his first cruise as a teenager in '77. He has a huge box of photos and memorabilia -- in fact, I'm looking at it right now -- but most of the pictures he has are from the ports. I've been looking on the Internet and have found some photos of the outside of the ship, but I'd love to see the interior and hear from others who were on this ship. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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