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  1. Sycamore is certainly very busy these days. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/26/department-store-retailer-belk-files-for-chapter-11-bankruptcy.html
  2. UPDATE : Shortly after this posting I proceeded with a credit card dispute for the unfulfilled amount of FCC. Immediately I received a temporary credit on my card. Last week I received notice that the dispute was resolved in my favor and the refund became permanent. So Azamara, through their back office incompetence, converted my agreed upon FCC into a cash refund. My gut feeling is that the credit card company's inquiry was most likely totally ignored by RCCL resulting in a default judgement to my benefit. Though I have been made complete, its been a royal pain in the bu
  3. My problem with Azamara is that I have not received a promised FCC. Through a large online TA my early March agreement was to receive a 50% refund and a 50% FCC. The refund was received about 6 weeks ago but the FCC is still outstanding. Azamara does not respond to customer service messaging and the TA has not responded after a good period to my last inquiry. I am thinking of doing a credit card charge back for the remaining FCC as I most likely will not be traveling again in the future with any RCCL line. If they had provided the FCC timely as promised and documented we probably would ha
  4. On March 10 my TA canceled a May cruise per my request as the 50% refund and 50% FCC policy was in effect. Within 3 days I received a refund for an experience more package that I had booked directly. On April 2 I contacted my TA to cancel an additional cruise with another line and to check on my Azamara refund. The TA contacted Azamara and was told the refund had been processed the previous day. Today my credit card showed a full refund for the taxes and a separate refund that reflected a transfer and 50% of the cruise fare. So in my case it certainly appears that Azamara lived
  5. Here's an article on the cruise lines and the bailout package. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/26/coronavirus-bailout-could-exclude-carnival-norwegian-royal-caribbean-cruise-lines.html
  6. Is this being enforced? My daughter had a car pick her up in central London, drove to Heathrow, and is right now on a flight back to the US.
  7. Don't give RCL your cash. They want to convert it to FCC to help with their cash flow. If you want its OK to wait a while to cancel but don't let it get to the penalty phase. Cruise bookings for October, even if things improve, will be light and you could always rebook your itinerary as last minute. I find it grossly irresponsible for Azamara (RCL) to be selling any April or May Med cruises at this time.
  8. CCL is still a short. Common owners will not be bailed out.
  9. I picture a cottage industry picking up with telemed doctors providing cruise authorizations for a strong fee. They would not even necessarily need be first world MDs. Even in the US there have been many unscrupulous doctors willing to provide opiate prescriptions with no examination. Providing cruise medical authorizations seems to be less sinister. Just some random musings here by a former medical professional.
  10. I had an Experience More package credit card refund appear today. Still waiting on my 50%, a transfer, and port taxes. Cancel was made Tuesday under the original 50/50 policy.
  11. You are correct. I got a bad early report.
  12. Carnival is now suspending all cruises across its brands until May 11. Don'f know if Royal has the financial ability to follow.
  13. Jimmy, obviously the OP is a bit confused but he does say in the last sentence of his first diatribe that his cruise is scheduled to leave Singapore on April 11. That would be the Journey - Singapore to Dubai. He does have skin in the game. I think the gist of the OPs argument is that other lines have cancelled their Asian cruises in that time frame and he feels Azamara should cancel his and award him a full cash refund and additional FCC.
  14. Thought I would let you know that I heard from my agency and Azamara honored the 50/50 split. Thanks again for the heads up.
  15. Thanks. I sent off an email. It's impossible now to get through to this agency by phone.
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