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  1. Agree, we are booked for beginning of March and will cancel right before final payment if they do not extend final payment. We really want to do the cruise but can't invest that kind of money on possibility they might cruise....ours is a 12 day with a lot of perks. To much money to risk.
  2. I feel the same. Our cruise is the beginning of March. I wrote them a letter concerning the fact they did not change our final payment and if they are not sailing by then I will cancel.
  3. We tip but not every time. When we find a bar & bartender we like we will tip every 3-4 days (we tend to take longer cruises). I do think it pays off a little but that is not why we do it. We do it because we feel these people have gone above & beyond the level of service to be expected.
  4. My cruise was just cancelled today. I requested the refund and was told it will take 45-60 days to hit my credit card.
  5. Bermuda....we are scheduled on June 6 but don't think will happen. Forget the 100 days from April 15 the governor from MD is still issuing restrictions on all kinds of stuff.
  6. the way I read it was an additional 100 days starting April 15 which would put 1st sailings in July.
  7. They might not be able to stop them from sailing entirely but they can stop them from sailing from US ports which is what the notice says....we shall see. Do not see them sailing again until end of July or something in Aug......
  8. I have a cruise for June that they are going to have to cancel due to new CDC rules. If they cancel can I get a refund? people going with have health issues and do not want to cruise again till things are settled down.
  9. I read something tonight that said 100 days from April 15th...I will try & find link but I believe it was from the CDC??? That would mean soonest they could cruise would be in July. They also have to meet a bunch of other requirements.
  10. I got a ring from Diamonds International that appraised at home for almost $1,000 more than I paid' Also, we were on a cruise in Jan. (not RCCL) They actually announced several times to be aware that St. Kitts have NO laws regarding selling fake jewelry. Did not even look at any there.
  11. We have done a ship tour from Tortola to VG. It was great and when we got back we walked around ?Tortola......it only takes half hour to an hour and we went all way into town,
  12. Does anyone know why Grander is anchored off Annapolis?
  13. there is a beach bar & you can rent chairs & umbrellas. Not sure if they will call a taxi for you but we took a taxi out & back and don't remember having a problem getting the taxi.
  14. Iguana Joe's is a people watching place.....you must get a table along the street. We are also there all day until late into the night and plan on spending a few hours people watching & having a drink.,
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