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    welcome home Rallo.

    Hi Sherrie, Welcome back. Hope your trip was fantastic. Can't wait to hear all about it. Lea.:D
  2. leah67

    Review R629

    Hi Kerri, I went into so many shops. I can't remember the name of the shop where they had the $15 nike watches but it was on a corner near Ma Bakers restaurant on the same side. It also had lots of Brand name Tshirts hanging on the walls and the sunglasses we got for $5 were there as well. I think it may have been called Midway or something like that ( I could be wrong though) right next door down the side street there was a shop called "Gift Shop" thats where I got the nike runners. Hope this helps. Lea.
  3. leah67

    Review R629

    sorry Sherrie forgot to mention, no I didn't see any public washing & Ironing areas on the Star. Lea.
  4. leah67

    Review R629

    Hi Sherrie, yes they did have a $25 deal on tuesday, fill a bag full of laundry and have it washed and pressed. We took so many clothes we didn't need to wash any. Also answering Karens question. There was lots of linedancing on the country and western night. They also had lessons during the day, and yes we saw the big group of linedancers. They were spread accross the dining room and one group would cheer then the others would follow, sounds like they had a lot of fun. Lea.:p
  5. leah67

    Review R629

    Hi Sherrie, you shouldn't have too much drama with packing things warm. I thought the same and only once did I put on a jacket, and that was on the top deck in the wind. In Vila it was quite humid, maybe because it was rainy. Everywhere on the ship it's pretty much protected, you can get out of the breeze if you need to. I packed far too much as I didn't wear any of the cooler clothes I thought I might have needed. ;) Lea.
  6. leah67

    Review R629

    No I didn't eat anything while in Vila, I didn't want to waste time on eating when there was so much shopping to do. Sorry (I am a shoppaholic). My husband thinks I need therapy. I have heard in other posts that Ma Bakers is a good choice. There were lots of people in there when we walked past. Lea.:)
  7. leah67

    Review R629

    Hi All, I'm back from my 7 nighter on the Star. It was my first cruise. I loved it. Great trip, Had a ball and made lots of new friends.:) The Terminal- Embarking still needs a little work. We arrived at 10.30 booked in our luggage. It was quite hot waiting in the sun & no shade areas (by the time we returned this week, they had erected a shaded area for shelter) I guess it will take a little more time to get more organized. The embarking process started around 11.15. The queues were a slow process and we were onboard by 2pm. I think we left just after 3pm. We had smooth seas most of the way to Noumea, felt a little wonky sometimes (not used to sea legs.) We only had 1 rough day at sea (Thursday). Unfortunatley I didn't take that too well, kept a low profile that day. They also had to cancel the evening show that night for safety reasons. It was a bit of a bumpy night in the cabin. The theme nights on board were- * Country & Western * Rock & Roll * Island Night * 2 Formal nights They all were lots of fun. Noumea- We arrived in Noumea on time. We did the Helicopter tour "AMAZING!!" It was my first heli ride, got great photos from the air. The water was so many shades of blue. I would recommend this tour. The city itself was so so. We bought some food, quite expensive a can of coke 330ml around $4.50 aus. Also quite expensive to shop. A sarong in Noumea was $20 Aus in Vila $7 (save your money for Vila). The shops shut at 5pm so if you want to do any shopping get in early. Someone told us the Casino closed at 7pm. Unfortunatley I didn't think too much of Noumea but we didn't venture out of the city centre. Lifou- We went snorkeling at Jinek Bay. Lots to see down there, water was still a little chilly but worth it."Don't forget your underwater camera". They had a small local market set up at the jetty with local handicrafts etc. We arrived in Vila on time. This was the highlight of my trip. We did the "Sail and Snorkel" tour in the morning and had a great time. We sailed to a protected part of Mele Bay. Anchored in 6m of crystal clear water and jumped in straight off the side of the boat right beside the reef "Just Magic"!! They had a plastic bag suspended on a stick out of the water with pieces of bread to hand feed the fish while you snorkeled. That was special- being swarmed by masses of fish feeding them by hand. It felt a bit strange being pecked at by heaps of fish, but fun. Then went for a walk on the beach & into the rainforest. All up 4hr tour $65 worth it!!. The weather was overcast but the rain held off till we got back. A taxi into town costs $5-$10 depending on who you get. Ask them to take you to the market place. It's the most central part of town. Shopping... I was in Speed Shopping Heaven!! The prices were amazing. Nike runners $22 Nike watches $15 Oakley sunnies $5 (take offs I'm sure) but who will know. I found the purfume prices were cheaper on board the ship but they only have a limited range. Alcohol prices were cheaper in Vila than on the ship. As advised by other forum members Fung Kwei at the end of the main street was the place to go. Got some nice 18 & 21 yo scotch. Brand name Tshirts $8-$10 ea. (Nike,Billabong,Quicksilver)etc. I think the best thing to do is do 1 lap of the main street first, then buy on the 2nd lap to get the best prices. The duty free alcohol gets delivered back to the ship so you don't have to carry it. I was sad to leave Vila, I could have stayed longer & it meant we were heading home.:( The shows on board were * Love the nightlife * Shake Rattle & Roll * Dance * G'Day G'Day there was also an Instrumentalist and a Comedian "Marty Hill" All were great shows & great talent. The trip back to Bris was good. A bit showery and overcast at times and the rough weather on Thurs. We arrived back just after 5am. Had to be out of our cabin by 6am. Didn't get off the ship until 8.30 am. TIP: If you want to get off the ship earlier. On your departure form, choose an option that indicates that you have early travel arrangements. Disembarking- It was a breeze. no problems very well organized. It only took us 20mins to pass through customs & we had to declare items. P&O staff were waiting with trolleys & found our luggage for us. We just waited by the trolley & it was all brought to us. Very impressive service. Hope I haven't rambled on too much. Still feeling a bit wonky, I've heard it can take a couple of days for things to stop swaying about. Look forward to hearing all about your trip Sherrie. I hope you have a "Brilliant Time" Lea.:)
  8. leah67

    Welcome Home Leah67

    Hi Rallo, yes I'm back. Had a great time. Am in process of writing a review for you. I will post a new thread when I get it finished. Hopefully by tonite. Lea.
  9. leah67

    Question-Pacific Star-Items to pack?

    Hi Cheryl, we are leaving on the star this sat 9th Sept. and I have rang P&O and they said all is still the same as last week. We are to make our way to Hamilton Wharf embarking is from 10.15. Lets hope things run a little smoother than last week. 5 days to go yay!! Lea.
  10. leah67

    star still at port

    Hi Melissa, Not a good start to your holiday. I SO HOPE they get these teething problems sorted real quick. I am getting on the Star as you are getting off. I don't like the idea of standing in a queue for 4 hours in the sun. Hopefully they have 10 days to come up with some kind of solution or we will be in the same situation as you. what time did they say to arrive at the new terminal ? maybe I'll have to get there extra early.Hope you don't miss any ports due to the bad start.. Have a GREAT TIME !!! Lea.
  11. leah67

    Medical Kit

    Hi Luci, I get occaisional bouts of vertigo and am prescribed Stemitil (Stemzine) is the cheaper equivalent. It works wonders. I am sailing on the star on 9th Sept, and have been advised to start taking it a least 1 day prior to sailing as it does tend to take a while to get into your system. It is great for the nausea and the wonky feet that comes with seasickness. Hope you have a great holiday. Lea.
  12. leah67

    do I need reef shoes?

    The ones I bought from Anaconda were (body glove) brand @ $26.98 ea. They had all black ones and black and kharki coloured ones They soles are clear soft rubber with the uppers wetsuit material with cutout mesh holes down each side and laced up to give a good fit. and being a fashionista.. they also look good. hope this helps Lea.
  13. leah67

    New Cruise Ship Terminal

    I rang P&O this afternoon, they told me that Pac Star will be departing from the new terminal from Aug 19. We sail on Sep 9 (our tickets still show Pinkenba Wharf) but they say the tickets just have not been amended yet.
  14. leah67

    Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal

    [quote name='Skyrules']According to the Queensland Government Co-ordinator General's major projects website; [URL="http://www.coordinatorgeneral.qld.gov.au/major_projects/cruiseship_brisbane.shtm"]http://www.coordinatorgeneral.qld.gov.au/major_projects/cruiseship_brisbane.shtm[/URL] Pacific Star will be the first cruise ship to use the new Cruise Passenger Terminal, doing so on the 19th August 2006 - which is the day she arrives back in Brisbane after her New Zealand season. This website is dated June 22. Kym[/quote] You're right Kym, I just rang P&O and asked about when the Star would be sailing out of the new terminal, as our tickets stated we were boarding at Pinkenba Wharf. (R629 on 9th Sept) They said The Star would definately sail from the Hamilton Wharf from 19th Aug. Lea.
  15. leah67

    Brisbane Cruise Ship Terminal

    [quote name='Melkaista']'Lo, I'm very new to cruising. Our first cruise is on the Star departing 29th Aug. We recently got Tickets & info sent to us and it has the "Roma St" Transit Centre as the place to go?:( Do u think they will change that? I'm not sure what the new Terminal means to our departure. Any Help Appreciated! Ta Mel:) Also thinking about spending the night before the cruise in bris, somewhere close to where we need to be (we are leaving our car out in the "burbs" with a relative) Any suggestions? We can handle 3 to 5 star! (-;[/quote] Hi Mel, We are on the cruise after you R629 leaving on the 9th Sept. We too are departing Pinkenba Wharf(So our tickets inform us, I wonder when the new terminal will open?) with bus transfers from The Transit Centre. The Holiday Inn is above the transit centre, they have twin and family rooms for $189 nt (maybe cheaper on the net). hope this helps. Lea.