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  1. Disney and a few other lines did the smart thing. A very wise decision on their part.
  2. With the way they treat their customers, this is not hard to believe.
  3. I hope they investigate NCL for the March 10th "peace of mind" FCC scam they did on customers that were traveling within days.
  4. Exactly! They knew what they were doing and they did not care and NCL knows it.
  5. So it looks like those people that some are saying "jumped ship" too early and cancelled their March 14 cruise on Breakaway were the smart ones after all. You see NCL time to make things right with the people you scammed with the first March 10th peace of mind offer. Those people would have been quarantined, but they were smart enough to see it coming and instead got penalized for it! NCL needs make things right!
  6. First they screwed over the people who cancelled with the "peace of mind" March 10 FCC refund now this. The more I read about NCL the more it makes me sick. This company is as slimy as they come.
  7. This link has nothing about what the last poster was asking. Where It talks about previous cruise's it is talking about cruise's that were cancelled before any of the offers including the March 10th offer. Someone must have the right link.
  8. I spoke with numerous NCL reps today and was encouraged by more then one rep to fill out the "Guest Relations form" it is located under the contact us section on NCL's website. It seems that this is having an impact with the higher ups at NCL and it is being talked about. I hope this helps, good luck to all.
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