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  1. Allison, care to post the video from 8/15 that you're referencing? I have not seen anything other than the few photos Scenic has VERY slowly released over social media.
  2. We have sailed with them before, are doing the Mekong in Sep (if it wasn’t so close I might cancel), and have a group booked in Europe for Dec 2019. If they don’t make this right we will cancel what we can and take our business elsewhere. Can’t imagune our travel agent will ever recommend them either.
  3. Assume you meant ACCEPTABLE?
  4. Is anyone else having issue rebooking? They have zero availability for our Antartica this year and can only put us on over a year from our original sailing that canceled for January. The 25% discount is a joke. We have been booked on this since Feb 2016 and with 25% discount on the current rates we will have to pay MORE to be delayed over a year. Not at all acceptable customer service recovery.
  5. Yes, thank you for doing that. That's actually quite helpful. I too, would expect the highest category suites to get priority. I imagine only the Chef's Table will be an issue. Fingers crossed we get to go!
  6. That would be lovely. Thank you. It's a tad bit more difficult for us to call from USA.
  7. That is definitely more than the Scenic USA people know (which isn't much), but still doesn't answer how the priority will go for folks within same cabin category. Is it like many lines that a certain number of days before a cruise you can book? Or first come, first serve (within your category) once you board? We love Scenic but they are always light on the details/information and the often give lots of conflicting information when pressed for details.
  8. Not the Captain's Table...the Chef's Table...sorry.
  9. Anyone going on the Jan 6, 2019 Ultimate Antartica? Also does anyone know how the Dining Reservations will work? They have 10 venues, with some like the Captain's Table, being quite intimate. I assume there must be some system in place for those reservations?
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