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  1. I remember our Bliss cruise last Thanksgiving out of Miami. It was the first sailing for Symphony and we couldn’t believe how bad the traffic was. We were stopped inside the tunnel for quite some time. We always cruise Thanksgiving week and it’s usually out of Miami and we never had traffic like that before. I guess for this years Thanksgiving cruise we’ll know to expect delays and just go with the flow. Unfortunately we leave the same day as Symphony. Is there another way into the port besides the tunnel?
  2. After every cruise we take I call and make sure that our son was credited for that cruise. Since he is now 15 I did make an account for him but it doesn’t show any of his past cruises. I was also told that on the cruises we got double points that he did not and would not get the double points.
  3. Just looked again. On previous cruises it was printed in large bold letters but it still does not say anything. Will just wait and see.
  4. We will be on the Escape Thanksgiving cruise out of Miami this year. I looked at our E-docs and it does not state which terminal it will be at. I know the new Terminal will not be open by November so I was wondering if NCL was still using Terminals B and C. For those on recent Breakaway Cruises, which Terminal did they use and did the E-docs have this information? Thanks!
  5. That is definitely a mistake. I have read others saying that they have had difficulty booking dining and entertainment on the Encore. Hopefully they figure it out soon.
  6. We have only used the laundry special on one cruise and our clothes were returned fine. It is nice to know that you can request cold water. I’ll remember that for our next longer vacation. When we go on our Baltic cruise next July both of us will be Platinum. How does the laundry work for Platinum? Do you fill up the bag like you would for the $19.99 special? Can you do it at anytime during the cruise?
  7. We are planning on doing the 3 night Pearl cruise in January. Since it’s only a 3 nighter we were just going to do inside cabins. We have only been on the mega ships so wanted to know about certain locations and whether or not they would be good or bad. We were looking at deck 9, cabins 9515 and 9519, very forward but not sure how much motion we would feel on that size ship. The other area was deck 5, cabins 5567 and 5569, where there are cabins below but above looks to be Le Bistro. We would most likely only be in the room to shower and sleep, but we would like a good nights sleep. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. It has been about 2 years since we were last on the Escape so I really can’t remember but are the staterooms on Deck 10 down too low that the lifeboats are an eyesore when your on your balcony? Thx!
  9. You didn’t say if your 14 year old was a girl or boy. I have not been on the Gem or any of those class ships but I have been on the mega ships including the Bliss. At the time of the Bliss cruise my son was 14. He enjoyed the Bliss but not as much as you would think. He is very active and very athletic. He isn’t one to lay around by the pool but he occasionally likes to go on the slides. He really missed the basketball court and ropes course. He thought the go karts were just okay but that there weren’t enough laps and with all the smaller kids who were having trouble they had the speed way too slow. The Encore I am sure will be a very nice ship. Remember that the go karts, laser tag and galaxy pavilion are all additional fees so that expense will add up quickly.
  10. I figured that was the case. My comment was more about how really really crowded the pool deck was on our Bliss Thanksgiving cruise and we even had Spice H2O and the upper deck (now Vibe extended). The Encore pool area that week (and every week) will be insane. The pool deck space and being in the sun may not be important to everyone but it is important to enough.
  11. I would have loved that empty pool deck on our Bliss Thanksgiving cruise last year. They even had chairs (sitting kind) lined up all around the outside of the pool. You had to really weave in and out just to get to the pool. We are doing the Escape again this Thanksgiving but I am really looking forward to hear how the Encore Thanksgiving cruise is.
  12. The rationale is that the go karts and laser tag did not impress us. Why would we then go on the Encore which has the same for fee activities and even less public deck space? With both ships out of Miami when we sail we chose to go back on the Escape. We love the Escape and will have a great time.
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