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  1. My wife and I are also on this cruise and have had no problem with the service in the MDR. We request Joseph as our waiter every night we are there. He always has a big smile on his face. We took two nights at Prime C and one at Aqualina and the food and service were top notch. The itinerary change is disappointing as we have no interest in spending the extra night in NYC and are missing the Harbor Night festivity because of the change in the White Night schedule. The big ships in port have not changed their schedules.
  2. The booking is still there on the Azamara website. And the second credit (by my card company) now has been recharged. So I am even and hope this is the end of it. As rallydave said it doesn't make sense that even if the TA erred in calling in the payment twice (and eleven days apart to boot) that Azamara would accept another payment for a cruise that was already fully paid.
  3. So I checked my card balance today and not only did Azamara refund the double charge but the card company charged it back too giving me a double refund. I called and had the charge back removed. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.
  4. I made my final payment on an upcoming cruise that was credited on December 4. The monthly bill came and it was paid. I noticed the payment amount was charged again on December 15. Why? Is it my incompetence on my travel agent's part? Azamara will not even talk to me about it. Only the travel agent can deal with them on payments. Anyway I immediately called my credit card company and put it in dispute for a double charge. Never had anything like this happen before.
  5. In May we walked off the Quest in Nice at 5 am to catch an early flight at the Nice airport. It was very easy and went smoothly. We notified passenger services a few days before and it seemed to be a common request. We had a driver waiting France-transfers.com and the trip to the airport went very quickly as there was no traffic whatsoever. There is a decent lounge that accepts Priority Pass at the Nice airport if you have time.
  6. I have been waiting a few weeks for a refund on a cancelled cruise. I guess that I will need to contact Viking for a refund. Can I do it myself or do I need to go through my lazy travel agent?
  7. Just got off the Quest for our first cruise on Azamara and can only say wonderful things about the line. The deal we got from our agent seemed pretty inclusive. We had no gratuities, premium beverage option, unlimited wifi on one device, and a large OBC. We ate 3 times at specialty restaurants. I have never had no final bill before after a completing a cruise and certainly didn't expect to receive the better than $850. refund that appeared virtually immediately on my credit card. I guess its a matter of booking when promos appear. Not sure how often this occurs. The cruise fare was very reasonable and I thought at the time of booking the offer seemed too good to be true. Azamara provided everything expected and more. Definitely will book Azamara again. Even my wife who complains about almost everything was placated.
  8. I have done the St. Petersburg tour with SPB. They were very good. The guide was excellent and she took us to Peterhof, the Hermitage and all the choice sites. They handled the visa for us too. Your price seems excellent. We had only two days and I think we paid more.
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