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  1. I hope there will be a proper asian restaurants, or maybe an indian restaurant? Since there are so many great men and women from asia working in the kitchen, I think that may be a success.
  2. Change of crew in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since it is a quite busy container harbour they are waiting for dock space, according to local media.
  3. Two Great itineraries, Dubai to Singapore and then on to Sydney. Really pricey, though.
  4. Have been on most of the current fleet (not Encore, Joy and POA), and a few not in the fleet anymore. My favourites are the Sun and Sprit. Also the Jewel class of ships. Of the bigger ships I prefer Bliss and Epic.
  5. There is no chanse they will charge anyone for this, IF it occur. The bad press would kill them. Or anyone who does.
  6. No one is interested in USD in Sweden. Only Swedish Kronor. Basically no stores or resraurants in Sweden excepts nothing but SEK. And a lot of stores doesnt even except cash at all. Only Credit cards.
  7. I was on the Bliss, 21 days, Panama, last month. Most of the bartenders did not know about the package. Not even those in Starbucks or the Juice Bar. In The outside bars almost nothing was available from the ppb package, ubtil we complained. But it was not that strange, because not even the food and beverage manager really knew what was included. On the Getaway in September, it worked Great. On the Bliss, worthless.
  8. We ordered two bottles per meal some days, and they asked if we wanted more. They also encouraged us to bring any Un finished bottles after each meal. The premium plus really made the cruise fell much more luxurius. I will board the bliss on sunday. Hopefully i'll enjot it as much as last!
  9. I was on the Getaway in September. Ordered a bottle of Vueve every time I had lunch in the mdr. No problems, what so ever.
  10. There are cheese plates available, you just have to ask for them, since they are not on the menu. But they are always available.
  11. I wonder what they will do with the bottled sparkling water. Can not imagine that in a paper box.
  12. Also Aqua Panna, it is Pellegrinos still water brand . And NCL's own brand. Called NCL premium. Or something similar. That is also still water. The water is available at all bars, all the time, it seems.
  13. Got a bid accepted. 115 euros/person from Inside garanty to Mid ship balcony on the Getaway, 9 days baltic, departing tomorrow. The upgrade bid mail came four days prior to the cruise, The bid was accepted yesterday. It was a last minute booking, booked it six days before sailing. With just a short train ride, 50 minutes, from port, it is going to be very convinient. The bid was cosidered as poor, the red colour. So I am happy.
  14. I will be sailing on the Getaway this thursday, with the premium plus package. I promise to get back to you just after boarding on thursday.
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