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  1. I believe that each segment is treated independently

    by the cruise line. You can take any remaining OBC

    from week 1 out in cash at the casino (3-5%) fee.

    You can then keep the cash or deposit it to

    your account on the 2nd leg.


  2. You said ykou are cruising from CA to HI

    and you are then asking about customs

    when you get off your flight.

    Which is it?? Cruise or Flight??

    About customs-Do you go through customs

    when entering Arizona from California??

    Hawaii is the 50th state in the union.



  3. We are on the Emerald Princess 09/26/15.

    It's a back-2-back booked as one cruise.

    Rome to Barcelona (7 days) & Barcelona

    to FLL (14 days). We leave Barcelona &

    call at 3 other Spanish ports. Will we be charged

    the VAT tax for purchases made onboard

    during those 3 days??

    Thanks in advance


  4. It's really hard to say--

    I would start at the airport in Barcelona

    by getting Euros from an ATM.

    Let you bank know that you will be using

    your ATM AND credit cards overseas. Check

    what their charges will be in advance.

    Probably 90% of your ports use Euros.

    Take 200e & see how your expenses run

    on a daily basis.

    There are almost as many ATM's in

    Euroope as the U.S.

    FYI-""IF"" you have any OBC leftover you

    can draw cash from the casino for a 3 to 5% fee


  5. If you flight allows it is better to check in ASAP,

    usually 11/11:30. The pier is about a 10 minute walk to

    the people mover which takes you Piazzale Roma.

    At PR you can hop a vaparetto for an amazing

    ride down the Grand Canal to St. Marks Square.

    You would not have much time on sailaway day as the

    ship leaves at noon & you have to onboard by 11 ish.

    The sailaway from Venice is amazing.


    P.S.We had no trouble bringing many bottles of wine

    back to the ship after visitng Venice. (2012)

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