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  1. Not usually. The feathers get stuck in our teeth and the tiny drumsticks are real hard to hold Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Thanks for your suggestions. I'm a little hesitant to do private in some of the countries that are a title "sketchy", like Columbia and Panama, but I know along with Costa Rica, they have some of the best variety. Hence the desire for a ship based group. I'll have to contact Carefree and see if we can work something out. If not, I'll see if I can get a guide in Costa Rica and at least have one opportunity. Thanks for all the suggestions. Do you usually end up with a private tour or group when you book with the other companies?
  3. I was hoping you would see and answer my post! Thank you. I've always wanted to do something like that. Been so tempted to hire local bird guides in some of these wonderful areas, but could never find good references or reviews. How did you find the ones you are using? Also, since this cruise that we have already booked is a trip for hubby and me for winter relaxation, it would be an issue because hubby's not an avid birder. He goes along for a side trip or two, but total immersion would have him jumping overboard. Do you think the organizers of Carefree on my sailing would let me accompany them on one or two islands for a separate fee?
  4. We are going on a cruise that goes to Central America. Being an avid birder, I'd like to take advantage of ports that have some of the best birding in the world. In doing some research, I see there's a company called a Carefree Birding that is on the ship, and runs birding related shore excursions, etc. Has anyone traveled with them? I see they have cruises booked on Celebrity and have traveled with RCCL and Carnival. In all my cruises, I have never even heard of them before and hope someone has some insight.
  5. Birdnutty

    Odyssey Tours??

    Rini47 , when are you going? I see you posted recently, and I have been looking for this kind of thing too. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. I'm going in January. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. How incredibly disappointing! I can imagine how appalled and upset you were to have this kind of experience. People take ships' excursions just so they can be sure NOT to have that kind of thing happen. I'm glad Celebrity finally stood behind their promises and refunded your fee. There was no way that should've been a sponsored excursion. Thank you for the heads-up.
  7. Birdnutty

    Diamond Balcony Discount Question

    Thanks for explaining that, Bob. I did try to do the math their way, and it sure is interesting! This is most likely why RCL is doing so well in the stock market. Squeezing every penny out for the sake of profits. Speaking of which, the shareholder benefit doesn't mean that much either any more since you can't combine it with much of anything either. As for the Diamond cocktail hour... that one we love. We can put away more alcohol than we need in those hours, so drinking during the day doesn't seem like too great an idea for us. That cocktail time has been the deciding factor for us in choosing Royal over another line more than once. So for some, it still is a really nice perk. If that goes away,... well..., so might we. All things considered, of course.
  8. Birdnutty

    Diamond Balcony Discount Question

    When did they change the balcony discount from 325 to 226 for Diamonds? Please pardon me for being so dense. I must have had my head under a rock. We were on the Anthem in January, and I didn't notice a reduction in discount, but I did book a year previous to that. And when booking on board there were so many caveats and strange math that I was totally confused. Not to mention a Next cruise rep whose English I had trouble deciphering and must have been having a bad day, because he was kinda brusque and not terribly willing to explain everything.
  9. Yes, they do. The big difference is that these shows are very specialized and are not available for anyone to see for free. They are held in small, specialized venues, you pay a price, get a special dinner experience and a special show. Same for all attendees. Somewhat different than this.
  10. That's right! I remember now! That's actually perfect. Thank you, Carol.
  11. Glad you had a good day today, even though you didn't get to Cococay. It does look like the Captain did make the right decision. Is there an opportunity to buy internet onboard by the day? We don't need all that bandwidth just a check a few e-mails every couple of days, so we'd like to purchase by the day if we can. Enjoy the rest of your trip! Thank you!
  12. Sorry your CocoCay day was cancelled. Getting to those private islands can be such a gamble sometimes. Did you speak to anyone who went to the Blue Lagoon in Nassau? We were there the week before the hurricane hit, and I was wondering if anyone knew how they fared. Such a gorgeous place.
  13. Thanks, Radio. Enjoying every minute! And I love all the great pics. You and your camera do a great job. Can't wait till we get on this Sunday. The dance class in the Music Hall... was that Zumba, aka "Latin Fitness"? Last year they had it every sea day in Two70, and it got pretty crowded. I'm sure hoping they at least have it SOMEWHERE. Need my Zumba....
  14. Pardon me for being dense, but why was it a "no show" for you if the Gift and a movie were in the theater? Is it the theater itself? The shows being offered? I'm confused. :confused:
  15. Hey Radio, there's been some scuttlebutt concerning a rumored change of policy concerning the Diamond Lounge and drink vouchers, etc. Can you confirm (or not) that the Diamond Lounge is big enough for all and that the policies remain as they had been? Last year there were so many of us that they opened the top floor of the Music Hall for us so we could all sit, rather than being on each others' laps. I hope that's the case.