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  1. Can I take a cruise ship from Alaska to Vancouver stay on the ship and go from Vancouver to Fort Lauderdale without breaking any laws?
  2. BarbaraP

    Kauai by Helicopter tour

    It should tell you in the Tour description if there is a weight or size limit, but may I suggest "Wings over Kauai", it's a wonderful AirVan tour which runs about half the price of the Copter tours. Info here: https://www.wingsoverkauai.com/
  3. With all the nickel and diming these days, if the can is unopened they might charge you a "pop top" fee;p;p;p
  4. I have had great service with: http://www.execucarexpress.com/
  5. BarbaraP

    Grand princess platitum/ Elite internet pkg prices

    If I am sailing solo, but paying 2 times the cruise fair do I get 2 times the internet minutes?
  6. BarbaraP

    Question about additional tipping

    That's not true either. Restaurants have different rules, some require the server to share his/her tips with the hostess or bar tender.
  7. BarbaraP

    No more Coffee Cards

  8. BarbaraP

    Connect computer DVD to in room TV

    I agree(y) (y)
  9. BarbaraP

    Checking into a flight onboard without WiFi package?

    That is not true, if you purchase the Early Bird boarding they will assign your boarding group #, 36 hours before your flight but you still have to check in online.
  10. BarbaraP

    Crown Grill Steak Questions

    The last time we were on the Ruby, the waiter refused to let us take the left over steak back to the cabin. He stated something about food poisoning???? Never had that happen before:confused:
  11. BarbaraP

    Loyalty Levels bypassed

    Yes, check their Capt.Circle level.(y)
  12. BarbaraP

    Los Cabos whats up having to pay for bathroom?

    The difference is each port collects large port fees from the ships which should cover port facilities, IMHO
  13. BarbaraP

    Cancel After Final

    Isn't that what I said and of course the first thing you do is notify Princess to stop the clock.