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  1. gatorchinsky

    Colosseum Underground Tour

    The reason we picked this particular tour is that our 15 year old son wanted to see the underground portion. I hope we all won’t be too disappointed.
  2. gatorchinsky

    Colosseum Underground Tour

    Thank you for this response. This tour we booked is also with The Roman Guy so its good to know that it seems to be a normal and legitimate request.
  3. gatorchinsky

    Unlimited Arcade

    I just looked to see the cost for our Bliss cruise in 9 days and it shows a price of $161 per person and everyone in cabin had to purchase it. It amazes me how quickly NCL raises prices on things. It must have been a big success for them so they want to see how much more they can get.
  4. We are on the Bliss leaving in 10 days and our edocs show no Terminal assignment either. The past NCL cruises we’ve taken out of Miami odd number decks checked in at Terminal B and even decks checked in at Terminal C. If I remember correctly, there were signs outside that specified odd or even and what terminal. I hope this will be the case for us.
  5. gatorchinsky

    Buying OBC prior to cruise as gift?

    Thank you for all the responses! I’ll talk to the in-laws and give them the options.
  6. I haven’t figured out how to search with the new changes to this board so I thought I would just ask the question. If you buy OBC online for a particular guest will it automatically be on their card when they check in or do they have to do something to get it? My in laws would like to give our son some OBC so I want to make sure that it goes on his card and won’t get used up by us. Thanks!
  7. gatorchinsky

    Epic cruise 9/17-26/2018 trip report

    Thank you for the information! I hope our Rome pre stay and cruise is as good as yours. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. gatorchinsky

    Epic cruise 9/17-26/2018 trip report

    Enjoying your review! Glad you had a good time! We are taking this same cruise out of Rome in June 2019. I do have a question about the The Roman Guy Colosseum Tour. We have booked the same Colosseum tour as you did. Did you have to provide them with the names of all participants and their full birth dates? They said it’s something that the Colosseum requires for the underground tour. I guess you can say I’m a little paranoid but I just want to make sure this is normal.
  9. gatorchinsky

    Colosseum Underground Tour

    We booked the Colosseum Underground Tour with a recommended tour comapny for our pre cruise Rome visit in June (2019). I have a question regarding an email we received from this company and want to make sure that what they are requesting is accurate. They say that the Colosseum requires them to collect the names and full birthdates of all participants. May be I’m just being paranoid but I wanted to see if this is actually true. Please let me know if you have done this tour and if you provided this information. Thank you!!
  10. gatorchinsky

    Teen worried about Bliss

    This is the OP from this thread. I just wanted to see how your boys enjoyed the Bliss? How did you and your husband feel? I haven’t really seen any reviews with people with teenagers so I was curious. Thanks!!
  11. gatorchinsky

    NCL Entourage kids club query

    My son has been on 2 NCL cruises where he was in Entourage. He said one of the ships had PlayStation and one had Wii. It does not cost extra for playing the video games in Entourage.
  12. gatorchinsky

    Bliss Cabin Selection

    We will be on the Bliss in November and have a balcony cabin on deck 14 aft (not an actual aft facing balcony) booked. We are now thinking that a cabin on deck 11 might be better. There are only a few left on deck 11 and they are all forward. Do you think it would be good to move to be closer to the activities inside? For anyone who has sailed Bliss and on deck 14, could you feel motion being that high up? Thanks for any help!
  13. gatorchinsky

    Need Rome Hotel recommendations Pre cruise for June 2019

    We are in the same situation. We will be in Rome June 2019 before our cruise and need a hotel. The rates are very high right now but I think it’s too early to book. Just need to make sure if booking that it’s free cancellation.
  14. gatorchinsky

    Naples-How much should we try and do?

    If we only did a trip to Pompeii what are the options for transportation? Bus? Train? What’s the easiest?
  15. gatorchinsky

    Naples-How much should we try and do?

    Thank you for the information. I know my DH would want more than just 2 hours at Pompeii but I don’t think that’s possible with tours if you add on Positano and Sorrento. My DS(15) and I are more about history and good scenery than we are about walking around quaint little towns and shopping. Our cruise isn’t until next June so I will do research and hopefully come up with something. Sent from my iPhone using Forums