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  1. Bravo, a lot of people on here do not seem to understand this. Too many have been manipulated into believing otherwise. I'm glad I do not live in fear like that. Those that do, really do need to stay inside and keep hiding under their blankets.
  2. You would think that would be enough but the CDC seems to be on some kind of power trip. I hope they do OK it because I'm ready to cruise, but I will not hold my breath that's for sure. If not I'm booking a nice land vacation.
  3. Yeah I'm thinking the same thing they will probably deny it, but it would be nice if it worked. Either way It is nice to see the Cruise lines finally pushing back some. Maybe something will actually get done now.
  4. Yeah that is true. That terminal is a wreck.
  5. Wow I wish I had saw that. We sailed with Dr E a few years back, one of my best cruise memories to this day. the man is one heck of a great cruise director.
  6. We have cruised both lines and to be honest we loved them both. They both have different yet a lot of the same things to offer. Go for it you will have a great time.
  7. I always tip a couple of bucks to room service on MSC it is always greatly appreciated.
  8. You are going to love it, Alaska is always one of my favorites, it is such an amazing experience. I have yet to sail Encore but she looks like a beautiful ship. Have a great sailing.
  9. Good luck and I hope it sails, I have been to Hawaii a few times and have always loved it (Only by land so far) My fingers are crossed for your sailing it is such a beautiful place.
  10. You do not exactly sound like a ball of sunshine to cruise with that's for sure. Every time I see one of your post they are filled with snarky rude comments. You could follow your own advice and do us all a favor and keep yourself home when cruising starts. I mean you would not want your attitude to ruin everyone else's vacation. Take care, oh and make sure to wear a mask we would not want you to get a cold.
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