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  1. We are considering renting a skiff for a few hours, and see a pretty big disparity in pricing. KS Watersports charges a good deal more than Somerset Bridge, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with either or both of them. Thanks in advance!
  2. Going to Bermuda soon on the Gem, and am interested in knowing whether I'll be able to text hubby while on the ship, and if I'd be able to text someone on the mainland. My daughter was recently on the Joy and with her phone on airplane mode she was able to text me, but she was mostly in alaska, altho sailing. Anyone have any insight on this?
  3. I'll add another plug for the Gem. Our last bunch of cruises on NCL were the Epic, Breakaway,& Escape. They definitely have their plusses. The entertainment (like the Blue Man Group for instance) was a real treat, but having to sign up was a real pain. I have always loved the shows on NCL. But the AWAY ships were something special. The first time. And maybe the second. But since the shows are so expensive and expansive, they keep them on a ship for years, so if you repeat a sailing, you've pretty much seen all the big entertainment. And I disliked having to sign up in advance for it. However, I did learn that once the theater is open and all the reservationed people have gone in, it's open to everyone, so there was always an open seat or three easily accessible for us to fill. Took me several cruises to figure that out. (duh!) On the Gem, we did enjoy having several seatings on the same night for the same show. And the whole ship has a more intimate feel to it. One thing I thoroughly dislike is the use of the Atrium on the big ships for EVERYTHING. Dance classes (talk about being on display!) on a floor that's too small, and many other activities that on the smaller ships are in the smaller, more intimate spaces, like the Spinnaker Lounge on the Gem. There's not enough seating around the Atriums of the AWAY ships- by a long shot. Several hundred people that try to watch an event with only 50 seats. And some folks that park themselves in some of the only seats and never move all day. So there's several decks worth of people crammed along the edges of the glass trying to catch a glimpse of what's going on. And to make up for the lack of seating and viewing area, they turn up the sound. ALOT. It is seriously loud, always, to the point of being dangerous to people's hearing. The Gem's Atrium is too loud too (for me, anyway), but not as bad as the mega ships. I am very much looking forward to our next trip on the Gem, with its intimate Spinnaker Lounge and upper level staff that are out and about with the passengers. Rarely did I see any officers on the mega ships. On the Gem, they were all over the place, recognized me after a few sightings, and frequently went out of their way to talk to us. (and we're not Haven people or anyone special). Can't wait to go again.
  4. Are there also snorkel trips (by reputable companies) offered at the dock?
  5. I hope they are able to resolve the issues quickly and to everyone's satisfaction. Looks like it will be other methods for us too if it's still going on. How much are ferry tokens? We love boats and it just seems like fun to travel around that way. And do you know of any easily accessible nature areas that are not likely to be too crowded with tourists? I am a birder and would love to take in some of whatever Bermuda has to offer. I heard of some that were wonderful but really hard to get to without a private vehicle or walking somewhere dangerous. We avoid ship's tours like the plague, but don't have time to find a private guide. Any suggestions?
  6. Is there a way of finding out which ones were cancelled? We'll be there next week and had planned to rely on the bus system. Or should we just forget about busses and make other plans?
  7. Thanks so much for your reply and info. I love this board!!
  8. I hope I'm not being redundant, but does anyone know the current list of officers on The Gem? I always hope to run into some of my old favorites.
  9. Thank for your review! A few questions - you are obviously a high ranking Latitudes member with so many cruises. Did they have any parties for the upper Latitude Tiers? (we're Platinum) We don't usually get the beverage package and really look forward to the wine and drinks offered at those parties. The welcome gift... it's such a lovely gesture. But it's been changed the last few times we went. We used to have a choice of red, or white wine, or "champagne". Now all they offer is the "champagne" and it literally makes us sick. No bars or anyone else will exchange it for something we can drink. Is this still the case? The dance classes - I know you didn't do any, but do you remember if there were any Zumba or latin dance classes? We too are looking forward to getting back to the smaller ships after doing several of the megas. But boy, I wish they didn't use that Atrium for so much! First of all, as everyone else has mentioned, there's not enough seating. Period. But that also applies on the megaships. I really loved all the activities they did in Stardust, back in the day. And although few people seem to mention this, the noise level in the Atrium is just too loud. But that's my hang-up. Are there any secrets you discovered in negotiating the Boston pier? Is it worth it or a waste of time to go early? Who were the main officers? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  10. Birdnutty

    America's cup

    Thanks, NJHOrseman. I was hoping that the info I'd heard was wrong.
  11. Birdnutty

    America's cup

    We're considering a last minute cruise to Bermuda during the beginning of June this year. Somewhere on these forums I saw somebody talk of issues of traffic, etc due to something having to do with the Americas cup activities there. Yet I can find nothing online whatsoever about anything happening there at that time. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  12. I've been toying with booking a particular cruise, but haven't decided what level of room to get. I may want to book solely by location of the room. I am also curious as to how fully booked the cruise is at this moment, and which rooms, regardless of category, are still open. Is there such a site available?
  13. Not usually. The feathers get stuck in our teeth and the tiny drumsticks are real hard to hold Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Thanks for your suggestions. I'm a little hesitant to do private in some of the countries that are a title "sketchy", like Columbia and Panama, but I know along with Costa Rica, they have some of the best variety. Hence the desire for a ship based group. I'll have to contact Carefree and see if we can work something out. If not, I'll see if I can get a guide in Costa Rica and at least have one opportunity. Thanks for all the suggestions. Do you usually end up with a private tour or group when you book with the other companies?
  15. I was hoping you would see and answer my post! Thank you. I've always wanted to do something like that. Been so tempted to hire local bird guides in some of these wonderful areas, but could never find good references or reviews. How did you find the ones you are using? Also, since this cruise that we have already booked is a trip for hubby and me for winter relaxation, it would be an issue because hubby's not an avid birder. He goes along for a side trip or two, but total immersion would have him jumping overboard. Do you think the organizers of Carefree on my sailing would let me accompany them on one or two islands for a separate fee?
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