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  1. Thanks for the information! I just booked the Epic on september 5th. Will keep an eye or two open three weeks before sailaway.
  2. Seabourn are cruising from Athens to only ports in Greece at the moment. No masks.
  3. I am platinum plus on NCL, and Elite on Celebrity. Those are my preffered lines. In my mins Celebrity is (quite s bit) more luxurius, the main dining room with the food and service is much better than NCL. NCL is more fun and casual. And used to be cheaper by quite a bit. If I find two similar cruises and the price difference is not tio much, i would pick celebrity any day. The Solstice class is, by far, my favourite of all ships. First time on the Edge the coming spring. I really enjoy Jamie's reviews and look forward to see how you compare the lines. I
  4. The cruise line make sure you will get on the ship in next available/possible port at their expense if you take a shore excuersion with the cruise line. It is not always posible for the ship to wait.
  5. Galveston - Miami, 11 night, is almost 1100 euros cheaper than Amsterdam - Copenhagen, 10 nights. And Amsterdam - Copenhagen is in September. Which really is not season for the baltics. A month or two earlier, definetly. But now, with that price tag Well...
  6. My status also changed between b2b cruises. I had to go to the cruisenext desk to get it solved on turnaround day. It took a minute or two.
  7. On May 1st booked a back to back on the Sun, a total of 22 days. I don't see any code in the reservation PDF that indicates any extra points. In my case, it doesnt really matter that much. I am platinum plus at 314 point. I need to more than double that to reach Ambassador. And that will take a while either way. Also, the difference between the top three tier are, to me, not that big deal.
  8. That was a lot of different homeports the first year. Wow. I find it weird that the Prima will cruise between Southampton and Reykjavik. It is a quite odd and interesting itinerary. But, weird that that pick a ship with so many outdoor areas for that route. The weather should be unpredictable, to say the least. Now, let the bookings start!
  9. Starbucks was included in the premium plus package on each of the three fall/winter 2019 cruises I took. Getaway and Bliss x2.
  10. Ready to book back to back from Copenhagen and Southampton as soon as those sailings are released. A big Thanks to everyone who are finding all the pictures and information in this thread.
  11. Since NCL offered the passengers 100% future cruise credits I guess it was not that normal? Never heard of that before or after. And I don't belove NCL gave the fcc out of generosity... Btw, it is my favourite NCL ship. Really hope the Asia sailings in 22/23 will happen.
  12. Spent two weeks at Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana a few years ago prior to a Bliss cruise. Can really recomend it. Beautiful resort. Huge rooms. 11+ restaurants. No reservations, except Teppanyaki. Free lobster. Only up charges are for the non house wines. Plenty of activities. Nice beach. Double digit amount of bars.
  13. As long as I get the vaccine in time, I will book a September cruise, probably from Athens. I have quite a few cruisenext deposits. So, If I book more than 180 days in advance I can use two per stateroom, and if I book within 179 days, I can use one? Long time since booking a cruise now, have forgotten how it was...
  14. The Encore is currently in the Suez Canal. It is very common with armed guards om board because of the security situation in the area.
  15. I hope there will be a proper asian restaurants, or maybe an indian restaurant? Since there are so many great men and women from asia working in the kitchen, I think that may be a success.
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