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  1. I’ll be joining you (just got my negative test), I’ll be on the lookout for you.
  2. I would recommend ordering the home test. While I can’t tell you Miami airport’s pricing, I can tell you that when I asked the new pop up clinic at my local airport what Covid testing would cost, it was well over $200. They would file with insurance, but not sure that insurance will cover testing for travel.
  3. Do you happen to have a list of the vaccinated only venues on board this week?
  4. So, not crew related, but as others have mentioned, many cruisers with a lot of C&A points do B2B2B cruises (with last week of Europe, TA, then 1st week of Caribbean for example), so you will most likely notice that the lounges (if they re-open, but that’s a whole other can of worms) will be more crowded. Only other thing to mention is that typically the last week/month of the season is at the end of the peak weather season, so weather might not be as nice as you would expect. But the pricing is typically better.
  5. I just canceled my August cruise. Not writing it fully off, but I didn’t want to make another full payment, and wait for another FCC or refund. If cruising starts back up in June/July, something tells me that getting a semi last minute cabin shouldn’t be too difficult. The larger issue is what countries will be willing to open their borders to cruise ships. From the US, I could see Mexico and the Bahamas reopen first, given how much of their economy is tourism based, and how much of that is cruise based
  6. Seeing that Norwegian just pulled Asia cruises thru Summer, I’d expect to see something similar from RCI & Carnival soon. When that happens, I’d expect cheap fares on the repositioned ships - for Royal should be Voyager, Quantum and Spectrum.
  7. So, supposedly, docking in Colon tomorrow night at 5pm but at Cargo/freight area, so will only disembark sick passenger. Will move from cargo to passenger area overnight and will dock as planned in Colon Friday morning with excursions as normal per hotel director.
  8. Is my logic correct - where the entire dining room is assigned early dining - then splits after early seating to late dining & MTD?
  9. Do you happen to know if the MTD start time change to 630/645 was only for this sailing, or a permanent thing? I’m guessing that the majority of people on Caribbean sailings want an early set dining time, so they’re making the entire dining room early dining, and splitting the later time between fixed & MTD? Just concerned about queues - even with reservations with the time frame only being 2.5 hours, but hopefully they have less people enrolled in the MTD option
  10. So, a question for the experts. If you get 2500 points on one cruise to qualify for Prime, do you get the one free annual cruise, plus another free cruise for hitting 2400 points on one cruise? In other words would you earn two free cruises? And as for the free cruises - is it Casino Royals ’s choice, or are you able to choose (outside of peak dates of course)
  11. Echoing other comments, if you are considering it, based on my experience, and others experience - their initial offer seemed weak. Apples to Oranges, but we were asked to go from 2 balcony cabins (2 persons each) to 1 junior suite (4 people), and got our entire fare back minus taxes/port fees. And the junior suite ended up being a Grand Suite. Best free cruise ever.
  12. How do they handle these on high loyalty cruises, like President’s Cruise, repositioning, Trans Atlantic, etc. Do they do multiple days with smaller groups, or one large single event?
  13. Didn’t realize asking the question made me guilty of an offense. Was curious if trading on board was a real option, since I’ll be getting my first duplicate. If not, I’ll do like others on here and ask to trade.
  14. Has anyone had luck trading on board with the LA? I’m guessing not, but thought I would ask. Really want to get a Grandeur before it leaves the fleet, but our next block will be the cruise prior - on Serenade - on which we already have a block.
  15. As someone who works in the industry, I always fly in a day early (on paid/confirmed tickets). While I dislike spending the extra money on a hotel/meals for staying the night, the not worrying makes it worth it. For those who have flown in day of, and haven’t had issues, consider yourself lucky. Your luck will most likely catch up with you. Yes, travel insurance (and the airline if it is considered a controllable delay/cancellation) will get you new flights, a subpar airport hotel room, and meals. But missing the first day or days of the cruise, and the overall stress of getting to the ship won’t be fun. Years ago, we were to fly to Rome to catch a European cruise, and as always we flew out a couple of days early. As it happened, Air France went on strike that day, and because they were operating an Airbus 380, there weren’t enough seats on all of the other airlines to absorb all of their passengers. The best option I could find was a flight to Zurich. I wasn’t worried because three airlines fly Zurich to Rome. Fast forward to trying to get tickets Zurich to Rome, and Alitalia was on strike, so no seats on the route on the other two airlines were available. Spent the day taking a train from Zurich to Milan to Rome. Didn’t arrive in Rome until 9PM. Same trip, flying home thru Frankfurt, we landed in Frankfurt and held out 45 minutes for a gate, then waited in line 75 minutes to get thru departure immigration. We got to the gate just in time to see our flight push. Enjoyed a nice overnight with German food in Frankfurt.
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