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  1. Yes, Southampton. I didn’t think the seas were too bad but MrPantzOz says they were rough.
  2. I would recommend a tour to see the lights. While you could get great photos from the ship I personally think the photos look best with perspective from the land. Here is a photo just of the sky and while it is beautiful it is kind of missing something.
  3. We were late arriving in Tromsø due to the weather but we did a tour on the cable car but visibility was pretty much zero because we were there quite late in the day. We also went to a polar museum which was pretty interesting. In Stavenger we had a cruise through the lysefjord, beautiful scenery. In Ålesund we stayed overnight again due to the weather. We just did a city tour and had plenty of time to explore around town. You can walk to the town from the ship.
  4. We had an overnight in Alta, we did a ships tour called search for the Northern lights. The first tour on the Friday unfortunately didn’t see the lights due to cloud. We went on the Saturday night and the sky was clear. It was -8 degrees celcius with a wind chill of -12 so rug up. You could see the lights from the ship and many people got great photos on the upper decks.
  5. I have just returned from a cruise Search for the Northern lights. I think it was the first time it was offered. It was very cold but fantastic. We did see the Northern Lights but there is no guarantee of course. We had snow on the decks, which was fun.
  6. I agree, I just wasn’t sure how it worked. If I got the bonus....great. If not...no big deal.
  7. I wasn’t super upset or even upset really. I agree $25 dollars would have been nice but not enough to bother about. 😀
  8. Damn, I booked it as one cruise. No credit for me. Oh well, never mind. Thanks for the info, I wasn’t sure how it worked.
  9. Okay,I have a question.....I have 19 cruise credits and my next cruise is 37 days and showing 2 cruise credits. This will bring my cruise credit to 21. Will I get the loyalty bonus during this cruise?
  10. First question would be, where are you cruising to?
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