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  1. Just as a followup to my original post, we did indeed schedule a ride prior to leaving and it showed up right on time. He took us to the port with no problems. Since that time, I've asked a couple of Uber drivers about how things work on their end. It sounds like they receive vague distance and direction guidance before the accept the fare, so if they don't want to go approximately 40 miles to the east, they can easily just not accept the fare. One Uber driver I talked to said he prefers longer fares versus shorter ones, so all in all, I felt better knowing that I likely didn't strand an Uber driver in the area with no return fare.
  2. @AlohaLivin I'd love to have access to the google map! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work! elmojessi @ hotmail dot com
  3. Thank you all for your ideas! The cruise is a complete surprise for all of the kids...they don't even know they'll be on airplanes tomorrow evening, much less that they're going on a cruise! Should be such a fun surprise for them! I'm hoping that since they should all be in kids club with at least on other kid (based on age) that they will have fun with it, but we certainly aren't the type to just dump them off and not see them again all day. The whole point of taking them with is to have a good time as family and friends, so we'll definitely get our fair share of family time. I'm just hoping to balance that out with a little bit of Serenity time too! 😊 Thanks again for all the tips!
  4. We have a group of three families sailing with kids for the first time. We have all sailed Carnival many times in the past, but not with kids, so we're looking for your best tips and tricks for a successful cruise with our kids. Kids are ages 5-9 and we plan to have them participate in kids club at least a little bit so the adults can have some adult time. Thanks in advance!
  5. Agreed about Uber, but I don’t know if anyone has ever actually tried it! It all seems anecdotal... I have checked the estimates for both Uber and Lyft and am totally comfortable with the quotes, I just don’t want to be left high and dry if drivers don’t want to take the fare, you know? I’m 100% happy to use Cortrans if I don’t get any confirmation that someone has had success, but hoping someone has experience so we can all learn from it! 😀
  6. Has anyone actually Ubered from the MCO area to Port Canaveral? Trying to weigh our options for our first trip out of Port Canaveral in a couple of weeks and I'm intrigued by just taking an Uber. I would be willing to pay extra to have the ease of someone picking us up directly from our MCO area hotel and taking us straight to our ship on our time frame. I understand that Cortrans has shuttles that will do this, but don't really want to have to stop at other ships or wait for other passengers at other hotels. Plus, we are *finally* platinum and want to get there nice and early to maximize our time on the ship. My concern would be whether it is difficult to get an Uber driver to go all the way out to the port. I imagine that it may be harder to pick up a return fare from there given that most passengers from the previous cruises would have left the area already, so drivers may not want to go out to the coast? I don't want to count on an Uber and then have to wait 30 minutes to find a driver willing to take us. If anyone is willing to share their experience with this, I'd appreciate it!
  7. Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it. I had no idea, though water to us translates to "fizzy water" which is in cans, so we should be good! And you can definitely bet we'll be bringing our two bottles of wine! :o)
  8. My husband is turning Platinum on our upcoming cruise (finally, yay!!!) and I was curious how early access to the cabins works? I noticed that the big doors to the cabin hallways are always closed with a sign saying something to the effect of they would be available around 1, so do you just go through those doors and straight to your room? Just curious how it works since we're taking the kids on their first cruise and don't want to drag them all over the ship trying to get to our room if there is some special way that you need to go to get access. We would just want to drop off our water/soda/carryons so we can hit the pool right away! Thanks!
  9. We are headed to Amber Cove for the first time next month and really appreciate your rundown of the port! Nice to know what to expect before we arrive with our kids in tow, so thank you!
  10. Thanks for all of the replies everyone! I don’t think I have strong feelings either way, I was just curious more than anything and so all of the parents can go into the cruise with a good understanding of what to expect. One of the moms I could see getting upset if she didn’t know that they may be strict on the ages, so better to prepare her in advance. 😂
  11. We have three families going on a cruise in Oct and we’ve never cruised with kids before. Im wondering if the kids club is flexible on how they split up the kids based on ages? For example, we have a five year (who will be two months shy of six) old that is good buddies with a kid who is seven. Would they let the five year old go to the 6-8 group?
  12. Has anyone had luck contacting them lately? I’ve sent a couple of emails with no response. If they’re no longer in business, who do you recommend for Sringray City/Rum Point tour?
  13. I'd shot Captain Marvin an note and ask their opinion? They should have a pretty good feel of whether it's feasible or not.
  14. Ah! You guys were all right! I was flipping through some old e-mails and found the confirmation from Native Ways. I requested a reservations with them and I'll let you know if I hear back from them! I'm not sure how I missed that, as the tour is listed right on their "Tours" page...
  15. Of course as soon as I post the question, I find the answer. It must have been Captain Marvin's! https://www.captainmarvins.com/beach-lunch-stingray-snorkel-tours
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