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  1. Flagmom, Did you find a way to visit a banana plantation in Costa Rica?? We are going in January and would love to do this, if it is possible. Thanks!!!
  2. And if by some chance they miss it, call Carnival or when you board take your gold key card to guest services and they will fix it for you.
  3. That doesn't surprise me, but we can always "hope", I guess.
  4. We started cruising in 2006 with another cruise line. Did 2 Alaska cruises then didn't cruise again till 2012, but have not looked back. We made Platinum 2018. There were a LOT of 5 day cruises in there, but that has allowed us to cruise a lot more. We enjoy the total ship experience as much (or more) as the ports, especially when we sail a lot of repeat ports. Probably did spend more money when we first started cruising. Today we can cruise for 7 days or longer with a zero dollar balance due. I agree, it would be nice to have some extra perks once you reach Platinum...other than priority boarding and gift. A heavily discounted cruise a year would be wonderful. Back to happy thoughts for October, December & January. Happy cruising to all!!!
  5. It is pretty much "hit and miss" how soon you can get your luggage. We have had all of ours as early as 1:30-2:00; we have had part of it delivered early and not received the rest until after dinner. If I was making steak house reservations for embarkation night, I would pack a carry on with a change of clothes and what I would need for that night. (That's my two cents. 😉)
  6. Ditto. But, if I had to name one, Dream.
  7. We have been wait listed more times than not, actually. Usually, we get an email from Carnival within a few weeks of sailing confirming we have been assigned YTD. We never contact anyone in advance. I can only remember a couple of times we didn't hear from them and we just talked to the maitre'd after we got aboard and he took care of it. And, we always request a "private" table for 2. Still may be close enough to hear everyone's conversation, but you're not at the same table. Enjoy your cruise!!
  8. We have never had a problem using OBC to pay for gratuities. Enjoy your cruise and your "credit"!!! 😎
  9. sc4125, First, I really hope all goes well for your sister and you are both able to enjoy the cruise. About 4 years ago my DH and I had to cancel a cruise because my Mom had a stroke. We had insurance through Carnival. I called my PVP at Carnival and she told me exactly what I needed to do to cancel. We were refunded everything except the cost of the insurance. We never said without it.
  10. Melsmom, We just sailed on the Dream in May for the 6th time (I believe). We did not have any problems. It was our 2nd time to sail from Galveston and are leaving from there again in January. Seems to be much more organized than New Orleans, in our opinion. Whatever you decide, it is still a cruise, kind of hard to mess that up. 😎
  11. Soft serve ice cream...vanilla, chocolate and swirl. Frozen yogurt... strawberry and chocolate. They may at times switch these choices, but I have never seen it. Enjoy your cruise and your ice cream!!! Hard to walk by that machine and not have a cone or two. 😎
  12. When we cruise, it is usually Caribbean and hot. I wear "flip flops" every day and night. What I wear to dinner do have a little 'bling' and I have never had a problem. Enjoy your cruise!!!
  13. We are Platinum...on the Vista in January we met in the dining room and everything was pretty organized. They did the "luggage train" but every body followed instructions and it flowed pretty smooth. There were at least 3 Carnival crew giving directions. On the Dream in May, was a totally different experience! We were in the dining room again, but it was total chaos. There were signs for P & D on one side and FTTF on the other side. The crew member in charge told the FTTF to "go on around" and they did. There was only one crew member and no way he could control that many people. Some of them ended up all the way to the front of the line!! 😳 It was very chaotic for that early in the morning!!!!
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