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  1. We took the OBC from our 2 cancelled cruises and booked a back-to-back for December 2022. I hope we will get one in before then.
  2. Do you still have the option to buy them on Allstate Rewards? Recently all of the Carnival gift cards are gone from my account. I do see Royal Caribbean gift certificates available, but all Carnival brands (including Princess) are gone :(
  3. I totally understand your dilemma! We had a cruise on Paradise scheduled for February that was cancelled. We had a second cruise (right after the Paradise cruise) scheduled for Ecstasy and Carnival automatically switched our FCC and OBC to that cruise. This cruise was only 5 nights going to Nassau and Princess Cays, so I did not think we would use the OBC, so we ended up booking another cruise that I was sure we could use the OBC on and had it all transferred. We choose to not drink or gamble, so our expenses are low on a cruise typically. My suggestion would be to have it applied to the
  4. I have no idea if this cruise will happen or not, but our Paradise cruse disappeared from the Carnival site a while before we got the cancellation notice. All we can do is remain flexible at this point and hope for the best. Hope that you get to go!
  5. Our 2-18-21 cruise was cancelled, but we have yet to receive the email. Fortunately, we were able to find the link to ask for the FCC instead of the refund. It took some effort to get the cruise booked to begin with since we had to coordinate with 3 families, so hopefully we can get a new one worked out.
  6. Mine was cancelled too, but have not yet received the email. I need that email for closure 🤣
  7. I sure hope they sail in February....we are booked with our kids and grandkids. Hopefully they are just trying to make sure that it is not overbooked!!
  8. We had a 4-night from Tampa with kids and grandkids booked before the virus was a thing...then we decided that we would need a vacation after cruising with 6 grands, so we booked one on the day we return from Jacksonville!! Hopeful that our Paradise cruise is not delayed getting in so we can get to JAX in time to leave for the next one. Assuming that it happens, it will be our first side-by-side.
  9. You can get a Chankanaap Park ticket that includes snorkel gear and lunch for around $38 per adult.
  10. Thanks for your review and glad that you liked the Breeze. We were on her the week prior to your cruise and had very few children. One thing we did have was lots of people on our FB group coming off with the flu. Hope that there were no major issues on your cruise. We love the Breeze! We were in room 6367 and the sound from the atrium parties was very loud. We were surprised by that. During some of the louder events our bed actually vibrated from the music!
  11. We cruised on Breeze, Feb 8-15 and had no issues boarding. I would suggest carrying on your change of clothes if you want to dress for dinner that first night, just to be safe. We were priority and had all of our luggage shortly after the Safety Briefing.
  12. Report post Ship - Carnival Breeze Deck - 6 Stateroom # -6367 Stateroom Category –4E Starboard or Port Side -Center Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) –There was no noise from a service hallway which we have experienced with interior rooms in the past HOWEVER the music and parties in the Atrium sound as if they are piped into the room. More quiet during the day than at night. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? -no Any
  13. Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Heading out on Breeze in 11 glorious days!
  14. Several years ago we booked an excursion through the cruise line that stopped at the wall. You really couldn't see anything, just that it was deep.
  15. I put the app on my phone and earn rewards for safe driving. Sometimes you can earn them from a promo code too.
  16. I was able to get some from Allstate after they restocked! Thanks for all of the ideas. I'm all set now 🙂
  17. I agree with pe4all. If you have funds left on your account from the gift card in excess of $10 (I think that's the cutoff) they will actually send you a gift card with that balance.
  18. Every time I try to log in with that it says that it is temporarily unavailable...been trying for several days with no luck there either. I'm sure something will open up soon.
  19. Thanks...that's comforting. They showed yesterday with a "sold out" and today they are not even there. I was going to buy some as birthday gifts.
  20. I was an AARP member, but when they changed the program I didn't renew. I have Allstate Drivewise and have gotten my cards from there, but they are no longer on the site (hopefully they will come back). I have checked Raise and theirs are sold out. Does anyone else know of a good place to buy discounted Carnival gift cards? It would be sad to have to pay full price for my cruise - LOL!
  21. Just on the ship. It uses the ship's WiFi and is done through the Hub app.
  22. Congratulations! We are right with you when we cruise next month. I hadn't thought about the t-shirt, but that's a thought 😉 The laundry perk is what I'm most looking forward to myself because I typically spend a morning doing laundry toward the end of the cruise.
  23. Loved our cruise to Alaska (rt Seattle) last May. We went to Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Icy Straight Point and Ketchikan. I can't imagine a better cruise, but it is possible. We spent so much time ashore that the ship itself didn't matter much. Would love to one day do a land vacation there in a different part of the state. I agree with those that said to look at the ports and your schedule and go from there.
  24. YTD is always our first choice. Never had a problem, even with larger parties.
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