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  1. The cruises I just looked at for Thanksgiving week are between $1800-$2000 more than what I paid for this past Thanksgiving. I hope all is good in the world by Thanksgiving but at those prices we will look elsewhere.
  2. I’m assuming that they hope you take the precaution and self quarantine you and your family for the 2 weeks after you get back. It also mentioned trips to high impacted areas. I do understand because no one wants to spread it to our schools. Our spring sports have just been put on a 2 week hiatus and it wouldn’t surprise me if they all will be cancelled.
  3. This may have been already answered but if you cancel your cruise prior to your final payment due date, will you get a full refund or will they only give you FCC? We really don’t want to cancel our August 1st Alaska cruise ( as we got a great deal on it) but with not knowing how long this will last we want to make the right decision. Our school district just announced last night that if you go on a cruise next week ( our spring break) then the students won’t be able to come back to school for 2 weeks after they get back. Hope everyone leaving on cruises this weekend have a safe trip!
  4. Our cruise on the Joy isn’t until August but prices just seem to get higher. Luckily we have some time before our cruise to see how this all works out and decide if we go or not.
  5. For those of you who have recently been on the Joy can you tell me how long the Beatles band plays in The Cavern Club? Also on the nights they have the Beatles show, have they been having 2 shows or just 1? I thought I saw some where that they did have 2 shows a night but wanted to get confirmation from recent cruisers.
  6. Is it better doing an early morning tour or afternoon tour to see the whales? I didn’t know if they are more active or around more during certain times of the day.
  7. I know NCL wants to get as much money from cruisers as possible but Margaritaville and/or American Diner always seem to be empty so what’s the point. They cannot be making any money from these. That space could be better used for something that the passengers actually want and would use.
  8. With this so called sale my usual Thanksgiving cruise is around $1500 more than what I paid last year. For the first time I’m probably going to wait to closer to the cruise and see where the prices are with NCL and the other cruise lines.
  9. I see your in Canada. Maybe that is why and the folks from the US just have to do it the other way.
  10. That certainly doesn’t show up for me when looking at Shore Excursions. I get the Latitudes discount showing up but the $50 credit is not deducted or showing up.
  11. Thanks! Yes it’s a round trip from Seattle. At least we’ll know and my DH won’t ask me why were being charged for drinks.
  12. When your on an Alaskan cruise are you charged taxes on drinks on the ship when you are in ports? I wasn’t sure since they are US ports so I am curious.
  13. We will be taking a cruise out of Seattle this summer and was wondering how easy it is to get an Uber after cruise to airport. Our ship docks at 6:00 am and our flight back home leaves at 1:30. Where is the best place to meet your ride? Is it best to use Port Valet so you don’t have to worry about luggage or checking in at the airport? TIA!
  14. I saved $1100 by booking my Alaskan cruise on Friday (Jan 31st) when I still got 20% off for Latitudes. The 30% off sale is a joke! For any of the cruises I’m looking at for our annual Thanksgiving cruise the prices are outrageous. If this sale continues I won’t be sailing with NCL for Thanksgiving.
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