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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. The upgrade to Aqua for the single is nearly $4000 so that is out of the question just to be able to eat together. Whatever, it will all work out.
  2. One fun part of cruising is meeting people and having dinner together. On previous cruises we've generally booked either Retreat or Aqua class and have generally (but not always) been able to have friends occasionally dine with us (at the discretion of the restaurant AND charges for the upgraded dining being billed). This was not an every time accommodation but was done many times on an availability basis. I have just been informed that this practice is no longer allowed. There are three couples traveling in Aqua class with a single paying the "double" fare in a lesser cabin. Our
  3. When inquiring about Viking Ocean cruises directly with Viking, I'm told you must pay in full shortly after booking the reservation. I don't know about the rest of you but I really have a problem with that. (SIlversea offers significant discounts for payment in full-no complaints there) My last Viking cruise was booked about 7-8 weeks prior to sailing so payment in full wasn't an issue. I also don't want cruise credit if I need to cancel as that limits you to the brand. How long out has anyone been able to put off full payment? Lastly, can anyone give me a palatable r
  4. Definitely no at this point. Two factors in play. I'm not convinced anyone has a handle on controlling the pandemic especially on a ship. There needs to be a lot of meaningful progress in that direction. Secondly, while I love to cruise and hope to return to 5-6 cruises/a year someday in the future, I will not cruise just to cruise. Masks, limited pool areas, dining, shows etc. have to be where they were SAFELY before COVID before I'll consider cruising. Also, have flown a few times-no fun with mask. Would not fly more than an hour so that rules out Europe (when we can return) and
  5. We were usually seated immediately in Luninae. A couple of times we may have waited five minutes to be seated. The staff is incredibly talented and service oriented. That and the outstanding food is why we usually book a suite when we can. Here's hoping for a "return to normal" sooner rather than later.
  6. We sailed on the Edge in a Sky Suite this past February. Here are my observations: 1. Take the second level or better cabin so your bed faces the ocean. As mentioned in a earlier post, your bathroom mirror also slides apart for a pretty cool view while in the bathroom. 2. Luminae on our specific cruise was absolutely fantastic. Service equaled the best I've had on Silversea, Oceania and Regent. Food was easily equal or better than SIlversea and Regent (both who serve outstanding meals) and a spirited debate ensues when comparing to Oceania. All in all-great.
  7. It was only a deposit but 23 days after I requested it, the refund appeared on my credit card.
  8. First I'm so happy you didn't smell any smoke. I'm not an anti smoking guy -just pointing my experiences. Next time I'll be sure to note weather, wind speed/direction and number of smokers so perhaps my observation will have more validity in your eyes.
  9. Great question. Will likely not get on a big ship for years. May not be much difference but somehow in my way of thinking, river cruising seems to be a "logical" alternative. Will likely do a few before considering ocean cruising. Last river cruise was on Uniworld three years ago. A few less people when full than many of their competitors who pack a few more staterooms in. Kind of surprised we haven't done it again having sailed 9 times since then on ocean type ships. Now's our opportunity.
  10. I agree . Tamarind was outstanding. Ate there twice in. 7 days. N Y Pizza disappointing. Aft deck location where the smokers are. Combine that with prevailing winds, it is a most unpleasant wait for your pizza. Otherwise, nice ship
  11. There is no way ethically, morally or any other way one can equate a personal cash flow problem like so many are having now to one of a huge corporation. If the information I have read is correct, shame on HAL for the way they do business. Cash flow is often "smoke and mirrors" but they do have access to various lines of credit and other forms of liquidity. I heard many "boasts" from various cruise line CEO's that they can weather the storm with zero revenues. That means taking care of your liabilities as well. Despite cruise shutdown, they have taken money in "good faith" and are
  12. Luminea totally exceeded our expectations on our recent Edge cruise. We had thought we might try some of the specialty restaurants but decided we enjoyed everything about Luninea (ambience, service and FOOD) that we ended up eating every dinner and quite a few breakfasts and lunches there. We recently sailed Oceania and were blown away by the food quality and overall excellence. I think our Luninea experience was quite close.
  13. Forgetting the financial considerations (it would take quite a magician to be able to put together merger or more likely an acquisition given current economic conditions, RCL financials and the low percieved consumer demand into the foreseeable future) I would hate to see the Oceania brand marginalized as I'm sure it would be if it joined the RCL stable. Also, I've only sailed Silversea pre RCL days and have gotten the impression from friends we've sailed with and many CC comments that RCL is doing a great job making Silversea less special. Again in fairness, I've only sailed them pre RCL days
  14. We sailed on Oceania's Riviera (concierge veranda) in July and the Edge (Sky Suite) this past February. Here are my observations: Oceania - food outstanding+++ as are the free specialty restaurants. Much better than Silversea and Regent. Nice laid back atmosphere-non suite verandas were larger than basic Celebrity verandas. Liked the laundry rooms on each floor. You can pack a lot less on a 14 day cruise if you can do laundry. Just cancelled a September Oceania cruise. Whether it ends up going or not-too soon for me. Got my refund in 7 days. Celebrity-when booking a
  15. I've cancelled a September booked cruise on Oceania and received refund within a week. I'm leaving my "future cruise deposits" in with Celebrity for the time being even though I don't plan on cruising for quite some time. Three reasons-it's only $200, I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount time on the phone and I WILL cruise again, especially on Celebrity and Oceania-just not comfortable at this time. I foresee doing land trips whether they be in the US, Europe or whatever along with possibility of river cruising for the near future once the initial "stay at home" orders are li
  16. Thanks-really good information. My people strongly advised against buying either RCL or CCL despite low prices citing it was gambling not investing but did venture the opinion that they felt they would "get through it" but not define how except to say they had enough access to cash.
  17. It's not an attitude or a wish but a potential fact. The "good news" is the three majors can likely survive until early-mid 2021 with almost ZERO revenue if reports from financial analysts are to be believed.
  18. Sailed the NA Feb. 15 (2nd cruise after repairs). Cruise was excellent.
  19. Depends what dictionary you choose. I see both. Here is one definition. Thanks for forcing me to check the dictionary. excessive or exploitive in amount or cost, as out of greed or to take advantage of consumers or patrons: predatory pricing.
  20. A difficult question to answer. We definitely prefer small ships on deluxe lines such as Silversea, Viking Ocean and Oceania. (Sailed Regent-didn't care for them). These lines gave you a "large ship experience" in terms of amenities without the crowds. Most of our sailing have been with these types of cruise lines-1350 or less passengers. In the past 6 months, we've sailed twice on HAL and once on Celebrity. (Zuiderdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, and Edge). Suite price points for HAL were quite good and a compromise for taking a larger, more crowded ship. On Celebrity, their Retreat class g
  21. Outstanding is the only way to describe my travel agency!
  22. Cruise lines across the board have given out so much FCC that I believe pricing will be crazy for quite a while. Just for "fun" I checked several itineraries on both HAL and Celebrity that were to sail in April/May and compared them to identical or nearly identical itineraries later in the year and in most cases, found pricing higher especially in suite higher level categories. While I love to cruise and try and do at least four per year, I'm going to wait a while to see that the current situation is well in check AND wait until the FCC craziness is over and you start seeing favor
  23. Just cancelled an Oceania cruise. Was told deposit will take approximately one month. Also tried to cancel my "advance cruise" deposit with HAL and didn't fell like waiting on hold forever so I will try in the next few days.
  24. True-that's for Congress to fix (or not)
  25. The issue isn't how much taxes an American corporation pays. One must assume they are using every legal advantage available to them per tax law just as you and I do on a smaller (I assume) basis. The fairness of this can be debated on a different board. Companies that use one of the states or territories of the United States to incorporate have agreed to follow our laws and are entitled to whatever Congress decides-good or bad. Hopefully whatever is ultimately decided is beneficial to United States based businesses, corporations and citizens. (not particularly in that order) Nothi
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