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  1. fla jack

    Alcohol package

    You will get a sticker if package is purchased onboard. If pre purchased the card will be pre coded.
  2. fla jack

    has anyone ever seen this before?

    I had a similar problem. I did a ghost booking (24 hour hold) & that's when the "booked" cruise showed up. You can delete the "booked " cruise Jack
  3. fla jack

    Beverage Package Pricing Increase

    If you upgrade prior to 04/20 (either thru TA or Celebrity) you pay $10 + 18% P/P per day. If you upgrade at/after 04/20 (either by phone or onboard) you pay $16 + 18 % P/P per day. I think--????????????????? Jack
  4. The aft JS on the Freedom class are excellent. Cabin is 300 sq ft. Balcony is approx. 15X16 ft. Jack
  5. fla jack

    Ok, so I don't have a passport.

    Do you want to take the chance that the info is wrong and be denied boarding?? This is a ROYAL CARIBBEAN BOARD-NOT CARNIVAL Jack
  6. We debarked last Sunday from cabin 1706 (aft junior suite) Cabin was 300 sq ft & balcony was 15X15. It was definitely worth the walk & the $$. Only propulsion noise came from the thrusters when docking. Freedom came out of drydock on 01/29. Jack
  7. fla jack

    B2B Question

    Your cabin steward will move all hanging items and your re-packed suitcases. Don't forget to tip him a little extra. Jack
  8. It's scheduled for dry dock in Europe after the TA Jack
  9. I believe immediately after the eastbound TA. April 19 to May1. Jack
  10. fla jack

    b2b cruises

    There is a location on 17th Ave(St?) In their website choose Fort Lauderdale & then 17th (Cruise Port) Jack
  11. fla jack

    Walk on Embarkation with luggage?

    No problem with anything BUT spirits. 2 bottles of wine OK Your luggage must fit through the scanners. They are airport security size. Jack
  12. Most of the major car rental agencies have locations That service the cruise port They will pick you up at the pier & transport you to their location. It's much better than the madhouse of FLL airport. Just make sure the location is Cruise Port. Jack
  13. fla jack

    Arizona Memorial Excurison

    From the pier walk out to Kalakula (sp) Ave--cross this street & take THE BUS (the name of the line is the bus ( no #/ letters) towards The Azizona Memorial ( confirm with driver). Reverse to pier. From Waikiki hotels follow above. Jack
  14. Anyone have any personal experience on how you Handled this procedure Thanks Jack
  15. fla jack

    OBC and B2B2B

    I believe that each segment is treated independently by the cruise line. You can take any remaining OBC from week 1 out in cash at the casino (3-5%) fee. You can then keep the cash or deposit it to your account on the 2nd leg. Jack