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  1. We requested an extra chair on the Grand (12/3/19) from Steward and received a barrel chair within 2 minutes. Hubby needs a chair with arms or high sides (bad back, neck, hips, and knees). It worked out great for him.
  2. Stairs for me 99% of the time. Hubby can go up 1-2 flights of stairs, but going downstairs is very hard for him. Much safer for him (and others) for him to use the elevator. We just meet at the elevator bank. Sometimes I'm waiting for him, sometimes he's waiting for me lol. Works for us. I agree that going upstairs is harder than going down!
  3. The adult only pools in the aft area (near Horizon Court) and forward area (1 deck below the Sanctuary and by the spa) have steps. The 2 main family pools midship are ladders only. Sorry, I don't know prices of the Sanctuary.
  4. Cruise Raider, you type faster than me lol. Thanks for answering my question about buying an FCD while on the BVE. I hope it work out for the original poster.
  5. Can you purchase an FCD if you're doing the Bon Voyage Experience (BVE)? I thought you could, but don't remember if that's true or not. Hopefully, someone else will know for sure. If so, that could solve your problem if the other couple is close to a port that offers it.
  6. No, it doesn't include bottled water. You can order water for a reasonable price BEFORE your cruise. It was about $7 for 12 bottles. Onboard it's about $2 per bottle. Look in your personalizer to order. You can also bring your own (water/soda) when you board if you prefer. I always bring my hubby a few cans of soda for variety. He usually just drinks the lemonade or iced tea.
  7. I bought my soda and more package in early June 2018. Like I said in my earlier post, I asked while onboard the Grand Princess to Alaska and it was included. As usual, different ships have different rules. Don't buy the package and expect the milkshakes since it is no longer on the list. (Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla were available on my cruise) Just ask once onboard. You might get lucky!
  8. Ask about this when you get onboard, you might be surprised. I was able to get milkshakes on the Grand Princess ( 6/25/18-7/5/18) with the soda and more package. I asked about the milkshakes and was told it was included. They might have taken it out of the description because the newer ships don't make them. Hope you get them included in your package.
  9. I've been in the last inside (A744). The only noise I ever heard was them putting out the loungers, tables and chairs early in the morning. This lasted maybe 5-10 minutes. I was usually awake by then. Hubby said he never heard it. Your cabin looks like it might be under the very back of Horizon Court so you won't get the noise I heard. It looks like they should be quiet cabins. I'll be in A745 in a few weeks. The noise I heard early in the morning obviously didn't bother me too much lol.
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