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  1. I am so confused! When I get home I will have to check my paper work.
  2. the balcony gives you a place to hang out while the teen girls are getting ready. We took our daughters years ago, no balcony.....we left room for an hour so they could get ready for dinner.
  3. I just paid for my drink package with gift cards. mine were from aarp but thinking about trying thjis for my excursions & specialty dining.
  4. JH posted the schedule for Legend today on facebook. It is mostly British Isles also replacing Pride in Baltimore after those cruises. Pride moving to Tampa.
  5. I have looked at AARP and can't find the Carnival gift cards. We have 2 months & need 2 more cards for on board acct. Where is the info on new program.
  6. I sent message to Heald because I do weight watchers and need to know what I am eating in order to track it. He said in no uncertain terms it is butter and they have no intentions of doing away with it! What you are reading is opinion......different people like different kind of things.....
  7. No guarantee there will be a card.I have sent stuff twice to my adult daughters on their birthday cruises. one got a card the other did not. before someone says it was the way I filled out info...2 different cruises and did the same exact thing on both.
  8. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Tervis, just turned Platinum. this will be our first gift but honestly have a bunch of luggage tags from different places so I will just throw into bag with the rest.
  9. yes, took ours after dinner several times.
  10. how many kids do you have? Were any of them attached to a blanket or stuffed animal?There is a reason they are called securiy blankets. no need to judge this family!!
  11. It doesn't matter how many drinks you think you will drink, it is the cost of the drinks. Our cruise last year we did not get cheers-at end of cruise my husband totaled drinks including my bottled water and it was almost exactly what Cheers would have been. We usually have a beer or cold mixed drink in afternoon, a martini before dinner, a couple glasses of wine with dinner & a drink during show. I will have 3-4 bottles of water every day & a few special coffees during cruise, my husband will have 1-2 bloody marys during cruise. this is more than we would normally drink at home but we are on vacation & I don't think we have ever hit our 15 drink max.
  12. Don't know about kids menu but art at the table was very cool. We did it last year for my birthday. everyone at the table has to agree to it. As neat as it was we have decided not to do it again this year. I am sure they offered us other options but don"t remember what they were.
  13. We got our notice today for our Jan. 2020 cruise that to disembark in Martinque we would need passports. We already have them but if did not would get them, we are taking this cruise because this is one of the ports.
  14. Last cruise we purchased the wine package and on had them send bottles to our room. We had to go down to the candy shop & order. It worked out great so we could have a glass on our balcony. We also found 2 wines we really liked and just kept ordering then. It was a 14 day cruise so we drank many bottles of wine.
  15. Is there a sports bar on this ship? They have access to many games & would probably put it on one TV if they can get it.
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