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  1. I would go with deck 11. The lifeboats stick out so on deck 9 they are right below you.
  2. We are newly platinum but haven’t cruised yet with the status. This makes it sound as if both passengers in the same cabin are platinum then they each would get two meals for two. So would we get 2 platinum dinners or 4 platinum dinners?
  3. Thanks for the responses. We ended up booking mid May 2023. Only 719 more days to go😳
  4. We are looking at the 9 day Baltic cruise for 2023. Wanted to know what others thought about doing this cruise May 17th or September 2nd? Which would most likely be less crowded, not just on the ship but also in the ports? Weather? Any other advice would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Also, Spice H2O is still there!
  6. I’m another one who is happy they won’t be adding the race track. I know it’s all about the money with NCL, but it’s nice having different amenities on the ships and not having them all the same. I don’t know if anyone knows, but did they or are they planning on taking away the public sun deck on deck 19 and making Vibe bigger like they did on the Getaway?
  7. We are looking to cruise again in November 2022. Because our son was in school we always cruised Thanksgiving week. He will now be in college so we want to get away from the Thanksgiving crowds and have a more quiet, with less kids, vacation and just DH and myself. Would love to hear feedback on which week might be better, especially if you have also done a Thanksgiving week cruise. Also, can any couples, who have been on the Encore, recommend it? Not interested in the race track, laser tag or anything else geared toward kids. How is the deck space if you just want to lounge i
  8. Very helpful information. Thank you! Excited to be able to cruise again as I’ve started looking at cruises for late 2022. I would hope by that time things will be back to normal.
  9. I can’t seem to find what I am looking for so I figure I’ll ask here because I know I will get a quick answer. We still have cruise next certificates that we haven’t used because we were waiting to see when/if cruising will start back up. Do you actually have to take a cruise by the expiration date or just book a cruise by the expiration date? Thanks!
  10. Definitely the Getaway! We’ve been on both and I never felt so crowded then when we were on the Pearl. I know that might sound strange but we waited more for a drink at anytime during the day/evening, waited forever to be seated for dinner and just felt like there was no place to go to get away from crowds. We have never felt like that on any of the Away class ships.
  11. The cruises I just looked at for Thanksgiving week are between $1800-$2000 more than what I paid for this past Thanksgiving. I hope all is good in the world by Thanksgiving but at those prices we will look elsewhere.
  12. I’m assuming that they hope you take the precaution and self quarantine you and your family for the 2 weeks after you get back. It also mentioned trips to high impacted areas. I do understand because no one wants to spread it to our schools. Our spring sports have just been put on a 2 week hiatus and it wouldn’t surprise me if they all will be cancelled.
  13. This may have been already answered but if you cancel your cruise prior to your final payment due date, will you get a full refund or will they only give you FCC? We really don’t want to cancel our August 1st Alaska cruise ( as we got a great deal on it) but with not knowing how long this will last we want to make the right decision. Our school district just announced last night that if you go on a cruise next week ( our spring break) then the students won’t be able to come back to school for 2 weeks after they get back. Hope everyone leaving on cruises this weekend ha
  14. Our cruise on the Joy isn’t until August but prices just seem to get higher. Luckily we have some time before our cruise to see how this all works out and decide if we go or not.
  15. For those of you who have recently been on the Joy can you tell me how long the Beatles band plays in The Cavern Club? Also on the nights they have the Beatles show, have they been having 2 shows or just 1? I thought I saw some where that they did have 2 shows a night but wanted to get confirmation from recent cruisers.
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