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  1. Having to do with Buckingham Palace... how far in advance does one need to buy tickets? Can it be done a few days before or must it be done way in advance?
  2. Actually, we’re still hearing different stories. Just want everyone to be aware that things could be a little screwy.
  3. Just to let everyone know... we are currently on the celebrity reflection and docked in costa maya today. The NCL Dawn and RCCL Symphony of the Seas were here too. ALL tours were cancelled. The tour operators were on strike, but they didn’t tell us until we got on shore and showed up for the excursion. What we didn’t know and wish we did was that the regular taxi drivers were available outside the gates and would take you to any beach club on the Malecon. So if you have an excursion make sure the strike is not still on It apparently was a last minute surprise, and there was a lot of misinformation floating about. As a result, they were very cagey about it, and it was obvious they wanted us off the ship to shop or whatever. Nobody came out and said it. Celebrity will refund the excursion. Just want everyone to know there are still other options.
  4. I've done some shopping around, and almost always end up in the same place. But I never got THAT much in OBC. Wonder what I'm doing wrong. But we don't cruise in suites, and maybe that's part of the reason. So many times the amount of OBC return is linked to how much cruise fare you paid.
  5. Thanks for this review. It sounds like he was your guide and stayed with you all day? Did he point out any animals/birds/etc along the way? And how long did you spend in the park? (Cahiuta) The more details the better Thanks in advance
  6. I see that Celebrity has a ship's tour to the National Aviary. Being a birder but not necessarily eager to go into completely unfamiliar areas without a guide, I am curious about the excursion. I see many wonderful comments. But is the allotment that the ship gives you enough time? 3 and a half hours start to finish (including transportation) doesn't sound like enough time to do it justice. I see there is supposed to be a shuttle to get there, but details on using it are sketchy, and I have seen no mention of the return trip. Does anyone have more info on any of this? Would appreciate the input.
  7. HI Merion Mom!! Long time no see! Hope to meet up with you again soon. Hope all is well.
  8. I hope someone can clear this up for me. I understand that there is a nightly event on the DL. There are also three drinks loaded onto your card, available for use during the same hours as the "event", but available at many bars on the ship. Somewhere I read that the drink vouchers were even required in the DL, and that three was the limit, regardless of being inside the lounge or not. I have also heard that the drinks in the lounge are unlimited, and the vouchers are still available for use elsewhere, as long as it was during the correct hours. So I've heard it going both ways. Does it depend on the ship? We've been on the Anthem a few times, (but not for two years) and we had unlimited in the lounge, and three vouchers for elsewhere. Our following cruise we had the beverage package, so it really didn't matter. 😀
  9. Can one watch others having the Dolphin Experience here? Or is the vista completely cut off from on-lookers? Our daughter and family are booked to do it, and I would love to observe my granddaughter have this thrill. If we can see it, how close are we allowed to get? I'd love to get some good pictures. Thank you!
  10. Yes, I was confused, apparently. You are right - here is the reply I received from his assistant, Nicole, early this morning. I was impressed by the speed of the response. "You and your friends are welcome to come to the restaurant any time without a reservation and order a la carte. All of our tables have an ocean view. Unfortunately, we have to reserve our lounge chairs on the beach for our hotel guests and all-inclusive packages. Of course, if we are not sold out, we will do our best to find you all a spot on the beach. Right now we don't look too busy on your arrival day so we should be able to seat you on the beach." Of course, that's a crap shoot and depends on how many cruise ships are in port.
  11. I just checked Blue Kay's website, and prices have gone WAY up. $49.95 pp for adults and $19.95 for kids 6-12. That's way out of the range for us, since we rarely eat or drink much off the ship but the snorkeling and Jaime himself are such a big draw. I'm going to try to email him and see if that's the only pricing structure he has. We'd been to Nohoch Kay years ago, and truly enjoyed the experience. I truly miss the old days of ala carte. I'll check back in with any answers.
  12. Aha! I wasn't looking up that high. I must have been confusing it with another ship whose Lounge was one deck above the Promenade. We could sit there and watch parades and the like while having drinks. Thanks for your replies! Now I know.
  13. Hi! It's been a few years since I've been on the Adventure or any its class. I seem to remember a Diamond Lounge, yet I can't find one on any deck plans. Does it still exist? I know RCl awards Diamond members some drinks every day on our room card, but was looking for some of the other amenities that the Lounge offered, such as cappuccino. Would someone kindly enlighten me?
  14. We’re considering a cruise on the equinox in early November. The itinerary and timing work well for us, and the pricing at this point is excellent. We’ll have our 8 yr old daughter with us. This lucky little kid (only child) has cruised many times, and is not a big fan of the kids’ clubs and programs. What kind of family oriented activities are there on this ship? Is there enough to do for a kid?
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