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  1. We like to book early with the drink package. We would never purchase the drink package outright as it would not be a good value for us. Naysayers will tell you that you are paying a premium for the cruise when you book on Sip n Sail but in the several cruises we have booked at least a year in advance on the Sip n Sail the price of the cruise has never dropped below the price we paid on the promo.
  2. My feelings pretty much echo reedprincess. We sailed her a couple of years ago. The ship seemed to be in good condition but we just did not care for the layout. Hated the small casino and the lack of an international café is a big deal. We sailed her sister ship, the Coral, and loved it. Too bad they felt a need to dismantle the Island.
  3. Thank you. We are onboard now and that is indeed the case.
  4. That's what I'm thinking. If he doesn't react to the sheets we should be good to go.
  5. Thank you. That's what I was afraid of. I guess I will have to throw in one piece of my husband's clothing with my wash load as a test to see if he has a reaction to the detergent before I wash all of his clothes in it. Hopefully they use a non allergenic detergent.
  6. If you read back, he did disclose that he paid 75% off of the actual price of the suite.
  7. We have primarily cruised Princess and will be on HAL for the first time next week. From my research it does not appear that the Princess drink prices are higher than the HAL drink prices. The big difference is in the cost of the beverage package. The Princess price is significantly higher per day. The biggest problem I have with the HAL package is their choice of wines that are included in the package. Princess actually offers some drinkable wines by the glass that fall within their beverage package. The fact that HAL charges $14 per glass for Clos du Bois Chardonnay is laughable! I hate to think what the wines that are priced below the $11 per glass price point will be like.
  8. We are new to HAL as well and I totally agree with you!
  9. hiccups - I did not mean to imply that it was the OP's job to notice a "glaring" pricing error. I simply meant to say that in my experience over the years, if something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. And from more recents posts, it appears that a 75% discount was too good to be true.
  10. I understand that the ship provides detergent for the washing machines. I am wondering if that is optional or if the detergent is automatically dispensed into the machine. My husband has skin allergies and so we always bring our own detergent to avoid issues. Would appreciate any info you could provide.
  11. We called the Mayflower to see if they had a shuttle to the pier and they do not but they said that we could talk with the concierge upon arrival and he/she would be happy to arrange for a shuttle service with one of the companies that they have a relationship with. We will most likely do that as there will be four of us with luggage so we will need to make sure that we have a vehicle large enough to accommodate us. From the port to the airport we will be using the Port Valet and therefore will not be carrying luggage so in that case we will most likely either use Uber or the fixed price taxi ($47).
  12. I have a great deal of compassion for the OP because I realize that he is in a very difficult position. My own experience with Azamara has been so completely different from this (I have found that they have generously compensated for any issue, whether it was their mistake or not) so I am wondering if this is a situation where the error in pricing was so glaring that it should have been obvious to everyone involved (including the OP, the third party company and the Azamara customer service rep) that the booking should never have taken place. If this is the case, I can kind of see Azamara's stance on this issue. However, I do believe that once this is expressed to the appropriate personnel at Azamara they will make a good faith effort to offer something that can be palatable for the OP. I hope that is the case.
  13. We sail out of Seattle next week and will be staying one night pre-cruise at the Mayflower Park Hotel. We have never stayed there before but the friends that we are cruising with have stayed there and recommend it highly. It's located right near the Westlake light rail station so you can take the train from SEATAC to downtown and the hotel is a 5 minute walk from the train. Very easy and inexpensive to do. It is about a six block walk to Pike Market. Oh, just a note about the Mayflower, if you are uneasy about ghosts, the hotel is rumored to be haunted. We're not bothered by that but some people might be. A recent post here showed signs at the taxi stand outside the ship that say the taxis are a flat rate of $47 from the cruise terminal to SEATAC.
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